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Review quotes and awards

CMC series: modular controller system

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“With their new CMC Series of MIDI controllers, Steinberg have eschewed the all-in-one, do-it-all concept adhered to by most control surface manufactures in favour of a modular approach.”

— Computer Music, Issue 177, 2012

“Employing these controllers together with your DAW increases both comfort and usability. The Steinberg CMC controllers perform well, the functionality for which they have been designed makes work smooth and easy.”

— Computer Music Studio, Issue 4, 2012

“… I’ve been able to use all of the controllers on actual sessions, and yes, they indeed make a difference… Steinberg has taken a novel approach to DAW control, and the CMC series delivers an ergonomic, cost-effective way to interact more fluidly with Cubase and Nuendo.”

— Harmony, 2012 | HTML

“The small price tag makes them available for every musician and the modular concept makes them stand out.”

— Musikermagasinet, Issue 2, 2012

“Any user working with these controllers will certainly be able to expedite their workflow…”

— Recording Magazin, Issue 3, 2012

“The functionality and flexibility of the CMC series is very impressive. Serious users will appreciate being able to build a control environment that suits their specific needs, while existing Cubase users on a tighter budget can start small and develop a system over time without too great an initial investment.”

— Sound On Sound, June 2012 | HTML

“Each CMC unit corresponds to a specific feature set from Cubase — it’s as if a part of the GUI has been taken from the screen and now sits nicely on your desk.”

— Studio, Issue 1, 2012

Cubase: Advanced Music Production System

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“An unmissable upgrade for all Cubase 7 users, not to mention those still on earlier versions.”

— Computer Music, Issue 201, 2014

“Overall, Cubase 7.5 is an impressive release, and one almost gets the feeling Steinberg could have gotten away with calling this new version Cubase 8!”

— Sound On Sound, Issue, 2, 2014

Cubasis: iOS sequencer app

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“We have to admit that this app from Steinberg comes as a real surprise. Stable, ergonomic, open and relatively rich in functionality, it looks to be the missing link between GarageBand and Auria...”

—, 2013 | HTML

“Cubasis is a remarkably slick and polished iOS app and arguably the most complete mobile DAW produced to date. Steinberg has made an excellent job of re-creating the friendly and usable interface of Cubase on the iPad…”

— Music Tech, Issue 120, 2013

HALion & HALion Sonic: VST Sampler & VST Workstation

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“HALion 5 remains true to its roots — an excellent and user-friendly sampler for creative-minded sound sound designers and producers that integrates perfectly with Cubase and WaveLab. It’s great value, too, given the inclusion of the HALion Sonic 2 workstation.”

— Music Tech, Issue 127, 2013

Nuendo: Advanced Post Production System

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“I honestly can’t imagine what else you’d need to record and mix audio for TV and film, produce surround mixes, and record and manage foley and ADR, and produce stems for dubbing theatres.”

— Audio Media, Issue 269, 2013

“I honestly can’t imagine what else you’d need to record and mix audio for TV and film, produce surround mixes, and record and manage foley and ADR, and produce stems for dubbing theatres.”

— Sound On Sound, Issue 8, 2013

Nuendo Live: Advanced Live Production System

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“Nuendo Live has one purpose in life — to capture multi-channel audio reliably and quickly, to enable you to sound check, record from a desk, create an after-gig rough mix, or provide audio files for further processing — and as it's based on Steinberg's robust audio technology, it fulfills this purpose admirably.”

— Audio Media, Issue 262, 2012

Padshop Pro: Advanced VST Granular Synthesizer

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“Padshop Pro utterly transforms samples: vocals are subjected to creepy deconstruction, and even clichés like pan pipes are mutated into ghostly locomotive engines.”

— Computer Music, Issue 184, 2012

“The sounds it creates range from fascinating to gorgeous; if Enya had Padshop Pro, she probably would have sold twice as many CDs.”

— Electronic Musician, 2013

RND Portico: VST effects

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“For the first time we can work with two brilliant plug-ins, just as if they were great analog hardware... VCM technology shows all its power, which is clearly reflected in these plug-ins.”

— Computer Music Studio, Issue 11, 2011

“The sound of the plug-in is simply amazing. The equalizer behaves super-smooth and musically in all its bands… Without a doubt, Yamaha and Steinberg did a great job with these plug-ins, making them two of the best plug-ins available.”

—, 2012 | HTML

“These are amazing plug-ins — and the price tag reflects this. The involvement of and endorsement by Rupert Neve is quite a coup, and the results are a pair of plug-ins that sound superb and will be of enormous use to any producer.”

— Music Tech, Issue 11, 2011

“After this review I find myself favoring this EQ and compressor in every production I make… The sound quality of the plug-ins is exactly as good as the hardware.”

— Musikermagasinet, Issue 11, 2011

“Steinberg and Yamaha have successfully managed to recreate two modern classics, under the guidance and with the blessing of Mr. Rupert Neve himself. The sound quality is exactly as good the hardware, which contributes a price tag well above that of most plug-ins.”

— Sound On Sound, Issue December, 2011 | HTML

“My experience with the authenticity of simulated analog techniques using VCM technology has been very positive... the sound quality is also really good.”

— Studio Magazin, Issue 9, 2011

Sequel 3: Music creation and performance

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“You get a program that lets you express your musical ideas quickly and comes pretty close to shaping sounds the professional way.”

— Interface, Issue 154, 2011

“Overall Sequel 3 is a great teaching tool, very approachable and incorporating all the elements you need for achieving professional results with ease.”

— Music Teacher, Issue 1, 2012

UR Series: USB audio interfaces

More on UR interfaces

“Its professional sonic character makes the UR28M a perfect tool for both acoustic and electronic productions.”

— Beat, Issue 83, 2012

“The UR28M is a pleasure to use and is capable of very good results when recording simple sources.”

— Future Music, Issue 247, 2011 | HTML

“The Steinberg (UR28M) interface has high-quality AD/DA converters. Comparable with the ones used in high-end audio interfaces... The interface is very easy to use and setting up and installation takes literally minutes.”

—, December 2011 | HTML

“The sound quality of the converters is excellent and actually so is everything else. The UR824 is a really great studio interface with many inputs and outputs and expansion for even more channels. The UR28M is especially interesting for those who need a couple of good-sounding inputs and work with multiple monitors.”

— Interface, Issue 159, 2012

“Its ergonomic design virtually free from snags plus compact size make this audio interface with DSP meet the demands of many users.”

— Keyboards Recording, Issue 4, 2012

“… the rugged design, 192 kHz sample-rate, and wonderful sounding D-PRE mic preamps really set the UR22 apart from the crowd.”

—, 2013

VST Connect: Remote recording software

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“VST Connect Pro gives the isolated engineer the ability to remotely access great-sounding rooms in far-off studios, as well as availing themselves of those studios’ mics and engineering skills…”

— Computer Music, Issue 202, 2014

WaveLab: Audio Editing and Mastering Suite

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“And that, I think, is the attraction of Wavelab, yes it has a blizzard of options and powerful tools, but increasingly it’s the focus it brings to the content that I find more and more compelling.”

— Audio Media, Issue 272, 2013

Yamaha Vintage Plug-in Collection: VST effects

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“In summary, these are fine tools that provide finishing touches to your work. The possibilities are endless and the prices reasonable. We liked them.”

— ISP Música, Issue 141, 2012

“Steinberg offers a selection of high-quality sounding plug-ins with Vintage Plug-in Collection and raises the bar for what's now possible to accomplish in the digital domain, and despite the high sound quality the CPU-tax is exemplary low.”

— Musikermagasinet, Issue 6, 2012

“The Vintage plug-ins… are highly recommended and especially interesting for those… who want to give their productions either that vintage touch or an improvement on what the usual DAW plug-ins can offer.”

—, January 2012 | HTML