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Re: Workflow for Managing song sections?

Also don't forget that nothing is stopping you from having multiple projects open at once. Each can be a totally blank slate. If you have a LOT of plugins open (with samples), there might be a delay when switching between them (i.e. activating different project windows)...but other than that, no reason to stress.

Fun fact: You can copy and paste parts from one project to another, and if the same instrument is not in the other project, it will automatically create an instance of that instrument WITH ITS INSERTS AND EQs ETC to accommodate the part in question 8-) I do this all the time to re-use parts in other projects.
by meta-redundant
Tue Feb 04, 2014 10:56 pm
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Re: 7.5 Bug: VST performance peak?

Thought I would share some of my own recent (and highly insane) tests!

I was getting weird spikes on a brand new Xeon workstation build. My older 2008 computer ran 7.5 fine. I noticed that it was centered primarily around locating the cursor in the project - clicking here, clicking there. After further experimentation, I realized it was caused by doing anything mouse-heavy. So, I did the following:

--Disabled my high-end Radeon GPU.
--Reverted to the on-board Intel integrated graphics.
--UNINSTALLED the Intel graphics driver, and used the generic Microsoft (!) driver (weird, but keep reading...)
--I went to the Troubleshooting tab of the graphics adapter, clicked the "Change Settings..." button, and moved the "Hardware Acceleration" slider one notch to the left (read about trying this in an old Nuendo forum post). For further info see I only moved it ONE notch, not all the way off!

Guess what: all CPU spike problems completely disappeared .

For confirmation, I then updated the generic driver to use the latest Intel build, and all the problems reappeared . In my case it is definitely related to the graphics rendering -- and what's weird is that using generic (software) rendering is an improvement!

The problem is that you can't just move this slider and forget about it, because the Change Settings... --> Hardware Acceleration slider is only available when using the generic Microsoft driver -- the entire "Change Settings" button is greyed out when using any vendor-specific drivers :(

FWIW, moving the slider one notch to the left disables "cursor and bitmap accelerations."

Try it yourself and see if the same thing happens for you! If so, this is definitely worth pursuing from a Support perspective.
by meta-redundant
Thu Feb 06, 2014 7:15 am
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Got it sorted!

Earlier I posted how spikes and occasional clicks were definitely related to graphics for me, and how I was able to prove this by removing the AMD and Intel drivers entirely. Problem is, this is not workable in the long term because it disables just about every graphic option (including Aero).

I decided to try Fabio's advice and install a much older AMD driver - 12.1. And guess what - not only did the CPU peaks disappear, but the average load also decreased as well!! I am so happy to get to the bottom of this - it wasn't completely unworkable before, just annoying...and now it is like a new lease on life! For me the red peak indicator never lights up now, not even momentarily. Here's what I did if you have a Radeon (AMD) card of any kind and want to give it a try:

--Download driver package 12.1. You can do this from the AMD site by choosing your hardware and OS, but then when presented with the most recent driver, instead click on "Previous Drivers and Software" in the bar on the right. I chose the oldest one, v12.1 built on 1/25/2012.

--Completely uninstall all current AMD drivers and software. On windows, do this through Control Panel:


--Install the package you downloaded in the first step. I did NOT install Catalyst Control Center NOR any of the video transcoding options.

--Reboot that bad dog!

I mentioned earlier that moving the slider to disable mouse cursor enhancement also worked, and coupled with Fabio's comments about plugins "overriding the the default behavior of the pointer", I feel that this is definitely a contributing problem for many people who are getting CPU spikes (at least on Windows). Important note: I did not actually need to have any plugin windows open to get the spikes - the plugins only needed to be instantiated somewhere in the project.

THANKS FABIO for the suggestion! 8-)
by meta-redundant
Thu Feb 06, 2014 11:44 pm
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Re: Moving midi in grid (key editor)

Cubase considers this a "Nudge" command.

Go into File --> Key Commands, navigate to the folder called "Nudge", and assign a key command to the "Left" and "Right" values.

The amount of nudging will occur according to the current Grid setting (i.e. if the Grid is 16th notes, the left/right nudging will also be 16th notes).

Good luck!
by meta-redundant
Thu May 08, 2014 9:44 pm
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