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CI Serie: CI1, CI2 and CI2+

CI1 USB Audio Interface

For hobby musicians, guitarists, singers or electronic music producers as well as for all audio affine tasks — the CI1 USB studio, together with Sequel LE and WaveLab LE, offers the ultimate entry-level recording, editing and producing system solution. CI1, Sequel LE and WaveLab LE provide a host of tools to meet the individual demand of each and every user — with outstanding audio quality, massive features, all at a mind-blowing price!

CI2+ Production Kit

With the CI2+ Production Kit, hardware most skillfully meets software by combining the best of two worlds with the CI2+ USB audio interface bundled together with Cubase AI and WaveLab LE. At an unbeatable price point, it provides all the tools entry-level to professional musicians and producers need to record and produce music in first-class quality - at home, in the studio or on the road.