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  • 01RnB Kit0:35
  • 02Grooving Future Kit1:08
  • 03Vinyl Kit0:48
  • 04Chill Out Kit0:34
  • 05Dub Master Kit0:57
  • 06Electro Kit0:31
  • 07Glitch Kit0:47
  • 08House Kit0:34
  • 09Indie Dance Kit0:33
  • 10Metallic Percussion Kit0:57
  • 11Retro Drum Kit0:34
  • 12Rough Beat Kit0:31
  • 13Techno Kit0:32
  • 14Urban Ballads Kit0:46

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  • 01Dance Split0:26
  • 02Synbreeze0:25
  • 03Quiet Enjoyment0:22
  • 04Chirp Runner0:37
  • 05Driver Basses0:14
  • 06Hot Summer0:18
  • 07Warm Rain0:27
  • 08Burning Thorn0:18
  • 09Plastic Belt0:19
  • 10Wah Pops0:26
  • 11Cool Chordz0:22

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  • 01Phlashback0:28
  • 02Vital Spark0:34
  • 03Witching Hour0:46
  • 04Detroit0:37
  • 05Glowstep0:25
  • 06Killah0:29
  • 07Gentle Attack0:41

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  • 01LoopMash FX Demo1:12
  • 02LoopMash FX Demo 20:20
  • 03LoopMash FX Demo 30:23
  • 04LoopMash FX Demo 40:19
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What's new in Cubase 7.5

What's new in Cubase 7.5

Cubase 7.5 adds new features including track handling and recording tools, new instruments & VSTi handling functions as well as first-class FX processors.

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Why Cubase

Why Cubase

Cubase helps artists, producers and engineers around the globe to create projects a whole lot easier.

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Explore the Cubase line-up

Cubase Line-up

Yes, there's the right version for any budget & application — so find out what is yours!

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Cubase bundle offers

UR Bundles

Hardware and software — perfectly integrated. Now with Cubase (Artist) 7.5!

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Free Grace Period Update

Cubase 7.5 Grace Period

Have you activated Cubase (Artist) 7 on October 15, 2013, or later?

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System Solutions

Steinberg's relentless innovation in professional audio software has recently been matched by truly inspiring hardware that together offers an unparalleled integration experience.

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VST PlugIn Zone

Are you in search of far-out filters, hi-res reverbs and other audio allies? The PlugIn Zone presents a selection of top-notch plug-ins developed by third-party companies using Steinberg's popular VST format.

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