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Steinberg events in Italy

In collaboration with Steinberg Training Center Lizard Academy, WanderManage, we are pleased to introduce two important meetings entitled "Music Production and Recording" (Cubase 7.5 and Groove Agent 4). Franco Fraccastoro - Steinberg Product Specialist, resident sound engineer Coffin Studio (Bloody Beetroots etc), international producer will show you his approach to production assisted by DAW and to recording, with particular reference to EDM and rock. During the meeting, he will use the new acclaimed Groove Agent 4 and the UR44.

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Club Cubase & other events in the US

Steinberg North America invites you to a variety of events throughout the country. From the popular Club Cubase meetings to trade shows over to in-store presentations — there are many opportunities to explore the latest Steinberg software and hardware products.

Steinberg North America events

Steinberg events in Canada

Keep checking back to see the latest Steinberg events going on around the country. These may include local Club Cubase chapter meetings, clinics at your favorite dealer and more.

Steinberg events in Australia

If you are looking for Steinberg events in Australia, check out the Yamaha Backstage website.

Visit the Yamaha Backstage Pass website

Recap: 30th anniversary party

This year marks the 30th anniversary of Steinberg. And as it’s quite common to have a party on one’s birthday, we invited close friends, colleagues and associates to an exceptional night out with the entire company.

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