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Camel Audio

Camel Audio creates innovative, professional audio instruments and effects.  Award winning products include Alchemy sample manipulation synthesizer and sound libraries, plus CamelSpace and CamelPhat multi-effects as well as the free Alchemy Player VST and free Alchemy Mobile for iPhone/iPad.  These products have won numerous awards including Electronic Musicians Editors Choice, Keyboard Key Buy and Computer Musics Platinum Award, and are used by many leading musicians such Orbital, Sasha, BT, Coldcut, Danny Elfman and Hans Zimmer.


Alchemy is the ultimate sample manipulation synthesizer which can turn your musical dreams into reality. It's a synth powerhouse and yet easy to use thanks to the performance controls and remix pads. The library of contemporary sounds explores new sonic territory ranging from cutting-edge pads and sublime soundscapes to ultra-fat basses and synths.

  • Multiple synthesis and re-synthesis types including VA, granular, additive   and spectral
  • Morph between sources using harmonic blending or crossfade between sounds with vector mixing
  • Remix pad and performance controls for easy tweaking of sounds to fit your music
  • Remote control via dedicated iPad/iPhone app
  • Powerful modulation system with up to 16 LFOs, 16 AHDSRs, 16 MSEGs, 16 step sequencers

Alchemy Player

Alchemy Player is a free software instrument with an inspiring 1GB sample library and 200 instrument sounds including evolving soundscapes, lush pads, fat basses and pulsing arpeggios. Alchemy Player will load any SFZ sample library and provides ready to play sounds that can be easily tweaked via the intuitive interface.

  • 150 presets included with 50 extra presets available to registered users
  • Each preset features carefully designed remix pad variations selected by the sound designer
  • Remix pad and performance controls allow easy tweaking of sounds to fit your music
  • SFZ instrument loading for detailed and expressive sample based instruments
  • Powered by the same advanced audio engine used in Alchemy


CamelPhat is the ultimate phattening processor! A powerful 'colouring' multi-effect that's been specially engineered to work wonders on guitar, bass and drums, adding warmth, punch and presence wherever they're required.  Each section of CamelPhat has been carefully tuned to provide exactly the controls you need to phatten up your sounds quickly and easily.

  • Four characteristically different distortion effects
  • Unique 'Magic EQ' enhances the low end like nothing else
  • Analogue-modelled compressor, filters, two LFOs and an envelope follower
  • A graphical user interface puts all the controls at your fingertips
  • 256 categorised presets by world class sound designers


CamelSpace can take any sound you throw at it, be it a pad, a synth line or a drum loop, and generate a dizzying array of dynamically-evolving, gated rhythmic textures.  Combining the enormously powerful 128 step 'trance gate' sequencer and tempo-synced LFO's to modulate panning, filters and volume with the delay, flanger and reverb will bring even the most static sounds to life.

  • 128-step 'trance gate' controlling filter cut-off, pan and volume
  • Auto-panner, enhancer, flanger, multi-mode filter, stereo delay, reverb
  • Over 30 analogue modelled filter types
  • Intelligent randomize provides instant inspiration
  • 256 categorised presets by world class sound designers