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Your software? Your license!

As for almost all software, the retail value you have paid for is for a license to use this product. The license is activated on your USB-eLicenser or Soft-eLicenser by using the Activation Code you have been provided with when you bought a boxed or downloadable product. Please do not throw away the "Essential License Product Information" leaflet that came with the boxed product or the confirmation email you’ll receive for a downloadable product as these contain the Activation Codes.

Always keep your unused Activation Code or, once your USB-eLicenser has been activated, your USB-eLicenser, in a safe place! Losing the unused Activation Code or your USB-eLicenser once activated can be the same as losing your product!

Please also keep in mind to register your product at MySteinberg. Once you have done so, you are fully entitled to many benefits such as full support and product updates. It is also the most important pre-condition to be met that allows us to help you in case your license has been lost.