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Re: C7.5 - Combining Lanes and Track Versions when comping!

I don't know why you and some other people believe that track version is better suited to comping than lanes. IMHO, it isn't at all. It's a tool to have multiple completed tracks with different ideas on but the very same settings, without having to duplicate tracks (and that considerably reduced my overall track count.) Lanes + the new re-recording feature is absolutely perfect for comping.

yes its very powerful and useful in cenarius like the sentence i have highlighted from your post.
regarding comping
maybe you are not working the same way others work (Bredo for example) who records a Real drums set(or real band playing the same room with mic bleed everywhere) with many mic setup which every take could have 10 mic routed to 10 tracks playing the same take (the same versions).
so when comping multi takes is concern .

1:lanes comping is better when recording several takes on single track,and comping them with comp lanes

2: track version is more suited for comping multiple track recording(Bredos multiple mic drums setup) so each take from the 10 drum tracks have their same own version.. try that with regular lanes and its a mess.. (although possible with lane comping but its clutter,harder and can lead to many comping mistakes)

you definitely dont want Kick from take one playing at the same time with snare from take 2 and overhead from take 3
you can imagine the mic bleed problems from take to take and phasing issues !

now imagine this with all band playing the same song with all bleeding from mics and recording 24 tracks with 6 different takes for a song.. now track versions comping comes to shine !! ;)
by mozizo
Tue Dec 10, 2013 2:26 am
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