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eLicenser activation help

What does activation mean?

Activating a Steinberg product means entering the Activation Code in the eLicenser Control Center (eLCC) to obtain a license* which is then stored on an eLicenser.

*When installing an update/upgrade, the new license replaces the previous license. This leaves you with a single software license after the update/upgrade has completed. You can also run your old software with this license. However, if you want to keep your old license, please purchase the full version instead of the update/upgrade version.

What is an eLicenser?

The eLicenser stores licenses for Steinberg products. Without a valid license, a Steinberg software product cannot be used. There are two types of eLicensers:

  • The small hardware device called USB-eLicenser (formerly known as Steinberg Key, also referred to as dongle) is used for the current versions of most of our boxed retail software products.*
  • Its software equivalent, the Soft-eLicenser, is used for the current versions of Cubase LE, Cubase AI and WaveLab LE, each Sequel Content Set and for the boxed retail software products Sequel and WaveLab Elements.

Many other software companies besides Steinberg employ the eLicenser technology and all of these licenses can be stored on the same eLicenser.

* Exceptions are Sequel, Sequel Content Sets, WaveLab Elements, Cubase LE,
Cubase AI and WaveLab LE.

Where do I get my Activation Code?

Most of our boxed products have the Activation Code printed on the Essential Product License Information sheet inside the product’s box.
In case you purchased a download product from the Steinberg Online Shop, you have received the Activation Code with your order confirmation via email.
A few Steinberg products (Cubase AI, Cubase LE and WaveLab LE) have a time-limited license which is generated during the installation process, in which case you may request an Activation Code for a permanent license via our online registration system MySteinberg.

Activation help for USB-eLicenser based products
Activation help for Soft-eLicenser based products