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Re: Lost USB licenser

but.. where is suport for resolve this problem? it seems that steinberg redirect for distribuitors.. a serious problem that is easy to happen.. usb key e-licence may not be the best solution,

Support already contacted the user, so I don't get the point?

In case the user is not in the EU, then yes, MySteinberg re-directs to the Distributors (i.e. Steinberg Support USA, Yamaha Support AU, etc.). Requests within the EU sent via MySteinberg reach the Support Team in Germany.

Should not be that easy to lose it, as one should carefully look after the dongle. But can happen, yes.
by Fabio Bartolini
Thu Oct 24, 2013 3:25 pm
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Re: Lost USB licenser

HighProductions wrote:I have stupidly misplaced the USB e-licenser for my version of Cubase 7.

My question is, do I have to buy a complete new package of cubase to get a new licenser, or is there a way to order a replacement/a program where I do not have to have the e-licenser that I could use?


PM sent.
by Fabio Bartolini
Mon Oct 21, 2013 3:02 pm
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Re: How do i access the vst instruments from the new mixer?

C'mon guys. Drop it.

This is going nowhere.

Let's make music. :) :) :) :)
by curteye
Sat Nov 16, 2013 1:50 am
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Three thingies that could help... (Windows only, sorry...)

Hope that it will help some of you as much as they do, here... Three VBScript that do the following :

1) CubaseKC103 : a key commands viewer for your setup that display them all in a Notepad window. I managed to make them all appear more or less in one window, using Notepad, mainly because it uses almost no resources, with less than 2 Mb used.

2) CubaseRC124 : a generic remote settings and Quick controls viewer. This one works only for Quick controls settings and Generic Remote definitions that are actually saved in an XML file, using the 'Export' button of the 'Device setup' window.

3) CubasePS104 : a preferences saving tool that saves all your preferences and, after this, launch Cubase. This could help in case of a crash (yes, it happens...), as the saved preferences from the previous session could then be retrieved and pasted in their relevent location again.

Actually, all these are updates of the following threads or posts that I did a while ago :

which are no longer relevent : I changed several things, since...

See the ReadMe.txt file of each of them for the usage and eventual limitations. All these are based on a CubaseprefsPath.ini file which points to the preferences path of the Cubase version that is involved. The main purpose of this is to be able to display settings or save preferences of each and every Cubase versions that you might have installed on your system.

Feel free to report back any issue, using them...
by cubic13
Thu Nov 21, 2013 3:36 pm
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You are not authorised to read this forum.
by sonicassault
Thu Nov 28, 2013 8:25 pm
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Re: Cubase Update 7.5

Where, s the thumbs down button
by JMCecil
Fri Nov 29, 2013 11:19 pm
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Re: So 7.5 is here (almost)

It’s the same thing every time an update is announced…

Compiled *witch* List

1. It should be free… free.. free.. free… I want it to be free… Everything should be free… free… free… Everything except me because, well, because…
2. I hate these new features…. hate… hate… hate… hate these new features… I’ll never use them and they suck anyway event though I’ve never used them and don’t know a thing about them…
3. I want the old mixer back… Give me the old mixer… Give me the old mixer… I hate the new mixer… hate… hate… hate…
4. There should be 500 different versions of Cubase… No, 1000 versions, no 100,000 versions. One made specially for me… me… me… me…
5. Cubase sucks and I hate so I’m switching to Reaper/Pro Tools/Logic/Garage Band/MS Word… Until next week when I download the update because I hate Reaper/Pro Tools/Logic/Garage Band/MS Word…
6. All software except Cubase is perfect… perfect… perfect… perfect… It all works exactly perfectly… It even works when I’m not using it… And its free free free… And I have my own version of it that they gave me for free… And did I mention its perfect?

Steinberg does a damn fine job of building ridiculously complex software which sells at a ridiculously low price.
by cpechet1
Sat Nov 30, 2013 7:33 pm
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Re: So 7.5 is here (almost)

Fabio, this looks like hide the hands.... if Cubase 6.5 does not have these problems with all 3rd parts plugs, why Cubase 7 have it? I don't speak about the mixer horrible concept they gave us.... unusable, unreadable.
So we have to test all these plugs for Steinberg?

Nope, sorry. It is the 3rd party developers that need to test their software with Cubase, not the other way around.

We also do not have licenses or know all of the stuff out there. I'm gladly testing the ones I privately own licenses for and download demos of the problematic ones when I receive a report. But it is the plug-in which needs to be tested in Cubase, not the other way around. A host cannot be built around plug-ins.
by Fabio Bartolini
Sat Nov 30, 2013 9:27 pm
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thx .. i did post my problems and again the answers i get are : it's a bug.
i can do nothing more then waiting for an update .. wich is called 7.5 for 49$

If you missed it, we will release a 7.0.7 in January.

I do not find an issue report from you....maybe overseen. PM me or Fabio

As my colleague Fabio Bartolini has written to you, watch you speech, explain exactly what is going wrong, step by step so we can reproduce it. Otherwise these topics will be deleted.

Thank you for your understanding.

Thread is closed and answered.


by Marcus
Tue Dec 03, 2013 7:17 pm
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Re: 7.5 at Last!

This is a joke. I can't even get to the product page. Nice job on the release, as usual. All the hype for this nonsense. SB couldn't close an umbrella with a full set of instructions. How many times does there have to be server issues on a release before they correct the situation? Laughing-stock are the only words I have. :roll:

Gna gna gna
by f.e
Wed Dec 04, 2013 4:16 pm
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Re: Cubase 7.5 Outrageous!!!

SCANDOLOUS!!!! ... oh wait that's a different thread ..
by JMCecil
Wed Dec 04, 2013 9:24 pm
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Re: CMC series & Cubase 7.5

yes the update for Cubase 7.5 and the CMC controller there are no problems.
Running fine with me.

by Ryan Finley
Fri Dec 06, 2013 8:05 am
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(UPDATED): Cubase / Cubase Artist 7.0.7 maint. update coming

Dear Cubase 7 users,

As we have done in the past, we will release a final free maintenance update to the previous major version of Cubase and Cubase Artist. Therefore I'm happy to announce the 7.0.7 maintenance update for Cubase 7 / Cubase Artist 7, which will be released on February 4, 2014.

This update will see many of the issues resolved which were addressed during the Cubase 7.5 development cycle:

• When opening a file selector dialog the mouse wheel always works as expected.
• Switching the ASIO driver no longer leads to unexpected behavior.
• (OS X 10.9): All non-modal windows are displayed correctly.

• Projects created in Cubase 7.5.x that use the new TrackVersions feature are fully compatible with 7.0.7..
• When opening a project, locked tempo / signature tracks are now restored correctly.
• When using the Browse button in the Add Audio Track window, the Result (Previewer) part of the window is always displayed.

• The layout of MixConsole no longer misaligns when switching from a multi-display setup to a system with only one display.
• Setting the zone visibility of the input/output channels now works as expected.
• Hiding the EQ section in the Channel Settings window now works as expected.
• Using Control+Shift+arrows in MixConsole for changing levels now works as expected.
• The context menu on the channel strip module knobs and in the fader area of MixConsole now works as expected.
• Loading a second project with MixConsole opened in full-screen mode no longer renders the application unreliable.
• When using knob mode for the EQ section in the Channel Settings windows, the phase rerverse button is always visible.
• Loading an FX chain preset no longer renders the application unreliable.
• Changing channels with the cursor keys in the hardware rack of MixConsole no longer leads to an unresponsive state of the application.

• The gain reduction meters of the Maximizer works as expected.
• Copying a REVerence instance to another channel or copying a channel which contains a REVerence instance no longer leads to performance issues.
• (OS X 10.9): Using VST Connect no longer leads to an unsreponsive state of the application.
• Using REVerence (or Roomworks) and bypassing it, then moving to a section in the project without audio and disabling bypass for REVerence no longer leads to unwanted playback of a buffered reverb tail.

• Emptying trash in the Audio Pool now works without issues.

• Playing back a MIDI track containing lyrics events to an external MIDI device no longer leads to an unresponsive state of the application.
• Dragging an event up/down with the mouse in the Key Editor always leads to accurate audio preview.
• Resizing the controller lane in the Key Editor now works as expected.
• Import a MIDI file with the preference set to "Destination: Instrument Tracks" no longer leads to an unresponsive state of the application.

• Using the bottom scroll bar to navigate horizontally in the Score Editor no longer leads to an unresponsive state of the application.
• Printing to PDF from Score Editor and replacing an existing PDF file no longer lead to an unresponsive state of the application.
• Printing from the Score Editor in Cubase Artist / Elements / AI and LE now works as expected.
• Toggling between the vertical and the horizontal position of a symbol palette in the Score Editor no longer leads to an unresponsive state of the application.
• Activating "Animate Note Cursor" in the Score Editor preferences no longer leads to an invisible note tool without preview capability.

• When using an MR816 the hardware rack is always available from the drop down list.
• Changing the Digital I/O mode setting of MR 816 in the Control Panel or Audio Hardware Setup no longer renders the application unreliable.

Thanks for choosing Cubase!

Helge Vogt - Team Leader Product Marketing Group
Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH
Hamburg, Germany
by Helge Vogt
Mon Dec 09, 2013 5:15 pm
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Re: CMC series & Cubase 7.5

Makumbaria wrote:Hi,

Anyone here is using CMC series in Cubase 7.5 without issues? I think I am gonna buy the upgrade next week, but is good to know if everything is running fine for everyone!


No issues, work perfectly fine! ;)

Best Regards
by Freddie H
Sat Jan 04, 2014 1:53 pm
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Re: CMC series & Cubase 7.5

All good here too...
by cpechet1
Mon Jan 06, 2014 10:43 pm
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Cubase / Cubase Artist 7.5.10 maint. update in the works

Dear Cubase / Cubase Artist 7.5 users,

The 7.5.10 maintenance update for Cubase 7.5 / Cubase Artist 7.5 will be available from February 6, 2014 on as a free download and includes the following improvements:

• The loading time of huge projects is no longer unexpectedly high.
• Switching between projects with different sample rates now works as expected.
• Closing the record mode pop-up of the Transport Panel now behaves as expected.

• Emptying the trash on the Audio Pool no longer leads to an unresponsive state of the application.
• Inserting hitpoints now works as expected.

• Audio return channels of instrument tracks are now always displayed correctly.
• Clicking on a MIDI region of an instrument track in an inactive project while holding the SHIFT key no longer leads to an unresponsive state of the application.
• Reselecting a drum map in setup window no longer renders the application unreliable.

• Scrolling in the Score Editor now works as expected.

• Switching between channel strip presets with different EQ positions no longer affects the bypass EQ state.
• Switching from a multi-display to a single monitor setup no longer changes the MixConsole window configuration.
• When using a Steinberg UR series interface and displaying the hardware rack in MixConsole, scrolling and zooming now works as expected.

• The complete plug-in set is now working as expected in Cubase Artist 7.5.

• All functions of a Mackie Control Universal involving the SHIFT button now work as expected.
• Using the configurations 1-8 on a Mackie Control Universal now work as expected.
• When switching tracks during recording, the Quick Controls now behave as expected when using a Mackie Control Universal.

Thanks for choosing Cubase!

Helge Vogt
Team Leader Product Marketing Group
Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH
by Helge Vogt
Wed Jan 29, 2014 4:26 pm
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Why plugin opens faster if you press CTRL?

Why plugin window opens faster if you press CTRL?
I want to open with the same speed with a simple mouse click!
by soundstudio
Sun Feb 09, 2014 10:12 pm
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SOLVED: C7.5 Start-up Error

Just done an install of C7.5 on new Win 8.1 PC.

Attempting to start Cubase fails with an error at "Initialising Video Player":-

Error: LoadLibrary failed with error 87: The parameter is incorrect

Anyone know how to fix this?




Seems that the AMD Catalyst Drivers for Windows 8 are missing a registry entry.

When Cubase requests OpenGL access it loads an AMD dynamic link library. This then uses the registry to load the OpenGL component as specified by OpenGLVendorName (64-bit) or OpenGLVendorNameWow (32-bit). Although the code is actually there the registry entry for 64-bit machines is absent.

How to Fix:

Use Notepad to copy and paste the following registry entry into a file and save it with a .reg extension.

Double click the file to "run" it.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


Seems to have solved the issue here. My next challenge is to get a legacy Firewire driver for Win 8.1 to resolve the audio pops and clicks (thanks Microsoft!).
by Jenks
Sun Feb 16, 2014 3:44 pm
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Re: How to get a update to HALion5 or HaLion5 dvd?

Dear Dutch555,

I have sent you the download links for the Halion 5.

For all other users: If you need any installation files, please contact the support by email:



by Jan Neddermann
Tue Feb 18, 2014 11:43 am
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Mixer idea

I had an idea last night after working on a tune with about two dozen tracks. Yes....another "what if?" idea. It's fairly painless.
Click Me
by Weasel
Sun Dec 22, 2013 3:36 am
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Soundtoys free plugin Little Primal Tap (non ilok)

The yearly Soundtoys free plugin thread. If you haven't tried them you will want to.

No ilok required which is great news.

Sharing code 329 8346 887

Of course its their usual competition.

Got to be in it to win it.

by MFX
Sat Mar 15, 2014 12:42 am
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Cubase / Cubase Artist 7.5.20 maintenance update available

Dear Cubase and Cubase Artist 7.5 users,

We are happy to announce the availability of the 7.5.20 maintenance updates for Cubase 7.5 and Cubase Artist 7.5. Both updates are a free download and fully supported (please see the bottom of this post for links).

• TrackVersions: Delete Inactive TrackVersions
• Control Room Improvements
• Channel/track visibility: Key command for “Update configurations”
• Steinberg Hub: Remove recent projects from list
• Project window toolbar: Additional buttons
• New Preference: Record-Enable allows MIDI Thru
• New Preference: Colorize folder track controls only

Issues resolved
• An issue that interferes with the "Save" and "Close" behavior has been resolved.
• Toggling between projects with a MIDI track located before an instrument track in the track list now works as expected.
• Rack instruments behave now as expected when working with several projects at the same time.
• Searching for hidden tracks using "Find tracks" now makes hidden instrument tracks visible.
• Unmuting a folder track now unmutes all tracks inside the folder as expected.
• The agent "Hide muted tracks" works now on muted instrument tracks.
• The behavior of side scrolling with a Logitech mousewheel has been corrected.
• "Import track archive" works now as expected.
• The preset name of the Track Control Settings is now visible.
• The navigation of the In-place Editor works now as expected.
• "Punch in" works now as expected in Re-Record mode.
• A problem involving the pre-/postroll time display in Japanese language has been resolved.
• Gluing two MIDI parts no longer leads to unwanted transposition of certain notes.
• Resizing parts in locked tracks is no longer possible.
• A visual problem with frozen tracks has been resolved.
• "Select Tracks with Same Version ID" no longer shows automation lanes of instrument tracks.
• Locked tempo/signature tracks remain locked after re-opening a project.
• The ¢ symbol of the time signature palette of the Score Editor creates now a 2/2 time signature.

• Automatic hitpoint detection now works reliable.
• Audiowarping in the Sample Editor now works as expected.
• A problem with the visibility of the grid in Audiowarp has been resolved.
• A rare problem in VariAudio that rendered the application unreliable has been resolved.
• When ASIO-Guard is enabled dropouts no longer occur.
• The "Replace by" offline processing function works now as expected.
• Exporting a stereo mixdown to a new project now inserts a stereo audio file on a stereo track.
• Closing the window after exporting MP3, FLAC, Ogg Vorbis no longer renders the application unreliable.
• Exporting a 5.1 surround audio mixdown with the option "Wave split file" no longer renders the application unreliable.
• A visibility problem of the "Resolve Missing Files" window has been corrected.

Instrument tracks
• The agent "Hide muted tracks" now works on muted instrument tracks.
• The name of the main output of an instrument is now shown correctly on audio returns.
• Unmuting folder tracks involving instrument tracks work now as expected.
• Muting instrument tracks and MIDI sub-tracks now works as expected.
• The "Mute" key command now works for instrument tracks in the Project window as expected.
• The preference "Select Track on Background Click" now works properly for audio return tracks.
• Copy-pasting MIDI data now works for instrument tracks on the Project page.
• Selecting all inputs in the VST Instrument Rack now selects the correct instrument track.

• Print out now works as expected in Cubase Artist.
• Activating the function "Animate Note Cursor" now works as expected.
• Key commands for all symbol palettes are now available.
• A problem with redundant and missing key commands has been resolved.
• Zooming behavior of the zoom tool now works as expected.
• Filter checkboxes now update as expected when key commands are used.
• The box symbol in the replace mode is printed as expected.
• Chord Assistant: The state of the cadence mode is now recalled correctly.
• Clicking on the EQ bypass button while holding the Option/Alt keys now works as expected.
• Load/save EQ presets are available again in the Channel Settings window.
• The solo defeat function of instrument tracks now works as expected.
• A problem with the visibility syncing between MixConsole and Project window regarding instrument audio returns has been corrected.
• The function "Deactivate all mute states" now works as expected after selecting "Mute input" on virtual instruments.
• It is now possible to switch the visibility of collapsed folders that contain other folders inside the MixConsole.
• A rare graphical glitch on the horizontal scroll bar of the MixConsole has been corrected.
• Inputs and outputs can now be assigned using QuickLink on MIDI channels.
• A problem involving the visibility of the horizontal scroll bar in the MixConsole has been resolved.
• The preference "Select channels/track on solo" now works as expected when enabling the solo input of VST instruments.
• The solo button now works on external instruments as expected.

• The function "Activate/deactivate write (read) for all tracks" now affects the Quick Controls, too.
• Read mode is now enabled when pressing the write button.
• The command "Show used automation on a selected track" no longer opens the automation of the selected track’s group channel.
• "Delete automation of selected tracks" and "Delete all automation in project" are now available for audio returns of instrument tracks.

• The loading time of projects using HALion 5 has been improved.
• The Phaser plug-in works now as expected.
• An issue in VST Connect SE that may render the application unreliable under OS X 10.9 has been resolved.
• Saving the project under OS X while VST Connect SE is connected to VST Connect Performer now works properly.
* Please note that this list applies to Cubase 7.5 and not every entry may apply to Cubase Artist 7.5.


A detailed version history and the 7.5.20 Updaters are available here:

Cubase 7.5 downloads
Cubase Artist 7.5 downloads

Thanks for choosing Cubase!

Helge Vogt - Team Leader Product Marketing Group
Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH
Hamburg, Germany
by Helge Vogt
Thu Mar 13, 2014 8:24 am
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Re: How do I color channels like this:

Best hidden feature ever ;) (prefs>Event Display>Tracks)
by SteveInChicago
Thu Mar 20, 2014 5:26 pm
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Iro: Track Color Pack for Cubase

Hi everyone.

This is a neat little color pack I made for Cubase 7.5. For me, the default colors were not enough as I tend to have a lot of tracks, often with the same instruments, but with variations. It takes a considerable long time to make a set of new colors so I thought I would share it with you guys so you don't need to do this yourself. Am I not grateful? :D

The pack consists of 8 different main colors with 8 additional shades of each color. 64 colors in total!
Once you install the colors I suggest you do not tamper too much with the intensity/brightness as this can cause some of the colors to look alike. Yes, I did this myself and had to redo everything.

Please see the link to my blog for installation:

I do not have the privilege to test this on a mac or different versions of Cubase. If you are able to successfully apply these colors on another system please share how you did it.

Hope you enjoy it!

by seyoum
Thu Apr 24, 2014 11:23 pm
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Re: where is Steinberg?

ggc wrote:where is Steinberg?

by Jeff Hayat
Mon Apr 28, 2014 12:48 am
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Re: Brand New Steinberg Hardware

No...... but the Freeze function is pretty "cool" and it comes with "make instant hit" liquid.
by DaveAbbott
Sun May 25, 2014 5:44 pm
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Tip : Solo switching tracks magic

Discovered this a few minutes ago and love it.

1 - Select several tracks
2 - Solo one or more of the selected tracks
3 - Hit S on your keyboard, solo will be switched with the previously muted tracks.

Bloody handy.
by f.e
Wed May 28, 2014 10:26 am
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Eventide Ultrachannel Plugin FREE!

I'm surprised no one else seems to have posted on this yet but.............

You'll need an activation code.... got this off gearslutz...... 06EF9112

There do seem to be different codes about but it's not a competition like the SoundToys promo a while back.

by matjones
Tue Jun 10, 2014 8:34 am
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Re: Matching MIDI to audio

Create a tempo track from the audio by using either:
-The timewarp tool
-Merge tempo from tapping
-The C6 tempo recognition tool

Thank you for your reply.

Of these three what have you found to be the best system? From reading the manual I would guess the C6 tempo recognition tool would be best with just drum tracks.

The tempo tapping tool sounds like a lot of editing for four-minute song.

That leaves time-warp.
So you would set up an approximate MIDI tempo, import it, then apply the time-warp to the MIDI track, leaving the Audio in ... [I get them mixed up sorry 'linear' or 'musical' mode] and align the MIdi visually say on beat one of each bar, then go back over and tidy up the synchronisation for beats two-three four etc or other accents> Does that sound like the right work-flow? Do you normally work this way?
:geek: :?:

I'm interested to hear a way to do this right that isn't a lot of work for a 4 minute song!

For extensive discussion on how to do this, you may want to google search this forum for posts by vic_france and crotchety, throw the words "free-tempo" or similar in there to narrow down the results.

FWIW, I always do what you do - free tempo a keyboard recording, then apply MIDI parts to it. The way I do it is to :

1) Create a tempo map that accurately follows the audio. I do use "Merge Tempo From Tapping" because the automatic tempo detection doesn't work that well for my piano audio, but as you pointed there are other methods. I then tidy up the tempo map with the Time Warp tool so it exactly follows the audio.

2) I then get the audio to play at a fixed tempo, temporarily so I can overdub MIDI. To do this, I apply the "Set Definition From Tempo" tool ( after making the exact tempo map, above!), then deactivate the tempo track and put it at a fixed value, 90 or 93 beats per minute, etc. (i.e., at the tempo that the audio would be at without the nice free-flowing tempo variations). When the song is played back now, the audio plays at a fixed tempo.

3) Now that the audio plays back at a fixed tempo, it is easy-peasy to overdub MIDI parts.

4) Once I'm happy with the MIDI overdubs, I reactivate the tempo track, the audio will go back to its free-flowing tempo, and the MIDI will of course follow it.

Of course, if you don't want tempo variations in the audio, you can stop at step 2 - the audio plays back as if it were recorded to a metronome.

Hope this is helpful!
by alexis
Fri Jul 13, 2012 3:01 pm
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Re: How can I just record some piano midi and let Cubase fol

(Ah I've just seen that Thinkingcap has written, in two lines, what I have just used an entire paragraph for :P )..

Is this the full version of Cubase? (I'm not sure if the following is available in Cubase Artist/Elements)..
1) Once you have recorded your MIDI Piano Part, set the MIDI/Instrument Track from Musical Timebase to Linear Timebase (in the MIDI/Instrument track's Inspector, click on the "quarter-note" icon to change it into a "clock" icon).
(This has the result that Cubase's Tempo Track can now be modified without changing what you actually hear )
2) If you had the Tempo in the Transport Bar set to "Fixed", change it to "Track".
3) If necessary, drag your MIDI Part, such that the first downbeat corresponds with the appropriate downbeat in Cubase's Grid (in the simplest case, that would be, align the first played note with the start of a bar.. it is in fact a good idea, generally, to let Cubase have a couple of bars "breathing space" before the music starts anyways ;) )

There are now two methods available in Cubase (like Thinkingcap said ;) ) ..
(the first is maybe simpler, but the 2nd is probably more thorough, especially if the music isn't particularly rhythmic, with obvious downbeats).

Method #1..
Open the Piano track's MIDI Part in the Key Editor, select the Timewarp Tool, and working through from left to right, drag the bar lines, such that they correspond with the downbeats of your music (like I said, earlier, this will change Cubase's Grid to fit the music, without changing what is actually heard ).

Method #2..
4) Create a new MIDI track, routed to some percussive/metronome sound, put it into Record, and "tap" along to your recorded Piano track, playing, normally, quarter-notes, just as if you were "conducting" the music (it becomes quite easy to do this once you've gotten the hang of it, especially seeing as it was you who played the piano part in the first place. And, in any case, seeing as this "tapping" is just a regular MIDI track, you can edit it afterwards until you are satisfied that it fits your music nicely).
5) Put this "tapping" track into Linear Timebase also.
[EDIT] 5b) HughH has discovered a bug with the next two steps, if you have created your "tapping" from a combination of several tracks, or several Lanes on the same track..
If this is your case, then merge (glue) your tapping into a single track before proceeding! [/EDIT]
6) Select the MIDI Part that contains your "tapping", and set the Left and Right Locators to its boundaries.
7) Go to the MIDI Menu>Functions>"Merge Tempo from Tapping", and, in the dialog that opens, set "Tapping" to 1/4 (if that is what you had tapped ;) ), and checkmark the option "Begin at Bar Start".

That should be it ;) (You can now put your tracks back to Musical Timebase, if you wish, so you can now modify Cubase's tempo if desired, and the music will follow).

It's actually easier than it reads, especially after having done it a few times;). Good luck :).

Just to be completely exhaustive ( :oops: :) ) ..
Both those methods work with recorded Audio also, provided that you also, before doing any of the above, go into the Audio Pool, and switch off "Musical Mode" for each of the Audio clips.
by vic_france
Sat Dec 28, 2013 12:41 pm
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Re: How do you 'Thank' people in the forum?

It's the Thumbs-Up icon in the upper right of the posts.
by SteveInChicago
Wed Jul 23, 2014 3:08 pm
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Re: [Solved / Unconfused] Set Definition from Tempo Confusio

Here is the recipe, to clarify, so that it might help others:
To tempo adjust a, say, a 127 bpm (even when it drifts and varies slightly) audio file to a 125 bpm project:

1) Import the audio file / drag to an empty track.
2) Select it and choose Project -> Tempo Detection...
3) Change that first time signature marker that gets created from its default 1/4 to 4/4 (if appropriate).
4) Temporarily change every other track in the project from Musical time base to Linear time base.
5) Select the audio file track and choose Audio -> Advanced -> Set Definition from Tempo...
6) Deactivate that new Tempo Track and/or delete all the events on it and set it to the original (or desired) tempo.
7) Change all the tracks back to Musical time base (as appropriate).

The imported audio file should now lock to the tempo (as well as all the other tracks).

Keywords: tempo detection tempo match tempo matching tempo editing tempo map tempo mapping beat detection beat matching detect tempo tempo lock analyze tempo audio warp time warp timewarp audiowarp audio warping sync out of sync timing off time base timebase tempo-varying fixed beat beat locking
by Jalcide
Wed Aug 27, 2014 1:20 am
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Re: Best DAW poll

I'm not going to be a fanboy for Steinberg. Or any other company. Fanboyism is one of the stupidest things in our modern society. Corporations don't deserve to be worshiped.

Besides, popularity contests mean nothing. I'm pretty sure that millions of people would pick someone like Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift as the "best singer in the world." Does it mean these two are actually the world's best singers? Or maybe that an incredible number of people on this planet are unbelievably stupid?
by Indigo
Sun Sep 14, 2014 11:25 am
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I feel really bad because, I'm always thanking people for their help on this forum. But in return I'm of little to no help :(. Which whenever I make a new topic asking for help, I feel bad because I have no thanks, it's almost like bad karma in my opinion.

This isn't true in life for me because it's always the opposite, I'm always helping people all the time, without asking for anything in return and I never want anything in return. Afterall, you reap what you sew.

I don't really know everything about Cubase, because I've self taught myself everything I know without reading anything in the manual (I've read one small topic about Input Transformers, that's it) and you know what? I still don't understand Input Transformers because of reading the manual. I know how they work, just never worked out for me for what I was trying to do :) All I really use Cubase for is sequencing and arranging anyways, but still, wish I could help people out on here more, it really sucks seeing someone elses post and seeing them all frustrated, because I know exactly what that's like when they can't get help. It's really great to solve someone elses problems in Cubase so that they can continue expressing themselves as musicians and/or producers.

So in the future if you see my posts, I'm sorry I have no "Been Thanked", forgive me, I have tried :) it's the thought that counts.
by Hypergenesis
Sat Sep 27, 2014 10:10 pm
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Re: since update expression maps settings not working 'halfw


this is to inform you that the expression map issue is under examination and has highest priority.
As usual, a date cannot be named, but a fix will be provided as soon as possible.

In case someone needs to go back to 7.5.2, here are the direct download links:

7.5.2 Update from 7.5.0 | Mac OS X | Windows


by Georg Bruns
Mon Sep 29, 2014 11:30 am
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Re: since update expression maps settings not working 'halfw

In the VSL Forum FredB gave me the following solution that, for the moment, is working great. Just in case someone is interested:

"All you need to do is to open the expression map editor and add an empty sound slot at the very top of the list. So the default sound will trigger nothing".
by Samadhi
Thu Oct 02, 2014 6:51 pm
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Do not update your NVIDIA drivers to 344.75 driver.

Do not update your NVIDIA drivers to 344.75 driver. STAY AWAY!

Stay at NVIDIA 344.65!

You will get "MAC grey graphic" and headache in a hour working. Its over all a grey sheen noticeable by anyone that you can't fix no matter what you do.

I have really crystal clear 2x 30# Samsung monitors and ASUS NVIDIA 640GT 2GB RAM. Anyone that visit my studio are amazed of my setup. Normally its stunning graphic, looks beautiful crystal clear graphic and vivid colors. Now after installing the 344.75 driver update its like I need glasses and Mac dull colors?

I have checked and all the gaming people that has update are furious.
All kinds of other issues and errors. Some even experience "blue screens" crash- death after install!

I will go back to NVIDIA 344.65 driver now.

Best Regards
by Freddie H
Thu Nov 20, 2014 5:32 pm
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Re: The Grand 3 SE > The Grand 3?

Yep you can run both, the first thing i did after installation was to realise i had a project on the go with TG3se loaded and thought ooops! better check that out.... it opened just fine and both show up separately in your VSTi list.
by matjones
Sat Nov 29, 2014 6:37 pm
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Re: How to drag Tempo Track and Signature Track with MIDI pa

I am presuming, because you wish also to include the Tempo and Time Signature, that you wish in fact to move/copy all tracks in the project? If so, then I would recommend that, instead of trying to drag, I would use Global Copy/Paste. (set Left and Right Locators to the desired range, move the Play Cursor to the desired destination, then Edit menu>Range>Global Copy, then Paste. It is then up to you to delete the source events, if desired.)
If you really do prefer to do this by drag 'n' drop, then you'll have to do this in two separate moves (and will only work if you are not using the Divided Tracklist, or at least, that everything, including the Tempo and Time Signature tracks, are in the lower section) ..
Select everything, drag to the desired location (it will move/copy everything except the Time Signatures). Then , you can move the Time signatures (but, strangely enough, you still can't copy them by dragging :? .. you'd still have to use Copy/Paste anyways ;) )
by vic_france
Thu Aug 28, 2014 3:07 pm
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8.0.10 Important Heads-up

For those serious enough to read manuals it should interest you to know that the Operation Manual has been revised with the 8.0.10 update release!

Sections have been added.

There are a whopping 9 pages more in the new version, though admittedly some of this is due to poor editing (misplaced page breaks), there is some new material.

So don't forget to update your PDFs if you have them stored in other folders or on other devices (readers etc.).
I expect the files in the installation folders will be automatically replaced.
by BriHar
Thu Mar 12, 2015 1:57 pm
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Be careful when using "Remove Empty Tracks"

When using 'track version' on a track and select or create a version with no events, like a new one for example.
If you use 'Remove empty tracks' after, the tracks with empty versions selected will be deleted without prompt even if other versions contains events.
It makes me cry one time, and now I never use this function again.
Which is very handy with 'render in place' for me.

1- create a track
2- create 2 versions of this track : one with events, the other empty
3- select the empty one
4- select 'remove empty tracks'
5- track's gone

I post this in issue as I consider it is not a normal behavior and as I expected they apparently not consider this as an issue, so be careful.


win 7 64bit, cubase 8.0.5
by audio processing
Fri Mar 13, 2015 11:06 am
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