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What's new in Cubase 7.5

Cubase 7.5 adds new features that support musical creativity and enhance workflow: create alternative TrackVersions, keep focused at all times with the track visibility management system and explore the new sonic possibilities of Groove Agent SE 4, HALion Sonic SE 2, LoopMash FX, the REVelation reverb — and much, much more.

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  • TrackVersions: For creating, renaming and managing parallel variations of tracks
  • Track visibility: Shows only the tracks you want to see in the Project window
  • Instrument (t)rack 2.0: Supports multi-outputs and multi-inputs, and merges instrument tracks with the Instrument Rack
  • HALion Sonic SE 2: Giving you tons of fresh new sounds plus a totally new synth
  • Groove Agent SE 4: With 30 new drum kits and smart user interface for creating beats and hits in no time
  • New EDM construction kits: Adding flavor to your productions and giving you new song ideas
  • LoopMash FX: For real-time modern-style breaks, tape-stops, stutters and more
  • REVelation: Super-smooth and silky-sounding algorithmic reverb that brings back the memories of those old fancy hardware units
  • Magneto 2: Adding warmth to your tracks
  • VST Connect SE 2: Unique remote recording plug-in now with MIDI data transmission
  • Transient navigation: Tab to transients on audio events in the Project window thanks to the new instant hitpoint navigation

At the core of evolution - header

TrackVersions — Taking playlists to a higher level

Create, rename and manage parallel versions of the same track or tracks and use them to compare takes or create alternative versions of your recordings while keeping all track settings. Interfacing perfectly with existing track handling features like lanes, the flexible new TrackVersions feature will significantly speed up your workflow when working not only with audio but also MIDI, instrument, chord, tempo and signature tracks.

Track visibility management

Cubase 7.5 now offers a track visibility management feature that greatly expedites working with huge projects by dynamically displaying only the tracks you actually want to see. Using the same approach as the channel visibility management introduced in MixConsole and accessed in the Project window’s Inspector, various View Agents help you by instantly bringing the right tracks into focus; this powerful new feature will help you maintain a full overview of your project at all times — even on the largest, most complex productions.

Instant transient navigation

Thanks to the new instant hitpoint navigation function, you can now “tab to transients” on audio events in the Project window — yes, it’s as easy as it sounds. Hitpoints are automatically calculated in the background as soon as audio material is recorded or imported into the arrangement window. Simply use the keyboard shortcuts to tab back and forth to navigate around the audio material.

Saving your Track Quick Controls

The Track Quick Controls just got even more powerful: You can now save and load Track Quick Control assignments as presets for immediate access. Simply click on the Quick Control Track Inspector and apply existing Track Quick Control assignments even to other track types. Who said the small things in life don’t make a huge difference!



Re-record mode

We all know the situation: you hit the record button, grab the guitar or start singing and after the first note you know already that you can do it better; you want to repeat the take immediately. To speed up this task, simply hit the record button again and the recording will start from the original position preserving the original pre-count and metronome settings. A handy, time-saving new feature that’s as simple as it is useful.

The key to better scores

The Score Editor has been further enhanced to feature all MIDI-related functions from the Key Editor, giving you all the tools you need, when you need them. This includes dedicated edit operations involving the chord track or basic tasks like quantize, transpose and length editing, all sorted and arranged clearly for a speedy workflow. You can easily switch between the score symbols and the MIDI functions Inspector with the new tabs at the top of the edit section. Not just another improvement, and certainly something you won’t want to miss by the end of the first day.



More instruments — tighter integration



Instrument (t)rack 2.0

By fusing the VST Instruments Rack with the instrument track concept, Cubase 7.5 makes working with instruments easier, quicker and more transparent than ever before. Instrument tracks now boast multiple audio outputs for any instrument, and can also be fed by any MIDI track on any channel. Inserting a new instrument into the rack is reflected within the Project window by creating the corresponding instrument track automatically and vice versa. The new Instrument Rack introduces VST Quick Controls for each instrument, letting you modify instruments and sounds even quicker — without even opening their GUI. Best of all, you can now assign each instrument a meaningful name for better identification of its MIDI ports and audio return channels.

Spice up your tracks