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Nuendo 5

Committed to Professionals Worldwide

Nuendo empowers audio professionals working for the film, television and media industry to higher levels of productivity, with a dedicated feature set that focuses on day-to-day production requirements like workflow, speed, versatility and reliability. Post-production editors, film mixers as well as recording engineers around the world rely on the flexibility and industry openness that Nuendo provides.

Film post-production

Nuendo 6 is perfectly tailored to film and TV post-production companies doing re-recording and extensive surround mixing. Having the world’s most flexible mixing console and the high-quality Channel Strip onboard, Nuendo 6 grants mixing results in industry-leading quality. With easy-to-use channel visibility management as well as extensive channel search functions, handling of large post-production projects becomes a child’s play. With IOSONO’s Anymix Pro plug-in, the world’s most advanced surround panning and upmixing software is part of Nuendo. Next to the most comprehensive automation system for film-mixing available today, advanced editing tools round out the most dedicated feature set for film post-production.

Dubbing and voice recording

Especially language dubbing has become more and more important in recent years and is one of the most often performed tasks in audio post-production. Therefore Nuendo 6 boasts a complete ADR Taker solution making it easy to spot, record and organise voice recordings for different purposes without the need for expensive external ADR hardware. With professional functions such as video overlay and import of EDL/cue lists, Nuendo 6 is a complete one-stop shop for dubbing. And, matching sound on different tracks becomes fairly easy by using Voxengo's Curve EQ with its analysing and spectrum-matching functions. 

TV post-production and advertising

Be it TV feature films or TV series — Nuendo 6 has everything on board to facilitate your workflow. From the ability to save whole clusters of audio clips, which is especially useful for recurring elements in TV series, up to a seamlessly integrated loudness metering and lane concept for delivering EBU R-128 compliant productions, Nuendo 6 provides a big range of useful tools for TV post-production. Also, the ability to export different versions of a mix in one go dramatically speeds up your workflow.

Game sound design

Game sound designers increasingly rely on Nuendo because of its industry openness, the flexible program structure and a multitude of features to create stunning sound effects. Whether it is high-quality pitch-shifting or time-stretching, file management with the MediaBay or the ability to precisely edit and trim sounds by using the scrubbing functions — Nuendo 6 has it covered. By using the NEK option, sound designers will benefit from the full integration of virtual instruments and many additional tools to create and manipulate sounds.