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Issue with obtaining Grace Period upgrade WL8.5

I followed the instructions on this link

it states....
WaveLab 8 activation before the official release of WaveLab 8.5.....
Start the eLicenser Control Center application, found under Start/Programs/eLicenser on a Windows PC or in the Applications folder of Mac OS X. Click on the "Maintenance" button. Your license will then be replaced by a WaveLab 8.5 license and the Steinberg Grace Period site will be opened.

Well the grace period website never opened.
So I went to this page.....
and had it check for my upgrade status. From there is showed me a download link.

hope this helps others!

by Brain
Thu Jun 12, 2014 3:38 pm
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Re: Session Interchange

does anyone use the AES-31 for anything?
We would be DEAD (or at least wasting several hours per day) if we did not have AES31 import-export available.

The average length of our production is 6-15 seconds long. Average order by client=12 cuts, with 5-8 mixes per cut = 96 mixes per client. We record and mix in Nuendo, export mixes via AES31. Import AES31 into Wavelab. Do this 2 to 3 times per day (we can produce several clients per day)

Why AES31?
If you try to cut and paste, or AAF, OMF, WAV import. The mixes would be imported in Alphabetical order, not mix order. If you had an edit between 2 mixes, WL would create 2 separate mixes out of it. You would spend quite a bit of time ordering your mixes the way you intended.

With AES31, it imports the mixes in the correct order, treats edits properly AND it imports markers that give us yet MORE information. AND with AES31 you are not Copying files (creating more unneeded drive usage) you are simply creating a audio decision list (no bulky audio files) just pointers on where to access the files.

And all of this great benefit takes 10 seconds to export in Nuendo, and 10 seconds to import into Wavelab.

I feel like I have only scratched the surface of why AES31 is useful to us, and perhaps explained it badly, but .......
Time saver, labor saver, Priceless !!!!!

Yes people out there use this feature.

by Brain
Thu Jul 31, 2014 4:16 pm
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Re: Audio file renaming

With the file selected, use "Find in Pool" . This will open the pool window. Use the "rename" shortcut ). This brings up the rename dialog box with tons of options.

you can save a step and access it from the project window too, the key command is under "Extended Edit" and it's called "Rename Objects". John.

I would like to note that while each method works, one method displays things slightly different than the other.

If you have a file that is named "Original" and you want to add (for example) a prefix to the file's name in the rename dialog box....

using Neil's method (my favored way) you get these results.... "New Original"

using John's method you get these results.... "New (Original)" with the original name in brackets.

so the method you use depends upon how you want the file names displayed.

I just wrote a macro that works... using these commands....
1. Audio - Find selected in pool
2. Extended Edit - Rename Objects
with this macro you can rename using a singles key command.
note: this will open the pool and leave it open

But I found out that if you add a 3rd key command....
3. Project - Open Pool
Then once you enter your rename parameters and hit Enter in the rename dialog box
the pool will close. :!: :!: :!:

See what you guys think of that :D

by Brain
Tue Nov 11, 2014 4:41 pm
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Re: Asio time usage overload - please help!

Hello, i am using cubase 5.1. 32bt on a 64bit windows 7 system.

My bet is that you have to download the 5.3 update and install and the 5.5. This is in my opinion is the most stable update.

Be sure to download 64 Bit versions since you have 64 Bit Operating System and install as 64 Bit if does ask you.

Kon, your present setup shows 32 bit Cubase install, you will be able to access more of your memory using the 64bit version, BUT if you are using 32 bit plugins and change to 64bit Cubase, you open up a new issue of getting your 32 bit plugs working with 64 bit Cubase. TShepo may be correct that 5.5 is more stable, but for you his suggestion of the 64bit version may not be the best choice for you.
by Brain
Mon Nov 10, 2014 6:01 pm
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Re: Project

Thanks Fredo.

It might be the reason, because when i press spacebar to stop playing the sequence, the nuendo disk meter peaks.(it peaks when i press 1 to bring the cursor to marked area as well)
Does it mean my disk is planing to move to next world sometime soon, and that i should replace it? (2 years old, about 50% usage divided into 3 partitions)
Or perhaps is there another way making life easier for him?


Oren, what you describe sounds like when I am auditioning an old project stored on DVD, or a project on my hard drive that has 4GB or more of data, or are accessing a project on a server that is experiencing high traffic. The system just can't deliver the data fast enough. When you locate to a new location or hit stop, Nuendo will buffer a bit of the data at the cursor location. You see the delay of Nuendo buffering via the spikes on the disc meter. So it sounds like there is something going on with your system which is causing a bottleneck in how it is accessing the drive.

Let's clarify something. Do you only have 1 drive with 3 partitions, or more than 1 drive? With Audio production you should have Nuendo on your OS drive, and you should have a separate drive for your Nuendo Project and audio files. If you are trying to run Nuendo and store the project from the same drive this could easily be your issue. If you try to run sample libraries also on the same drive you are asking for crashes.

For what it is worth, I run project 24/7 that are around 1Gb of data with 60+ tracks, several plugins, 1 memory hungry VST instrument, with a standard 7500rpm hard drive with no problems. But get better than 2Gb of data with where all the audio is needing to be accessed at the same time and you can start to experience more disk spiking.

Give us a bit more insight into what you have and how you are working with Nuendo.
Single drive or multiple, large or small amounts of data, large track counts, do you need to access 1 stereo file with some overlaps...or 60 tracks or large audio files, is the drive highly fragmented????

by Brain
Fri Jan 16, 2015 4:24 pm
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Re: Project

... this method can make archiving the project more problematic ...
Brain, as I am new to Nuendo (trialling the software), is there no "collect all files into a single place" styled process in Nuendo? e.g. Protools "save as" and "copy audio files" all into a single location for backup. So if for some reason you were to round robin your audio files you still collate in a single save operation? I don't have Nuendo in front of me but I remember the Save As and Backup Project dialogue windows did not provide any options, but DID assume that backup at least would collect and collate all files. No?

Yes, and there are several places from which you can access it...

A. from the Media pull down menu, "Prepare archive". This will copy ALL files NOT already in the 'local' project's audio folder into the 'local' projects audio folder. So if you have files on several drives, or imported some files from a network drive (but did not have them create a copy in the local audio folder) it will do so when you use "Prepare archive". (see the manual for "Prepare Archive").

B. You can also use key commands to access "prepare Archive"

C. and you can access "prepare Archive" from the pool.
1. open pool
2. right click (windows) and you will see "prepare Archive".

When I am ready to archive a project, My method of operation (so I don't miss anything, and yet get rid of files I no longer need) is to....
1."prepare archive" (so if there are any loose files it will copy them into my working project)
2. remove unused media (I usually tell it to put them in the trash)
3. "Backup project" This will create a NEW project at the location of your choice.
This will bring up a back up options dialog with the following options ....
a. minimize audio files (if you only used a small portion of a file and will NEVER need the full file)
b. Freeze edits ( this creates a new file in the audio folder, and removes it from the "edits" folder)
c. remove unused files.
d. do not back up video

By using this method, I can create a condensed copy of the project, test it to make sure everything is there and works, then erase the original (bloated) project.

The manual may give better descriptions of each option.

by Brain
Mon Jan 19, 2015 10:40 pm
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Re: Naming Events

In Preferences I have 'Show Event Names' and 'Parts Get Track Names' checked (Events/Parts? - confusing terminology :? )

Most likely you are working with only (or mostly) EVENTs.
If you select several events and then select "Events to parts" this will turn All the events selected into a part, [a wrapper containing the selected events] which will treat all the selected events as 1 item. So don't get fixated on parts unless you want that feature. I have been on Nuendo for 10 years and never used parts.

Usually, when I record a Track the resultant audio file (Event/Part?) gets the name of the Track that it is on, but sometimes this does not happen. Not sure why - maybe because I need to ensure that I name the Track before recording the Part. Anyway, I end up with a Track with a name and an audio Part/Event(?) with a generic name like 'Audio 01_01'

For the recorded files (events) to automatically get the name of the track you Must enter the name Before you engage record.

how can the name of the part now be changed?
Changing the name of the Track does not work, even though 'Parts Get Track Names' is checked.
I've tried to edit the part in the Project window and in the Pool, but the only thing I can find is 'Rename Objects' but I don't think a Part/Event can be renamed with that option.

There are several ways to rename.
1. Open the info line, you can change the field called "File Name'. I will describe 'Description' in another option below

2. open the project browser (ctrl-B) you can change the 'file' name which is the name of the file on your hard drive and/or you can change the 'name' field which adds title info within brackets to the end of the file name. This ends up being the same as the 'Description' field in the info line (will show you soon).

3. In the pool. Select the file you want to rename (hint if the event is selected in the project, the 'find selected in pool' key command will open the pool window and highlight the file(s) selected so you can find the file quickly) So... select the file in the pool, double click on the name field and change the name.

4. open the track name field, enter the name, then hold Alt while pressing enter, this will add the name just entered, but as a prefix to the file name. in other words if the recorded files says ' Audio-1 ' and you enter ' Fenderchris ' in the name field and press Alt-enter, the resultant name will be
' Fenderchris (Audio-1) '. Notice if you look at the info line the 'Description' field show Fenderchris and the 'File' name is Audio-1 . you can change this so the Description and the file name are the same by copying the name you want from the 'description' field into the 'file' field.
You can do the same thing in the project browser by 'name' field into the 'file' field.

Using the rename function either in the pool or from the project window only adds prefix-postfix info, it will not allow you to comprehensively change the file name like the other methods listed.

Supposedly you can use the project logical editor to change a collection of file names, but I have not had the results I want and tend to change the names manually if they need changing.

Are Events Parts, are Parts Objects, are Objects Events? - a conundrum.
Parts are a collection of events.

Hope this helps,
by Brain
Fri Feb 06, 2015 4:57 pm
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Re: Change of Certain Shortcut KeyCommands

the space bar toggles between play and stop

I looked and there are no programmable transport key command options,
so your only choices seem to be the space bar or Pad-enter/Pad-0
by Brain
Tue Mar 17, 2015 4:12 pm
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