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Re: How to copie compleet mixer settings to use in other pro

I recorded two large scale albums in N6 recently - that means 18 days of straight recording inside N6...

I am now quite used to N6. But I will use N5.5 for mixing.. I am too slow in N6, it distractes me.. recording, editing etc is cool. Using all the new stuff.. Setting up the things in the mixer is ok... The new controlroom is a JOKE... when recordings only one musician over days it is usable... I am not sure how I would handle a full band - not possible I would say.. I recently tried to mix a smaller project in N6... No way... Fortunately the stuff is backward-compatible so you can open a N6 session in N5.5...

Kick out all the new GUI sh*t, bring back the N5.5 Mixer/Controlroom, add some of the enhancements/features of the new Mixing Console if you want - then add some kind of IMPORT SESSION DATA solution - and N6,5 oder N7 would be the version I could use the next 10 years at least...
by Brandy
Mon Jan 06, 2014 12:17 am
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Re: How to copie compleet mixer settings to use in other pro

We really need something like PT's Import Session Data. Requested for "years".

I had high hopes to receive something like that with N6... instead of that we now have a total new GUI which nobody or at least very few of us really likes.. regarding all the other features I have all I need.

Just that damn session data thing..

As I said:

Setting up "fresh" songs is easy, there are countless ways.
Exchanging some settings via presets or "mixer settings" files later is ok.

But importing settings to an active session without the need to save, close, open another session, store presets and stuff, discard changes, close, reopen current session, import stuff, realize that you have forgotten something important... This is almost impossible without frustration.
by Brandy
Sun Jan 05, 2014 1:22 pm
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Re: Need a new keyboard Fredo?

Hey Wheels!

Sorry for coming back delayed. Haha what a great advertisement! Cool :-) Thanks for sharing!

Well, I sent back the G710+ even though I liked it a lot - but after I was getting used more to my Steelseries keyboard I prefered the very flat and fast design as well as all the other features.. I love these illuminated zones in different colors (makes it more intuitive) as well as I am already heavily using the programmable keys.. In combi with the controller software that keyboard is a powerfull tool and I can set it up in different configurations which I can assign to applications - so for example it is possible to have a complete different setup (macros, colors etc) when working in Wavelab .. I have quite a lot of those assignable keys - those on top of the F-keys I am using for quicklaunch stuff as well as for zoom presets - those on the left (similar to those the G510 has) are used for editing macros etc..

I would recommend not using the two keys on the very bottom because I often hit them per accident when reaching for ctrl & alt.. because they are on a position were a "regular" keyboard has those ctrl & alt keys..
by Brandy
Wed Jun 04, 2014 10:16 am
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Re: Slowly loosing faith? Can NOT insert Halion in Nuendo6.5

You guys are just AWESOME!!!

Thanks a lot, that GDI thing was the culprit - and I fixed it!

I opened the project- Nuendo used about 8.000 GDI objects.. now insert Halion... dang... 10.000! And those GUI issues...
I modified in the registry - to somewhat about 20.000 - wow - now it works!!

I had similar issues in the past from time to time - having those GUI issues in bigger sessions.. till I closed plugins and re-opened the mixer etc.. maybe this was caused by the GDI thing as well.

I NEVER heard about that before.. Sorry for blaming Steinberg for that. But for days I was struggeling with stuff which slowed down my workflow and killed my vibe and creativity.. It was just too much issues.
by Brandy
Fri Aug 15, 2014 8:57 pm
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Re: Pro Tools vs Nuendo

I prefer Nuendo in the majority of ways.

To me, the things I miss most from PT are:

> The way you can see much more info *at once* as far as what's on each channel, in the PROJECT window (this saves huge amounts of time).

> The floating fader feature, per channel (a highly useful tool).

> Import session data (looks like this is coming to Nuendo...this is HUGE!)

> To me the PT mixer looks cleaner and more professional, but that's just personal opinion.

That's exactly what I am talking about. I can not work in PT, it is just "not mine". But these 4 features (since we have beat detective style editing only these 4) I miss very hard! Nuendo would be perfect with features like these.

The comment regarding Chevrolets and German cars does not make any sence to me - nobody wants Nuendo to be like PT, but it would be AWESOME if Nuendo could have some features which are actually better in PT. Sorry to say that. This is not a Nuendo critique - it is meant as a suggestion.

It just struck me (not really) how much info you can get from those two windows in PT. Both in the mixer and the project window, without hovering over and/or clicking, you can get a great amount of info just by swiping your eyes across the screen/screens.

I can see what Brandy wants, especially when stretching the project page across 3 screens. Then the info provided (horizontally) for each track seems to show about 80% of the regular mixer channels, if not more.

PS. For every move Steinberg does, the Pro Tools mixer looks more and more appealing ;)

and yes - that is exactly what I meant. I am used now to the new Nuendo Mixer and GUI wise I am fine but still too much clicky clicky - and when I look at that PT project page I would be able to stay 80% of the time in the project window - usually during mixing it is (for me, here) not like in old days - sitting on a mixing desk.. ballancing the whole thing..

80% of the time I spend with adjusting elements... lets have that short leadguitar/speach/instrument in the second prechorus... you just did some editing to the event in the project - maybe a fade out.. then you want to adjust something.. a plugin, a send... you can switch to the mixer, re-locating that track... or you can use the track inspector (click click click) - but then you have ONLY that track - no way to check/adjust some other elements in that part as well, while just beeing in the "right mood"
by Brandy
Tue Sep 02, 2014 10:12 pm
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Re: VCA faders in Nuendo

maybe this is OT now - but I am mixing a 250 track project in C8 at the moment, since 2 days, so far absolutely no issues - ok, some very small ones though... but no crashes yet... I have not used VCA faders yet - I do not need them this much... but windows layout managing is awesome as well as I like working with it, project window GUI is now more "fitting" with the mixer etc.. I like it.

I am missing Cycle Marker export so hard as well as I will never understand the idea behind these color-"inverted" events when you select them.. this makes editing so hard and confuzing.

I can not wait going back to Nuendo ASAP!
by Brandy
Wed Dec 17, 2014 1:57 am
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