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Re: (7.5) Mackie MCU protocol (channel shift doesn't work)

Too bad... when 7 came out mcu users also had to wait I while because it didn't work, and now again they broke it.
Please fix soon Steinberg. Do a nice mcu update so our machine works again. thanks

I'm shocked at this thread!
MCU implementation is SO improved in 7.5 I got goose bumps when I discovered it!

Bank buttons don't work anymore (shift only 1) and channel does nothing, on my Mackie Control.

The channel buttons are now "page" buttons for multi page menus (used to be the top leftmost 2 buttons, but they now have new functions).
If you use "shift" with the bank buttons they alternate between BanK and Channel jumps.

Also : EQ works different, but I like it, bands on and off now with button push.

Yep, and I love it, too. Push to Alternate between Freq and Q - Push gain to turn band on and off. Brilliant. Everything on 8 knobs.

Setting FX send levels is messed up, now sets send output,
and if you fiddle around with what used to be send, you see the relatively new channel strip inserts flashing by, with no abillity to use them though.

FX sends are now accessed with what used to be the "Page Up" button - the one on the top right. Depending on how many (if any) extenders you have you can page through things with (what was) the "channel" buttons.
Shift press on the same button gives you ""send 1" for all channels - and with subsequent shift presses you toggle through all 8. The "send" button down near the Read/Write buttons allows you to tweak the effects.
Shift press this same button allows setting the Cue mix levels for each channel - again, subsequent shift presses toggles through each of the 4 cue mixes.

The bottom right of those 6 upper left buttons (used to be sends, I think) now allows complete control of the built in "strip" effects. The left knob (#1) scrolls through the effects. Knob 2 bypasses. Knob 3 chooses the Processor (like vintage, tube, etc). Then page 2 (using the old channel buttons) brings up all the controls for the selected unit.

Still no way to assign mixer view configurations to F buttons or fader group buttons

This Generic Remote setup . . .
. . . works better than dedicated fader bank because you can assign anything if you only want - say - 4 banks available.
You'll need to alter the commands in the XML file to match the new function name - this can be done right on the Devices page - but I have it working excellent in both the project and Mix Console windows. It works on whichever window has focus.

In addition to all of that fun . .
The upper right button (used to be page down) now controls input/output bus, gain, and phase as well as "monitor" status for all channels. Use the old "channel" buttons to page through functions. I also noticed it will hold the selected page when you come back to it (like "monitor", for me).

Ther's more and I've probably missed some stuff but . . .
Kudos to SB for this functionality. I'm lovin it!

by HughH
Thu Dec 05, 2013 11:48 pm
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Re: 7.5 not production ready

A few annoying bugs, granted, but to say that 7.5 is not "production ready" is quite a stretch.
by papi61
Fri Dec 13, 2013 2:53 am
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Iro: Track Color Pack for Cubase

Hi everyone.

This is a neat little color pack I made for Cubase 7.5. For me, the default colors were not enough as I tend to have a lot of tracks, often with the same instruments, but with variations. It takes a considerable long time to make a set of new colors so I thought I would share it with you guys so you don't need to do this yourself. Am I not grateful? :D

The pack consists of 8 different main colors with 8 additional shades of each color. 64 colors in total!
Once you install the colors I suggest you do not tamper too much with the intensity/brightness as this can cause some of the colors to look alike. Yes, I did this myself and had to redo everything.

Please see the link to my blog for installation:

I do not have the privilege to test this on a mac or different versions of Cubase. If you are able to successfully apply these colors on another system please share how you did it.

Hope you enjoy it!

by seyoum
Thu Apr 24, 2014 11:23 pm
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Re: Channel settings window too wide..


click on the "Functions menu" (top right corner of the MixConsole) while pressing the "Alt" key on your keyboard and select "Reset MixConsole Window".

This bug has already been fixed, it doesn't happen on new installations / new systems, but it will re-appear when using old preferences from an old Cubase 7 version that used to have this bug. If a project was saved with this bug, it will also reappear even if you trash your preferences. Once you have reset your mixconsole window the problem will be gone for good (at least on that project)

by Luis Dongo
Mon May 19, 2014 1:36 pm
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Tip for remembering Key Commands

Like I expect most folks I have Key Commands I use all the time and remember, ones I use occasionally or sporadically and often need help recalling, and ones I don't care about.

This has resulted over the years in 3x5 cards with scribbles all over them and nothing in order, or a printed list that also ends up with out of order scribbles all over it. These often end up wrinkled with coffee stains and lost under a stack of papers. Then it hit me how to make a list that was fairly easy to update and make additions to, and would always be right at hand.

First I used a spreadsheet to create a multi-column list of Key Commands. A word processor or anything else that lets you create tables would work. Then, purely for aesthetic purposes, I set the background color in the table the same as my desktop color. Then I used the Window's Snipping tool to grab an image of the table and save it. I set that as my desktop image (original size not stretched). Now all I have to do is hover my mouse over over the right edge of the Task Bar so all the windows temp. minimize and there is my list of Key Commands. Making additions and changes is easy in the spreadsheet and then just snip and save a new image of it to the same file used for the desktop image.

I've found since doing this I'm using a lot more commands because it is easy to look them up where before I'd have gone for a menu because finding my cheat sheet was more effort than it was worth.

While my explanation is PC specific, I'm sure the Mac folk can do similar.
by raino
Tue Jan 13, 2015 1:27 am
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