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Front panel view

Front panel

Controls and LEDs


Control panel and LEDs
LCD Display 

1) Multi-function button

2) Multi-function button

3) Multi-function button

4) Multi-function button

5) Cursor (red LED)

6) Frame Reference (green LED)

7) Clock Reference (yellow LED)

8) System Link (blue LED)

9) Reset


Rear panel view

Rear panel



1) Word clock BNC input

2) Word clock BNC output

3) Video sync BNC input and thru

4) S/PDIF optical input and output

5) S/PDIF coaxial input and output


6) Timecode XLR input and output

7) GPI input/output DB-25 connector

8) RS422 serial input and output

9) MIDI input and output

10) USB connector


11) AES BNC input and output

12) AES XLR input and output


System Solutions

Steinberg's relentless innovation in professional audio software has recently been matched by truly inspiring hardware that together offers an unparalleled integration experience.

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VST PlugIn Zone

Are you in search of far-out filters, hi-res reverbs and other audio allies? The PlugIn Zone presents a selection of top-notch plug-ins developed by third-party companies using Steinberg's popular VST format.

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