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Re: 7.5 crashes alot

You're right! Oh, please forgive me, how could I be so foolish?

Of course it's system-specific, and, yes, of course it's the fault of the 3rd party VSTs! Why, when everything was working fine in previous versions of Cubase, it was all just a fluke! We were collectively imagining it, even!

Thank you for your endless wisdom. My, I don't know where any of us would be without it.
by Plasuma
Mon Dec 23, 2013 9:58 pm
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Re: Real time CPU peaks/spikes with 1 VSTi?

Yes it looks like there is incompatibility between the Intel HD 4600 drivers and cubase.
Or an incompatibility between the newer Intel iGPU drivers and Play 4.1.x.
The next step would be to test another DAW, say, Reaper, to see if that results in ASIO spikes, too, when Play 4.1.5 is instanciated. I can't check that now, maybe later.
by Anando
Tue Jan 14, 2014 12:43 am
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Re: 64vs32 bits, struggling with plugins and bridges? READ T

No, 32 bit programs can only access 2 GB of memory, this is under a 32 bit system, some can with special setting (boot.ini) acces 3 GB. Theoratically the OS can adress 4 GB of memory but this also includes videomemory and hardware buffers, so you see many 32 bit systems wih 4GB installed only showing 3,5 till 3,2 GB available!

When using 32 bit software on a 64 bit os, the software should be able to acces 4 GB of ram, that's it! It's a limit of 32 bit addressing.
by mroekalea
Fri Jan 17, 2014 7:44 pm
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Re: EastWest PLAY 4 issue

OK - FYI - Here is a response posted on my new topic forum @ East West- This was posted by someone who has not seen this Steinberg forum

"Bump, same problem here. Win 8.1, Cubase 7, clicks/pops/spikes when moving my mouse. It's not only a Cubase thing, same happens in Ableton and Reaper."

Hmmmm Interesting....

Helen from EW is the Forum Moderator there. Hopefully, she is digging in to research this an get a Developer involved.

Onward Ho - Into the breach - Gaining Ground Everyone.... No Prisoners!!
by badlybusted
Thu Feb 27, 2014 1:44 pm
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Re: EastWest PLAY 4 issue


to further add to this strange fenomena i am going to post something stupid at first sight, but i tested it and it seems to affect the spiking...

since reading the last post here above and based on other posts we were allways looking towards the graphic drivers. i changed something just because above the post said... "when i move the mouse"...

so i changed the mouse settings of windows: config>mouse>pointers in to another scheme (i took the inverted scheme)... and guess... at first sight for now... bye bye spikes...

since i do not know if this is a lucky hit or temporarily hit or a faulty one... if anyone can check this and post his result on trying this out. for me this seems not logical but since the difference is notable on my system, why not give it a try... it is just changing the mouse scheme

my config: laptop, win 8.1, play 4 and halion sonic 2 started just to have something to play, motu ultralight mk3

kind regards
by roel
Sat Mar 01, 2014 11:30 pm
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