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Educational Products

Many Steinberg products are available as educational versions at a discounted price. Eligible for educational rebates are teachers, educators, currently enrolled full-time students of universities. Also currently enrolled full-time students and teachers at public and private (music) schools and the SAE Institutes are eligible.

How to obtain an educational product:

If you belong to one of the above-mentioned groups, please e-mail your scanned or photographed proof to If you act as a teacher or for an institution you may also use this PDF form. Quantity discounts for schools and institutions are available on request. Please specify the precise number required.

Please make sure that

  • the proof of eligibility is legible
  • proofs the fact that you are a currently enrolled full-time student (if applicable)
  • contains the date of issue
  • contains the date of expiry (if applicable)
  • contains a valid stamp of your facility

It’s also important that you provide a valid e-mail address so that we can send you a personalized link for the Steinberg Online Shop.

Please send your proof of eligibility to:

Please understand that we cannot answer general or product-related support requests via this email address.

Once we have received your proof of eligibility, we will send a personalized link for the Steinberg Online Shop to the e-mail address you have provided. With this link you can buy Steinberg's educational products in the Steinberg Online Shop with discounts up to 50 %. Please note: educational rebates are only available for full versions, not for updates and upgrades.

Cubase Elements 8 (Download, Education)

$ 66.99

without VAT

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WaveLab Elements 8 (Download, Education)

$ 65.99

without VAT

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HALion 5 (Download, Education)

$ 209.99

without VAT

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Sequel 3 (Download, Education)

$ 49.99

without VAT

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The Grand 3 (Download, Education)

$ 89.99

without VAT

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