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Expression Maps for VST Expression

The following packages include Expression Maps for popular orchestra libraries and suitable virtual instruments. These Expression Maps require Cubase (Studio) 5.0.1 or later.

Please note: Steinberg can not offer support or guarantee freedom from defects for Expression Maps from third parties. Please refer directly to the respective manufacturers for support inquiries.  

Expression Maps can be used on instrument tracks or MIDI tracks in different ways.

You can:

  • load maps into MIDI or instrument tracks of your existing projects,
  • create track presets from instrument or MIDI tracks with Expression Maps included or
  • include VST Expression Maps into your personal project templates.

For more information on Expression Maps and VST Expression please refer to Cubase's Operation Manual (Part I: Getting Into The Details > VST Expression).



Expression Map Further Information Website
AudioBro LASS v1.0 · 10 KB · ZIP - AudioBro

Best Service

Expression Map Further Information Website
Best Service Era v1.0 · 32 KB · ZIP - Best Service


Expression Map Further Information Website
Garritan v1.0 · 13 KB · ZIP - Garritan

Native Instruments

Expression Map Further Information Website
Native Instruments Kontakt 4 VSL v1.0 · 7 KB · ZIP - Native Instruments

VIR2 Instruments

Expression Map Further Information Website
Vir2 Electri6ity Expression Maps 1.0 · 16 KB · ZIP - VIR2

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