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Nuendo 6 — The whole world of audio post


Highlighting the world's most luxurious native mixing console, a complete ADR taker system and fully integrated EBU-compliant loudness metering, Nuendo 6 is the most advanced audio post-production environment available today. With a whole new workflow experience and seamless integration into the Nuage system, the sixth generation of Nuendo is a one-stop solution for audio-to-picture work.

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The world's best in mixing


The most advanced mixing console ever made

Nuendo 6 sets new standards in mixing. The new mixing surface of Nuendo 6 provides instant access to all vital functions of the mixer thanks to a sleek single-window concept and allows for a multitude of visibility configurations and drag-and-drop functions for faster operation.

Other major improvements include the intuitive Quick Link system and Control Link groups to temporarily or permanently link entire channels or only specific parameters. The all-new View Sets store and recall any channel configuration as preset.

Each of the up to four different MixConsoles comes with its own channel visibility management, allowing you to define which channels you want to see and how they are arranged.

View the mixing console on high-res detail

Nuendo 6 mixer
  • All-new, high-quality mixing console for enhanced operational speed
  • Extended channel visibility management
  • Entirely scalable and dedicated full-screen mode 
  • Truly configurable with View Sets and Channel Zones 
  • Dynamic sends and inserts
  • Quick Link system for intuitive linking of channel parameters
  • New preset types for insert FX chains, group/FX channels and channel strip
  • Customizable track icons
  • Drag-and-drop support throughout the mixer

Time-savers for professionals

Nowadays the number of plug-ins can easily exceed 100, as Nuendo 6 already provides more than 70 high quality effects. The new mixing console provides fast access to the ever growing list of plug-ins and channels by incorporating an efficient search function.

Plus, the Nuendo only displays the number of insert slots used, which makes operation more focused on the essential functions. Voice, foley and music recordists will be happy to hear that we have also overhauled the Control Room, which is now nicely integrated.

  • Channel and plug-in search function for even faster operation
  • Optimized for mouse-free operation and accessible by blind reader software
  • A/B comparison for all plug-ins and plug-in quick access mode
  • Mixer overview provides mini peak meters for all channels


Nuendo 6 Channel Strip

The brand-new channel strip in Nuendo 6 offers several high-quality effects that turns your voice recordings, music and sound effects into a warm and expressive sound with richly nuanced dynamics.

From a complete set of high- and low-pass filters plus noise gate with sidechain support, over to different compressor types and a brickwall limiter — the new channel strip takes your mix to a whole new level.

At the same time, the Channel Strip is highly configurable. All modules can be rearranged through drag-and-drop in case a different processing chain is needed. All faders can be used in pre or post mode related to the insert FX rack.

Channel Strip
  • High- and low-pass filters plus 4-band StudioEQ with spectrum analyzer 
  • Noise Gate and 3 compressors (Easy, Tube and Vintage) with dedicated gain reduction meters and sidechain 
  • Envelope Shaper for full control across attack and release phase
  • Brickwall limiter and Loudness Maximizer modules
  • Drag and drop settings between channels and easily recall favorite settings
  • Includes 150 presets for pro-sounding results

Lightning-fast parameter access

With the new Channel Settings window you can access all relevant channel parameters faster and more convenient than ever before. This central channel area gives you fast access to all channel parameters, including metering, routing assignments, EQ, dynamics, sends, cues and others.

Next to the sophisticated signal metering the new Channel Strip is displayed with StudioEQ with an integrated spectrum analyzer, a complete dynamics section with different modes, a virtual analog tube saturation preamp stage, essential aux and cue sends.

Channel Settings window
  • Full access to all Channel Strip modules and insert FX rack
  • Professional level metering
  • Convenient setup of FX sends and cue mixes
  • Easy preset management for individual effect processors or whole signal chains
  • Customize the signal path by simple drag-and-drop operations

Voxengo CurveEQ

Voxengo CurveEQ

With the versatile 64-band CurveEQ you can simply transfer the sound characteristics of an audio track to another. Whether you're working on TV series with recurring sound elements or voice recordings that need to be adapted to each other — CurveEQ’s professional-grade spectrum analyzer allows you to display, save and load static spectrum plots for comparison and matching purposes. You can compare different EQ curves, copy them between different tracks and choose the right combination via A/B comparison capabilities.

MixConvert V6

MixConvert V6 — downmixing better than ever
Due to its unmatched downmixing quality, MixConvert has gained amazing recognition in former versions of Nuendo. MixConvert V6 goes further and enables you to realize configurations of up to 10.2 surround. Take control over LFE, center and surround level. Select different output speaker arrangements such as the industry-standard formats 5.1 or 7.1. The solo/mute function is available for specific channels and thus allows for an individual downmix. 



A revolution in panning and upmixing


Anymix Pro 1.3 by IOSONO

The revolutionary panning functions of Anymix Pro 1.3 by IOSONO enable you to create surround mixes that stand apart from the competition. Anymix Pro includes distant-dependent loudness and EQ settings that are automatically adjusted when the signal is moved within the listening space. Thus, all natural changes in loudness and timbre are perfectly reproduced — without the need for EQ or volume automation. 

At the same time Anymix Pro includes high-quality upmix functions that allow you to upmix to 8.1 without compromises in quality. You cannot only seamlessly scale the presence of the original audio material in the upmixed signal, but also determine how much of the direct signal and the ambience of the original source will pass through the surround mix.

  • The world’s most enhanced panning and upmixing algorithm
  • Natural-sounding upmix algorithm with parameters such as Ambience and Direct signal 
  • More than a dozen presets with different upmix modes included
  • Ultra-real panning with automatic distant-dependent loudness and EQ adjustment
  • Many additional parameters of the panning curve definable
Anymix Pro


Loudness — under control


Fully integrated loudness metering solution

The metering section in Nuendo 6 has been rebuilt from scratch. Next to the large-scale volume meter, that is also capable of showing multi-channel surround signals, you'll find the new loudness metering section.

In the past years the loudness level especially in TV advertising has been increased dramatically. Particularly commercial breaks differ clearly from other parts of the TV program. In order to harmonize the loudness level and to achieve a higher dynamic range — and not a higher peak level or an increased compression rate — the new EBU R128 loudness norm has been introduced.

The loudness meter in Nuendo 6 is capable of displaying Integrated, Momentary and Short Term loudness. This enables you to keep track of the loudness of your audio material in order to ensure to mix after EBU-standards .

Setting new standards — Nuendo 6 Loudness Lane

Nuendo 6 sets new standards in loudness measurement. While common loudness tools only show specific values in real-time, Nuendo 6 writes a loudness curve on a separate track-based on short-term loudness, which dramatically helps to judge if the mix is EBU-compliant. Loud and quiet scenes can now be mixed with unmatched precision, adding that extra finesse to your audio material that makes it well balanced.

Loudness Lane


ADR Taker System

Complete voice recording solution

Enhance your productivity and workflow with the all-new ADR Taker System. Nuendo 6 provides a fully equipped solution for ADR & language dubbing, making recording of voices efficient and convenient. 

Nuendo 6 facilitates the process of dialog recordings by offering several video count-in techniques, such as swipe and countdown, assuring everything is being recorded to the point. Thanks to the ability of importing take lists into marker/cue lists, the dialog can overlay the picture, directly within Nuendo 6. This not only speeds up voice recordings and offers the artist more freedom to perform — it also enhances the quality of your work and saves time and money.

ADR Taker System
  • Complete ADR Taker System environment
  • Various scene filter options
  • Up to 32 marker tracks with user-definable attributes
  • Efficient management of multiple roles
  • Dedicated recording panel with three production methods
  • Video count-in techniques such as swipe and countdown
  • Dialog video overlay thanks to the import of take lists
  • EDL list import


A complete professional environment


MemZap teleports you throughout the project 

These days’ projects can easily contain hundreds of tracks, dozens of plug-ins and a multitude of automation curves. Jumping to different working areas within a project is one of those things that cost a lot of expensive production time. That’s why we have developed MemZap — store exact positions and even zoom factors within the project and jump to them quickly by defining individual key commands.

VST Connect SE

Global collaboration with VST Connect SE  

Steinberg's VST Connect SE technology allows other musicians connect directly to Nuendo users, giving you the freedom to collaborate and produce together, even when you’re not in the same studio, town or country. Talkback and chat functions as well as video and audio stream in real time give you limitless possibilities. 

Remote Control Editor

Remote Control Editor

The Remote Control Editor lets you visually customize the parameter layout of individual effects and instruments on your control surface. By selecting a hardware knob, fader or button on your control surface you can easily determine which parameter should be controlled within the software. 


Invaluable: Steinberg ASIO Guard 

The Steinberg audio engine has not only been extended with comprehensive mixing capabilities, there’s also our brand-new ASIO Guard technology that gives you that extra safety cushion while working on even the most demanding projects. Rely on our intelligent dropout-prevention algorithms and focus only on your sound — just like in the analog days.

HP's professional Z-series workstation computers

Steinberg recommends HP computers

Nuendo 6 is quality-tested with HP's professional Z-series workstation computers, guaranteeing highest performance and maximum reliability packed in a rock-solid chassis. Be it the industry-proven Intel XEON processors or the ultra-fast SSD drives — HP Z-machines make the best out of Nuendo and speed up your whole studio software environment.

Nuendo 6 provides the entire user interface in Portuguese

Chegou a hora!

The time has come! Nuendo 6 provides the entire user interface in Portuguese. We welcome our Portuguese-speaking friends from around the world! Over 250 million people on this planet speak Portuguese — this is reason enough to localize the world’s most advanced audio post-production system.



Pro Sound Effects Library – 1.5 GB of professional post-production sounds

Nuendo 6 comes with a compact but powerful library created by the sound specialists at Pro Sound Effects, New York.  The library contains of more than 1.5 GB of sound effects (24-bit/48kHz Wave files) that spans from ambiences to whooshes.  The Pro Sound Effects Library is fully searchable and licensed to you 100% royalty-free.

Categories include: Animals, Emergency, Fire, Foley, Horror, Household, Human, Impacts, Industry, Office, Science fiction, Sports, Technology, Transportation, Warfare, Water and much more

About Pro Sound Effects Pro Sound: Effects provides next level library & licensing for media producers worldwide - continually updated, online or hard drive. 

Visit for more info.

Pro Sound Effects Library


Nuage System Solution


A new era in the pro-audio industry hast just begun. The most experienced Yamaha hardware engineers teamed up with the long-time software specialists of Steinberg to create a complete system solution for professional post- and audio-production studios. The Nuage system solution is made up of the Nuendo 6 software, the Nuage controller hardware and additional pro-grade studio gear.


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Nuendo 6 NEK

The Nuendo 6 Expansion Kit (NEK) brings the music tools of Cubase to the Nuendo media production platform.

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Steinberg's relentless innovation in professional audio software has recently been matched by truly inspiring hardware that together offers an unparalleled integration experience.

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