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TOOLS for UR44 V2.1.0

May 7, 2014

  • Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver V1.8.5
  • Basic FX Suite V1.0.0
  • Steinberg UR44 Applications V2.1.0: Steinberg UR44 Extension V2.1.0, Steinberg dspMixFx UR44 V2.1.0
  • Installation Guide and Operation Manual

How to install
Extract the downladed ZIP file by double-clicking on it. Another double-click on the "Tools for UR44" package (Mac OS X) resp. "setup.exe" (Windows) starts the installation.

Before running the installation, please read the "Installation Guide" inside the "TOOLS for UR44" folder carefully.
Important: The TOOLS for UR44 V2.1.0 require the Firmware V2.1.0.

UR44 - Firmware Update V2.1.0

  • Supports dspMixFx for iPad
  • Auto-detection of Ipad or computer in class compliant mode

Please note the "Update Guide" that is included in the ZIP file. Important: The new functions require TOOLS for UR44 V2.1.0 or later.

Mac OS X


Mac OS X 10.7.5 · 10.8 · 10.9 Windows 7 SP1 · Windows 8 · Windows 8.1
Firmware UR44 2.1.0 · 24 MB
Please note: In case you experience difficulties running the firmware updater, please follow these instructions on how to bypass Mac OS X Gatekeeper.
Firmware UR44 2.1.0 · 32/64-Bit · 4 MB
Firmware Release Notes (PDF) Firmware Release Notes (PDF)

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