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Re: Steinberg's dongle alternative coming

Not exactly as short as some of the Bluetooth transmitters but significantly shorter.
Cubase Artist also requires a USB-eLicenser, it would have to be Cubase Elements and depending on the project, this might not be enough as a interim solution as features are missing. It should be possible to continue to work with the version you purchased.

Maybe this could be a solution: Give all registered users of a dongle protected Cubase version a free Elements license for mobile use. A Cubase license already costs $800 and adding $130 just to be able to work mobile with a very stripped down version just doesn't feel right.

Creating a software license costs nothing so this should not be a big deal, especially considering that Cubase users technically already have an Elements license on their dongle. It's just currently not possible to part it from the big license and to move it to a software license.
by Benutzername
Wed Nov 06, 2013 11:45 am
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