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Re: So 7.5 is here (almost)

Since when did software developers begin charging for half versions? My understanding is that 7.5 is not a "NEW"

version, as "Cubase 8" would be. I bought 7 at full price. As far as I'm concerned, I should get all updates, half

versions, "upgrades," etc., until a completely new version is introduced, for the price I paid initially. I'm pretty

irritated about Steinberg's choice in that regard - people didn't pay extra for 6.5, what's up with paying for 7.5?. To

me this is yet another example of corporations splitting hairs in order to stuff their pockets. Going this route essentially makes you dope dealers. What next? Start

charging for quarter versions, or every single update? It's still version 7 until it's version 8, in my book, and I paid

for version 7 and all it's incarnations as far as I'm concerned. Why didn't they just stuff all these new features into

Version 8? Here's why: because the cost to purchase a entirely new version is prohibitive to most and people will balk

at it, so if you can exploit your customer base by pricing "upgrades" just within reach (for approximately another $75

US) by promoting the idea they're missing out if they don't have the new features, then they'll bite and everyone there

at Steinberg is a marketing genius - albeit a greedy one. :evil: Not cool, Steinberg. I paid for version 7 and you're

telling me 7.5 is, essentially, a new version and you must be paid for it - so, in essence, I've paid $575 for version

7? It essentially appears that the 7.5 "upgrade," with the exception of a couple of features, is just an attempt to

force me to buy your plugins. Please don't go down the same road Adobe did, they shot themselves in the foot with their

Creative Cloud series of graphics programs. Just about everyone hates their subscription model. They then got their

servers hacked and customer info and credit card numbers stolen out of spite because people hated the power struggle

involved with trying to own and control their own tools; not be dictated to and treated like sheep, and keep control of

their own craft - hey, we're not all sheep, some of us are programmers. Their new software was immediately cracked and

hacked and spread all over the 'net like Nutella on toast. Just an FYI: "Out of one's ignorance, another's genius is

born." Corel corporation is now enjoying a healthy renaissance out of Adobe's selfish ignorance. I guess you better make

hay while the sun shines, eh? I'll pay for the update because I use these tools constantly, but don't look to

me for continued brand loyalty. I'll learn a new interface if I have to in order to protect my wallet. This business of

charging "by the inch" ultimately does not set well with people. So, a year from now, when you're on the verge of

releasing version 9, do the folks that are still using version 7, then get the 7.5 update for free because it doesn't

"count" any more? I just bought Halion 5 two months ago, you gonna jack me for another $50 or so for Halion 5.5? GRRRRR!
by Shabadoo
Fri Nov 29, 2013 6:24 pm
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