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SWA Complete Cubase 7

In almost three hours runtime, SWA Complete Cubase 7 goes deeper into the "why" behind the "how". Digging deeper into the theory and operation, these videos include the academics behind the process so you'll understand both theory and practice. SWA Complete Cubase 7 gives you the knowledge and skill to squeeze every ounce of efficiency and creativity out of this incredible workstation.

  • Go deeper into the "why" and behind the "how"
  • Almost 3 hours of finest tutorials
  • HD quality — 700 MB

About Walter Hunnicutt

Streamworks Audio bumped into Walter on a Steinberg help forum where he was trying to assist a new Cubase user. We were immediately impressed by his ability to boil down complex tasks into simple steps and his desire to help this young person. We knew right away that Walt would be a terrific addition to the Streamworks writing and teaching team.

Walter's mastery of the technical and creative (as well as his love of teaching) may come from the fact that his father is an engineer and his mother was a lifelong musician, award-winning author as well as a college professor. Walter has played piano since childhood, studying jazz and composition in college. He began recording professionally in 1986 and has worked on numerous albums and CDs over the years as well as creating and producing music for film and television. 

He holds a bachelor's degree in Mass Communications from the University of Wisconsin. He and his wife Donna Hanson are partners in Combined Minds Media, LLC located in the central United States and specialize in the production of training courses for the music and aerospace industries.

Walter and Donna are also both certified instructors who have been recognized repeatedly by FAA, DOT and others for their commitment to excellence in training. They present lectures, workshops and community-outreach programs around the United States.

Tutorial content

Minimum system requirements

Mac OS X


OS X version 10.7/10.8 Windows 7/Windows 8
2.33GHz or faster x86-compatible processor or
Intel® Atom™ 1.6GHz or faster processor for netbooks
512 MB RAM
700 MB of free HD space
Display resolution of 1280 x 800
Adobe Air (free download from: )
Internet connection required for installation and activation.
To complete the video tutorial installation, a download of
approximately 700 MB is required.

Important notice

This video uses DRM copyright technology and is protected with a serial number. The serial number must be entered once during the installation to watch the videos. An active Internet connection is required for the authorization process. A serial number can only be used for five authorizations. This product does not support iOS and Android devices. Please contact the support of the video producer if you need more authorizations.