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Uffe Börjesson

“I would buy WaveLab 8.5 for the Encoder Checker alone. It is very straighforward to operate and seamlessly integrated.”

Philippe Goutier, Lead Developer

Professional audio engineers need dedicated features to apprehend sound. WaveLab provides accurate tools in any regard: be it exact metering, audio quality analysis, error correction tools or sophisticated editing functions, WaveLab allows users to produce better audio material, faster and easier.
(Philippe Goutier, Lead Developer)

Watch Folder

Watch Folders

Automated offline processing and rendering feature, using standard folders of the operating system to process and render audio files.

AAC Encoder

AAC Encoder

Encode straight to AAC formats, such as HE-AAC, HE-AAC v2, HD-AAC and 3GPP, for compatibility to Apple products, such as iTunes, iPod & iPhone

Philippe Goutier, Lead Developer

Watch Folders provide a new and easy workflow for processing tasks, with uses ranging from project-studio projects to automated production chains. I'm happy that AAC for iTunes compatibility is finally available. And the new Encoder Checker is able to prove it!
(Philippe Goutier, Lead Developer)

Encoder Checker

Encoder Checker

Compare and contrast codec quality and settings on the fly without perceivable latency and with up to three streams simultaneously, such as MP3, AAC and OGG Vorbis.

Multi-format rendering

Multi-format rendering

Render to multiple audio file formats simultaneously and save encoding chains as presets.

What's new in WaveLab 8.5

WaveLab 8.5 adds valuable features and accelerates workflows for essential audio tasks such as batch processing, file rendering & working with encoders.

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Key features

  • Leading solution for audio mastering, editing & batch processing
  • EBU-R128 loudness metering & processing, loudness graph
  • Workspace concept, intuitive speaker and plug-in management
  • Sonnox Restoration Suite, error correction & spectrum-editing
  • Watch Folders for automated drag-and-drop batch processing
  • 40+ plug-ins incl. iZotope MBIT+ Dither & Voxengo CurveEQ
  • Analysis tools with 3D & global analysis, 8 metering scales
  • Encoder Checker for quality comparison of audio codecs
  • 15+ file formats, DDP image creation & CD burning engine
  • Professional editing tools for precise cutting & high-res zooming
  • DDP image creation and extensive metadata support 

Why WaveLab

WaveLab is the top-choice solution for mastering engineers around the globe.

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Uffe Börjesson talks about mastering, workflows and trends — and how it all started.

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