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Re: Chord Track

use a virtual midi cable like LoopBe Will that still work on Windows 7/8 x64? The last one I tried (which I think was on Vista x64 at the time) was MIDI Yoke, which hasn't been updated since 2007, and I think it caused instability at the time.

MIDI Yoke works under win7 x64 (8??) when using 32bit version of Cubase, but not 64 bit. However LoopBe1 works fine with 64.
by raino
Tue Dec 24, 2013 8:18 pm
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Re: Steinberg hub coming to Nuendo...

If this will be like in C7.5, to remove projects from the recent list you have to use the hub.
Remove from the recent projects list cannot be done from the File menu.

Are everybody having their main DAW's online these days?

Not in my studio.
So I need to use an offline hub solution to use the new "Remove from Recent Projects list" feature. At least it is so in C7.5.

This is wasted time and energy to implement when resources could and should be used at more important tasks. I don't get it :?
by iBM
Wed Jun 18, 2014 10:30 pm
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Re: Quick Question regard Wavelab and Wavelab Elements

You might however want to try the following: copy the WaveLab 6 folder from your old computer to the laptop, download and install the latest update for the eLicenser, plug in your dongle and try running the WaveLab 6 exe! Completely unsupported, but it just might work ....
There's no need for that anymore (at least not for Windows 7), since there's a full WL6.1.1 version available for download from Steinberg. See WaveLab 6.1.1 Update here - might work on Windows 8 too. It's a full installer, so only a license on your dongle needed.
by Arjan P
Tue Aug 05, 2014 1:50 pm
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Re: EBU R 128 -- many interpretations of the "truth"

Wavelab is using v1.

And well, I created v2 - which currently is not widespread enough yet.

To specify, I basically wrote down the concept, that builds upon the specs of ITU-R BS.1770-x, in an understandable manner. I expanded on Mr Katz ideas and comments I got through mails, which gave me the inspiration of a logical evolution for music uses - he is still the sole creator of the K-System.

Funny enough, my "ideas" (loudness limits) were also picked up in AES discussions (I got wind of that from befriended engineers). Much like my ideas for the old "Dynamic Range Meter" (especially the "score sheet") secretly sneaked into the official specs after having heavy contact with the developers. My ideas/logical thinking did even coincide with ideas from Apple and co with their planned/taken over "Replay Gain/Loudness Normalisation Schemes". I only got to know this after I contacted the original EBU R-128 creators.

I even forwarded this concept to Steinberg at the time the R-128 metering plugin was still around. But I never got an answer, and there is also no presets existing in WL. Absolutely no problem on that end.

The only VST Plugin that actually took over the settings/concept in preset form is ToneBoosters EBU Loudness (Jeroen Breebaart). Eelco Grimm (Grimm Audio), Thomas Lund (tc.electronic), Tim Flohrer (zplane), Jon Schorah (Nugen Audio) and Dave Gamble (DMG Audio) know and read the white paper I wrote, even positively commented on the concept. Yet didn't port "presets" since pretty much all of their tools can be setup independent. Ralph Kessler (Pinguin Ing.) and Bob Katz also know about this. Mister Katz even gave me a "silent agreement", but both said that they don't have time to read the papers. Though from a summary I gave them, they were like "interesting and logical thinking".

BTW: I pretty much mentioned almost all of the "Music Loudness Alliance" staff in this paragraph, and also almost all of the original creators of the EBU R-128 spec!

The possibilities were already there with the ITU-R BS.1770.x specs... and it is a logical evolution of the LEQ, DR and K-System meters - pretty much also eliminates it's major flaws. Just a "manual"/guide for musicians was missing.

Though granted, I still have to update this paper at some point since the original document still says "focus on MLk for music", but in KVR Audio discussions, we debated and agreed on the issue to rather focus on SLk for music. Which did result in a better usability for loudness normalization.


v2 can be easily setup in Wavelab's R-128 meter window (custom settings), though sometimes (really sporadic) I have an up to 1-2dB offset compared to other EBU R-128 meters I use. I filed this as bug report weeks ago already.

Summed up, v2 of the K-System is the following:
- ITU-R BS.1770-x specs are used (corrently we're on 1770/3)
- custom reference levels (-20LUFS, -16LUFS, -14LUFS and -12LUFS - the last one for a "transition period", K-20 is a compromise for those that don't want to go to -16LUFS, which is somewhat stabbing at -18dBFS/0VU unweighted)
- custom color coding (-inf to -3LU = dark green, -3LU to 0LU = light green/hotspot/mezzoforte passages, 0LU to +3LU = amber zone/forte fortissimo passages only, +3LU and up = red zone, don't go there)

For very dynamic musical content (orchestra), I even concepted a K-16v2 "Dynamic" preset, which uses:
Reference level - 16LUFS
color codes: -inf to -7LU/-23LUFS = dark green, -7LU to 0LU = light green/hotspot, 0LU to +3LU = amber zone/forte fortissimo passages, +3LU and up = red zone

This preset is basically for a "transition" from movie to music or (as mentioned), or simply orchestra material. The "light green area" is for the average signal ideally hovering around the -2LU to 0LU value.

So... yeah.
Should be simple to understand once you see it in action/have used it a couple of times

Cross-Link to KVR Audio:
EBU R-128 meets K-System v2, a possible future for the loudness debate (the late pages are interesting the most)
my KVR Marks with even more thinking/comments about metering tools
by StudioCompyfox
Thu Aug 14, 2014 11:14 pm
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Re: Is anybody here from the good old days? (yrs2000-2005)

I've been here a long time, although not nearly as active as many others. Probably late 90's onward, since I got my first Cubase in '98 or '99. I agree, there were an enormous number of interesting and crazy posts, as well as some fabulous music. I remember Hippo (guy was enormously knowledgeable), Paul Woodlock (another very knowledgeable guy, although I guess he had a few run-ins), Nerg (wonderful drummer with a lot of good music posts), Uncle Grusom was very active then (still is here now and then; some of the best musical posts of all time), Lenny Lee (here rarely now, but one of the best musicians we had), Jet (left us not so long ago to tend to his wife - many incredible albums posted here), Neil (the guy with the finger injury - lots of good playing, advice all the time that helped me, reincarnated multiple times, may still be here using some name I don't recognize, but thanks Neil), Maury is here forever (but I can't remember hearing any of his stuff), Steve (Plectrumboy - I can remember only one music post which revealed that he could play up a storm), HowlingUlf, Sherz, Jeff Hayat, Fooloman, ZapAxe (what happened?), Prism, Twilightsong, Woodcrest, JL, Kenny, anyway, lots of influences, plus invaluable advice, and I know I don't remember everyone. Oh Phil D. He was always the first guy to comment on a new piece, and he was here for a while on the new forum, but disappeared. And John Reid was extremely helpful in the beginning.

Does anybody remember Ghost? Lots of entertainment there.

I don't mean to mention everyone who ever helped me. So many people. Another guy I want to know what happened to... BlueBob. Many more contributors I could mention.
by Early21
Thu Sep 18, 2014 12:38 am
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Re: Cubase pan law at 0db. Direct monitoring RME mixer at +

Do you have "RMS +3dB" active in TotalMix FX Preferences, under "Level Meters"?

I have tried it both ways... with and without that box checked. It makes no difference.


This "note" is on Page 214 of the Pro 8 Manual....

"If you are using RME Audio Hammerfall DSP audio hardware, make sure that the pan law is set to -3 dB in the card’s preferences."

Might be same for your interface?
Hope it helps.
by fretthefret
Sun Dec 07, 2014 5:21 am
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Re: Benefits of changing from Win 7 to Win 8.1 and Cubase Pr

All my gear is working (including a Midex 8 with Steinberg's Unsupported driver)
Yay! :D Just to confirm, is this on Win 8.1 x64, even though your sig still says Win 7 x64?

Yes! Sorry, I haven't updated my sig. I shall do that now!

Midex 8 works on Win 8.1 (64bit) and with Cubase Pro 8 (64 bit) using Steinberg's unsupported driver! I'm more than happy about this!

by jono not bono
Sun Jan 11, 2015 6:06 pm
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Re: midex and w8 64bit ?

For the sake of completion,

I got it working smoothly by using the Korg USB driver package (such as the one available for Kronos) to clean out all of my MIDI driver entries (select the advanced option and allow the driver uninstaller to uninstall all hardware) and reinstalled, and it worked first time with the unsupported driver.
by Puppeteer
Wed Feb 25, 2015 4:26 am
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