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“For songwriting and production, the workflow in Cubase is unrivalled. We tend to work very fast and it’s crucial that the DAW doesn’t get in the way of the process. In Cubase, everything feels right where it should be, which allows us to focus on the important stuff like getting our ideas on the page.”


Daniel Hunt, Ladytron

“We have used Cubase as our primary platform since we began in 1999. It's the most intuitive, simple and compatible system around.“

Bernard Sumner

Bernard Sumner

“I've been using Cubase since the early nineties. I find it a really intuitive compositional tool. Cubase is virtually an instrument in itself.“

Emilie Autumn

Emilie Autumn

“As advanced as the highest level of professional requires yet intuitive enough for a beginner, I learned how to engineer, program, mix, and even master in Cubase. When I started out, I knew nothing about using technology in music, and, today, I engineer my own albums and am in complete control of every aspect of recording and producing. Cubase gave me the digital landscape in which to accomplish this transformation.”

Buraka Som Sistema

Rui Pité, Buraka Som Sistema

“As producers who also play live, we feel that Cubase is a very versatile DAW which makes it an essential tool in our studios and on the road.”

Roster of artists

Steinberg is privileged to be endorsed by many musicians, composers and producers all over the world. Our online roster is only a small selection of artists who use our products to create music.

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