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Re: 7.5 crashes alot

You're right! Oh, please forgive me, how could I be so foolish?

Of course it's system-specific, and, yes, of course it's the fault of the 3rd party VSTs! Why, when everything was working fine in previous versions of Cubase, it was all just a fluke! We were collectively imagining it, even!

Thank you for your endless wisdom. My, I don't know where any of us would be without it.
by Plasuma
Mon Dec 23, 2013 9:58 pm
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Re: Real time CPU peaks/spikes with 1 VSTi?

Yes it looks like there is incompatibility between the Intel HD 4600 drivers and cubase.
Or an incompatibility between the newer Intel iGPU drivers and Play 4.1.x.
The next step would be to test another DAW, say, Reaper, to see if that results in ASIO spikes, too, when Play 4.1.5 is instanciated. I can't check that now, maybe later.
by Anando
Tue Jan 14, 2014 12:43 am
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Re: 64vs32 bits, struggling with plugins and bridges? READ T

No, 32 bit programs can only access 2 GB of memory, this is under a 32 bit system, some can with special setting (boot.ini) acces 3 GB. Theoratically the OS can adress 4 GB of memory but this also includes videomemory and hardware buffers, so you see many 32 bit systems wih 4GB installed only showing 3,5 till 3,2 GB available!

When using 32 bit software on a 64 bit os, the software should be able to acces 4 GB of ram, that's it! It's a limit of 32 bit addressing.
by mroekalea
Fri Jan 17, 2014 7:44 pm
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Re: EastWest PLAY 4 issue

OK - FYI - Here is a response posted on my new topic forum @ East West- This was posted by someone who has not seen this Steinberg forum

"Bump, same problem here. Win 8.1, Cubase 7, clicks/pops/spikes when moving my mouse. It's not only a Cubase thing, same happens in Ableton and Reaper."

Hmmmm Interesting....

Helen from EW is the Forum Moderator there. Hopefully, she is digging in to research this an get a Developer involved.

Onward Ho - Into the breach - Gaining Ground Everyone.... No Prisoners!!
by badlybusted
Thu Feb 27, 2014 1:44 pm
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Re: EastWest PLAY 4 issue


to further add to this strange fenomena i am going to post something stupid at first sight, but i tested it and it seems to affect the spiking...

since reading the last post here above and based on other posts we were allways looking towards the graphic drivers. i changed something just because above the post said... "when i move the mouse"...

so i changed the mouse settings of windows: config>mouse>pointers in to another scheme (i took the inverted scheme)... and guess... at first sight for now... bye bye spikes...

since i do not know if this is a lucky hit or temporarily hit or a faulty one... if anyone can check this and post his result on trying this out. for me this seems not logical but since the difference is notable on my system, why not give it a try... it is just changing the mouse scheme

my config: laptop, win 8.1, play 4 and halion sonic 2 started just to have something to play, motu ultralight mk3

kind regards
by roel
Sat Mar 01, 2014 11:30 pm
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Re: Cubase 7.5 / 8 - 'Unlimited' Inserts

yes, never understood the whole pre/post-fader thing.

i would like to see more inserts available, even doubling the inserts would open up for so much more creativity without bussing.

and a right click - make insert post fader for any plugin u WANTED post fader..
by Majic
Wed Dec 11, 2013 3:56 pm
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"All selected faders to -infinite dB" for the mixer

Such a function would be very handy, so gief plz.

Use case:

* Mix begins, time for the initial gain staging

I always start at -infinity and work myself up to about -10 dBFS hitting the FG Grey.
by TheNavigator
Wed May 07, 2014 4:14 pm
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Re: A plugin manager is really needed

--- Example 1: my VST instruments ---

vst instrument list.png

Problems here:

1. I would like to create my OWN folders, my structure would be like:

- My favorites (Kontakt, Geist, BFD2, Diva) without any folder around it
- Drums (Attack, Groove Agent One, Battery)
- Bread & Butter (M1, Halion Sonic)
- First class synthesizers (Largo, Modular V, Retrologue)
- Other synthesizers (Padshop, Massive, Absynth, FM8, etc...)
- Experimental (Reaktor, Mystic, Spector, etc...)
- Old skool (all the VST classics stuff, PPG Wave 2V)
- Tools (ReViSiT)

2. I would like to have some groups open all the time, with configuration or "save folder expansion status"

3. I want presets for VSTis with regards to the output channels - for example I ALWAYS want Kontakt to have 8 stereo output channels right from the beginning, so there should be a default configuration as well

4. Seriously, the folder structure you can see in the screenshot makes no sense at all... why THREE (!!!) groups for the same thing (Steinberg classic VSTis, which I like to play around with a lot)? What is the point here? To clutter up the list?

Also, why is "Halion Sonic SE" in Synths (it's not really a synth for me, I use it for bread and butter sounds) but not the Diva, which totally IS a synth?

5. Why is "Groove Agend ONE" actually called "Drum - Groove Agent ONE"? And not in a folder "Drums"? This is hard to read, clutters up more and makes no sense to me.

6. A folder called "VSTPlugins 64 bit" with only NI - stuff in it? Are you kidding me? Are you serious, Steinberg? You really think that your automatic folder structure system makes ANY sense at all?

Please, give me a break. And don't even BOTHER telling me that this makes ANY sense at all, this is just plain pointless what you created (the automatic folder system) there.

Its incredibly annoying to have to open a pointless folder called "VSTPlugins 64 bit" to get to one of my most important tools which would not belong there, while at the same time the "Groove Agent ONE" I almost never use is on top of the list.

And yes, I KNOW that I can sort VST2s myself, but... seriously? And this would not solve the "Synth folder problem" where Steinberg put all their cutting edge synthesizers, because they are VST3.

--- Example 2: Track inserts ---

This is where I REALLY get angry, this is just retarded, really. Even more so than the VSTi list. All the points stated there apply here as well, but have a look at this:

vst insert list.png

1. I DO NOT WANT (!!) reverb plugins visible all the time for normal channels, only on FX channels. On normal channels I only want them in a folder, for FX channels in the favorites (without any folder around it).

Is that so hard to grasp for a product management guy? Really?

Same applies for "mastering" or "subtle colouring" plugins which I usually only want in the master bus, and only seldomly anywhere else. So please, different sets of folders for different types of channels. Thank you.

2. beydynamic V5 and TB_Isone are only (!!!) for output channels. PLEASE!!

3. Why do I have to bother with mono plugins on a stereo channel?

4. Why do I have to bother with my favorite channel strip (SSL) in a folder called "Other"? Yes, I DO KNOW (!!!) that SSL did this, but why am I forced to accept the mistake they made and am I not allowed to correct it myself.

I would absolutely want this plugin, matching the mono or stereo configuration of course, on top of my plugin list all the time. I love it, I want it and I use it all the time.

So, yes, we need the ability to sort the folder entries as well in the plugin manager.

It is so retarded that I have to click like an idiot before I get there.

Product managers, you get a 5 (Austria), a 6 (Germany) or an F (USA) for this from me. Really. :-(

5. The usual Waves - Package - mess. So many plugins, so little use for many of them most of the time.

And so many pointless configurations most of the time. Mono plugins, stereo plugins, PLEASE!!
by TheNavigator
Wed May 29, 2013 8:29 am
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Re: Most important feature ever. Ver8

My thought on this... :idea:

1) Are aesthetics super wichtig...? (really important)
2) How many users actually care about the scoring facility?
3) How many users care about a detailed professional scoring facility?
4) Would more detailed scoring facilities be better handled in an external app/program, where issues and tech stuff can be dealt with separately from Cubase?

:idea: :ugeek:

Scoring is important for those who work with real musicians who need real notes as i do. I expect Cubase to have this possibility because i do not want to change the software (and spend additional money for it) just for generating my notes. More over, i was used to compose using a score editor, but since i changed from Logic (PC - Version!) to Cubase, i had to use its Key - Editor instead, because Cubase's Note - Editor is not very intuitive and handy to use. In my opinion, even the more than 10 years old Logic 4.7 - note editor is better to use than the current one in Cubase !

So i am really looking forward to the new scoring system and i hope strongly that it will be fully integrated into Cubase. I don't know how many users like me want and need a good scoring system, but i am quite sure that i am not the only one.
by MidiMike
Wed May 14, 2014 10:24 pm
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Re: Where do you guys stand on Sample Rate (Khz)

OFFLINE processing benefits from higher BIT RATES.
Online processing (mixdown/DAW playback) are operating in the 32-bit floating point realm, no matter the bit they were recorded at.
Some plugins don't upsample (mostly old bad ones), and may add in noticeable artefacts. Upsampled plugins are benefitial when doing OFFLINE processing, not so much in realtime processing.

And remember the plugin upsampling (4x 8x etc) is upsampling the BIT RATE (for better Dynamic Range/Signal to Noise ratio), not Sample Rate.

So next, Sample Rate has nothing to do with Dynamic Range what so ever (that's bits remember). Sample Rate is all about frequencies. Read up on Nyquists theory.

And remember: There are NO mechanics inside our auditory system that can convert frequencies above 20kHz into electric signals (to be sent to our brain via our nerves). Hence there are NOTHING to be interpreted by our brain, aka heard.

You just can't combat nature.
If you are hearing things, no matter what it is, it HAS to be within the human hearing range. Agree? Which is?
by iBM
Sun Jun 08, 2014 2:23 pm
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Change--> Mono Track to a Stereo Track on a fly!

Change--> Mono Track to a Stereo Track on a fly!

Just press on the "mono symbol-icon" on the track and it change from mono to stereo on a fly. (also work from Stereo to mono) That would be great especially working with audio tracks.

How many time have you needed to add a second new "Stereo Audio-track" to be able to run thru the "mono audio" thru a stereo plugin? ;)

Best Regards
by Freddie H
Mon Jun 16, 2014 9:43 am
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New piece - Incontinental Drive

This one should be ok to share at this point, I think. I have been working on this one over the past summer. Piece composed by me; guitar and bass are played by me; everything else is midi-programmed by me. Piano is from Kontakt -- NY Studio Grand; drums are NI Studio Drummer. Got way jazzier than I usually do. Still hoping for a real piano solo from a colleague, and possibly a real upright bass one day. Would appreciate comments about the mix, the composition, etc. Hope you enjoy. First one in the list.
by Early21
Fri Nov 07, 2014 12:33 am
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Re: Voice Activated Commands

What if Cubase trys to execute the words in the vocal track :shock:
"Pump up up the volume, pump up the volume..."
Boom - Speakers fried. :o
by BriHar
Wed Jan 14, 2015 1:06 pm
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