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UR824 close-up
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The UR824 close-up


UR824 front panel


1.    2 XLR/TRS combo inputs
2.    High-impedance switch for guitar and bass
3.    Pad switch, selectable for each channel
4.    Signal/peak indicator
5.    Input gain control
6.    Phantom power switch selectable for channel pairs

7.    Headphone volume control knobs
8.    Headphone outputs
9.    Word clock source indicator
10.  Sample rate indicator
11.  Main output volume control
12.  Power switch


UR824 rear panel


1.    Power adapter connector
2.    Grounding screw
3.    USB 2.0 port
4.    Word clock I/O switch

5.    BNC connectors for word clock input and output
6.    2 pairs of optical ADAT input and output (also S/PDIF Toslink)
7.    8 analog TRS line outputs
8.    6 Neutrik combo TRS/XLR inputs


Best setups for your gear

With its expanded I/O capabilities, the UR824 interface lets you hook up a vast number of equipment and instruments, the signals of which can also be fed via its high-speed USB 2.0 link to your computer or iPad (analog signals only).


System Solutions

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