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Taking a closer look

UR22 front panel view

The front panel of the UR22 interface offers you quick access to an array of controls. Two mic/line inputs as well as gain controls for each input with peak indicators and a Hi-Z push button for input 2. Also available are two dedicated volume rotaries for headphones jack and outputs plus a Mix rotary to adjust the ratio between DAW playback and input signal.

1.    Gain control for Input 1
2.    XLR/TRS combo connector and peak indicator for Input 1
3.    +48V phantom power indicator
4.    XLR/TRS combo connector and peak indicator for Input 2
5.    USB power indicator
6.    Gain control for Input 2

7.    High-impedance switch for connecting guitar and bass to Input 2
8.    Mix knob for adjusting ratio between DAW mix and input signal
9.    Headphone volume control knob
10.  Headphones output
11.  Main output volume control

UR22 back panel view

On the UR22’s back side you can find all analog inputs and outputs and MIDI input and output for connecting to other MIDI devices. And hook up to your PC or Mac computer with highspeed USB 2.0.

1.   USB 2.0 port
2.   +48V phantom power switch for both inputs
3.    MIDI output socket

4.    MIDI input socket
5.    2 analog TRS line outputs
6.    Safety lock hole

Best setups for your gear

The UR22 represents a mobile recording system with all necessary inputs and outputs to connect to microphones, instruments, studio monitors, headphones and MIDI equipment. There’s a USB connector to hook up to either your Mac or PC, letting you record and mix your productions with the included Cubase AI workstation or other audio software.