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Tips Tricks And Workflow Goodness.

Got a cool tip or macro to add to the list? Spotted an error or know a better way? Post it here and I'll add it on as and when I can!

There are lots more juicy tips in this thread that haven't been collated yet, or are a bit too general or complex to fit in this post. Have a wade through and see what nuggets you find.

Excellent Thread by Bane (looks like hundreds of hours of work here) thanks Curteye.

Great Site Full of Tutorials thanks Norbury Brook .

Best Ever Workflow Tip

The one piece of advice that keeps on coming up over and over: Learn the Key commands and assign your own. Almost every function can be set to a key command.

Here's an excellent thread by JMCecil with a utility for setting up and viewing key commands.

Project Setup

Make templates!

Get a session set up how you like it, tracks ready to go, input and output buses, group channels, folder tracks even favourite VST instruments and FX, this is a BIG timesaver.

Template From Existing Project

Save your project under a different name first (avoids ‘lost project embarrassment’). Delete all the Audio/MIDI stuff you don’t want in the template from the project window. Hit [CTL]+P to open pool and right [Option]click, select empty trash.
BEWARE, don’t choose erase unless you don’t need the files, choose the‘remove from pool’ option. Erase option will send your files to digital heaven. Then choose Save as Template option from the file menu.

Naming Tracks

In the Arrange window, click in the track name box to get a curser, type in the tracks name ie; ’Kick’, hit [TAB] (cursor jumps to next track name box) type in next one and repeat. Hit [Enter] to end.

Naming Tracks Inside Folders - by Xtigma

Rename all tracks inside a folder to the same name.
Type name in Folder Track, hold down [shift] + press [enter].

Rename all events on midi track to track's name - By Mozizo

Dbl click track name(fonts highligted with blue).
Press and hold one of the modifiers and press Enter.

Assigning Input Buses and Channel Outputs

In the Mix Console, select the required audio channels and as you assign the 1st channel (Drop down menu in Mix Console-Routing Tab) hold down [Shift] and each channel will be assigned incrementally.
Holding [Shift]+[ALT] will send all selected channels to the same Input bus or output.


To create a macro

File/Key Commands/Show Macros/New Macro-and name it.
Highlight the command from the commands window and hit 'Add Command' after each.
The new marco should now be visible in the macro folder in the commands window. Assign it to a Key of your choice.

New Track Macro - by Rhino

For creating a new track with all routing monitoring and FX settings from existing in one go.

Project - Duplicate Tracks
Edit - Select All On Tracks
Edit - Delete

Bounce In Place - by Winter Rat

Cubase Ninja Pro-Tools style Trim Automation - by Lukasbrooklyn

Set L and R Locators to next 2 markers - by SeeWhat

Locate to marker 1 then apply the following macro ({Alt}+{/}.
transport- set Left locator
transport- next marker
transport- set Right locator

Mix Console/FX

Default FX Presets - by Rhino

In any FX container window, next to the preset box hit the cubase icon and choose 'save as default preset'

Open all insert GUI on channel - By mozizo

[shift]+[alt]+[left click] on E button of a channel.
To close all of them [shift]+[left click] on E again.

Reset Channel Settings - by Bacizone

In Track Inspector - Alt+Click on the Bypass buttons will reset the settings of Insert / Strip / Equalizer / Send


Pre-Insert Volume Automation

Make sure the 'Use Mouse Wheel for Event volume and Fades' option is activated in Preferences. Editing/Audio page.
[ALT]+Click on an audio event to cut it around the area you want to change, then hover the mouse over it and mouse wheel up for louder (up to 24db) or down for softer. Will also work for multiple selections or entire Audio events. Won't work for an Audio Part unless you dissolve part first [CTL]+ right[option] click to open context menu and choose Audio/Dissolve Part.
[CTL]+M/Wheel near front of event to adjust fade in or near rear for fade out.

Replace all audio clip instances - by lukasbrooklyn

To replace all instances of an audio event in a project (akin to exchanging a sample in a sampler), put your replacement sample in the pool, the drag it from the pool whist holding shift, and drop it onto the event to be replaced.


MIDI Octave shortcut - by Stealth

Select midi event(s) in the project/arrange page then Shift + up or down arrow key to change octave.

MIDI Velocity Editing - by trashdinner

Hold shift + Ctrl, left click and drag up or down to change velocity on selected MIDI events.

Logical Editor - by Curteye

Being a MIDI guitarist from the early 90's the LE was a must learn.
Here is my approach(es):

1-When using it stop thinking like an artist/musician etc
and start thinking more 'scientific'. (similar but not quite the same)

2-Don't go in 'cold'. Decide want you want to accomplish and use a preset
that steers in that direction. There are many in Cubase. Tweak from there.

3-Save your tweak as a preset. You might need it later and you might forget how you got there.
(happened to me a lot at first)

4-Using LE custom presets along with Key Commands can really speed the workflow.

VST Instruments

Record VST instrument tracks without using groups or bounce or export - by JMCecil

F4 -> Output tab -> hit + sign and create a Stereo Output called whatever "VSTi Out". Do not assign this output to any of your audio card outputs.
On your Instrument track, set the output to the "VSTi Output" from the previous step.
Create a Stereo Audio Track in the project, set the INPUT to "VSTi Output"
Enable monitor and/or Record enable.

Layered Samples in Groove Agent SE - by trashdinner

If you add multiple sounds to a pad (by drag and dropping) use the first (top) option when dropping the sounds to a pad to layer them.
At first they will will not trigger at the same time but the different samples will trigger depending on the velocity so while the pad is selected, change the mode to "layer" instead of "velocity" in the main tab. Now they all trigger at the same time but you can't adjust the volumes or any other parameters of the different samples separately ... but here's how to do it:
There are 2 little buttons on the upper right side of Groove Agent SE, one is ABS or Rel (It's set to ABS by default)
and the other one is Pad or Sel (It's set to Pad by default). If you press the Pad button to switch it to Sel (while the multi samples pad is selected) you can now chose the sample you want to change the volume or any other parameters and it will only change the settings of that sample within the Pad instead of all the samples within the pad. So just select the sample, tweak some buttons and when you select another sample on the same pad you'll see the the tweaks you made won't affect the other samples :) I find That really usefull instead of having to have 3 midi notes for my kick sound, I just have one and tweak it inside Groove Agent SE.

Vari Audio

Variaudio shortcuts - by trashdinner

[tab] to switch between segment and pitch modes.
Hold [ctrl] while moving a note to snap to pitch.
Hold [shift] while moving a note to move it freely.

Editing of M/S - Recordings - by marQs

If recording i.e. a vocalist with M/S technique (to get that little air around) which I often do, record it to a stereo track (M = left/S = right) instead of two individual tracks. Mix6To2 or Voxengo MSED get you decoded in a second.

That way you can apply i.e. VariAudio + Warp to both channels while avoiding phase issues.

Works exactly the same if you track a DI guitar + an amp, up to 6 channels, see Rhino's tip on multitrack wave editing here


Video Scrubbing - by Carlo

Very nice for film-scoring if you play back a movie on a computer screen: Click directly in the Video Player window and drag the mouse left or right...

Toggle Full Screen Video - by BFred

Double-click anywhere in the video window to toggle full screen mode.


Inspector Gymnastics - by Skillet

Command click on Inspector items to open more than one. Shift click on any of them to close all of them at once. Handy when you use Inspector shortcuts since there doesn't seem to be a shortcut to close them all at once. You quickly loose view of some items using the shortcuts unless you always toggle them. Thankfully toggling any item (that may be open already) now brings it back into view though.

Resize Tool box (Arrange Window) - by Soul Burn

If you press right-click to open the tools menu and hold it pressed for about 5 seconds (it feels long), you can resize the shape of the toolbox. This lets you get to your tools with a shorter movement of the mouse.

Scissor Trick - by Bonso

Scissor Tool : alt/click when slicing an event divides the whole event into equal length sections.

Reverse Locators to skip section - by Rotund

If you just want to cut a section of a song, but want to hear the result first.
Simply engage cycle, then set your left locator to the end of the section to be cut.
Then set your right locator to the beginning of the section to be cut.
Yea, backwards.
Now playback from a point before the right locator.
The song will skip over the section enclosed in the markers.

Got something to share? Post your tips and ideas in this thread and I'll add them when I can.
by Paul Coyle
Thu Oct 24, 2013 8:08 am
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Re: Audio & midi not lining up


let's isolate it then.
Plug your MIDI out into your MIDI in and record it back into a new track, is it aligned?

If yes, then the problem is most likely with the keyboard.

Try the same loop-back test with audio. Is the off-set the same in Audio as MIDI?

If yes, adjust the record offset.

If no, then it'll be a MIDI timing issue and I'm not much chop there.


by Paul Coyle
Sun Nov 03, 2013 5:57 am
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Re: A couple of questions about VariAudio.

Hiya Brock,

1. Make sure that your control room is set up in VST connections as auditioning come through that bus, an easy way to test this is to select a file in the import audio file dialogue, if you can't here anything in that window then the control room setup is most likely your problem.

2. Try splitting the segments into individual pitches before you straighten them, also try shifting the whole segment into tune first, this can often sound more natural and you mightn't need to straighten the pitch as much.


by Paul Coyle
Fri Nov 29, 2013 6:49 am
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Re: Collaborating with others on different versions


I'm pretty sure that C7 files will open on C6 versions and vice versa, the only issue I can see arising is if you're using any full version only features, but if you take this into consideration when you prepare the project for sharing it shouldn't be a deal breaker.
Have a squizz at the product comparison page on the Steinberg website and see if there's anything that you'll need to be aware of.


by Paul Coyle
Fri Nov 29, 2013 7:25 am
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Re: Tips Tricks And Workflow Goodness.


@ Rhino That new track macro is gold, the amount of times I've had a singer/player around that said, 'oh-oh how about a couple of harmonies there in that bit' then kept them waiting whilst I created the track and configured inputs etc etc.. It took me 2 mins to sort out your macro and now bang! done!
It even works for multiple tracks just as long as they're selected, all FX and routing taken care of, GOLD! Exactly the type of tips that I think would make for a really helpful resource.

Chime in if you have an idea or preference this thread has had 276 reads as of now, I know the first thing I looked for when I got on here was this type of thread or sticky, there's one on the knowledge base but it's all C6 related and not really much chop.

by Paul Coyle
Tue Oct 29, 2013 12:40 pm
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Re: Tips Tricks And Workflow Goodness.

Hi All,

Just a little bump to let you know I've updated the post to include the last weeks or so worth of helpful stuff from you to you and sorry it took a while for me to get onto it.

Massive thanks to all those who add their expertise to this.

Also apologies to those tips that aren't there...some of them are Cubase 6 related or of a more general nature than the post's intent but are relevant, helpful and definitely appreciated, keep em coming.

Thanks People!
by Paul Coyle
Wed Nov 13, 2013 5:34 am
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Re: Tips Tricks And Workflow Goodness.

Hiya Curteye,

Thanks for the info, I hadn't found that excellent thread in the lounge, but I was looking for that type of info on Cubase 7 in the Cubase 7 forum, crazy I know.
As you may have noticed, I'm trying to keep all the info in the first post here accessible, C7 specific and ego-less.
I'm happy for this thread to be moved over to the lounge I suppose, but having been lurking this forum in various guises since last century I'd never found that thread and not for a lack of looking.
This one seems to be humming along nicely now and I can't really see why a C7 specific thread should be moved away from the C7 specific forum.
That said, I will link the knowledgebase thread to the tips post, it looks truly excellent and once again, thanks for pointing it out.
Ohh and I just noticed the tips n tricks section there, is a link to this thread ;)

by Paul Coyle
Thu Nov 14, 2013 2:14 am
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Re: Tips Tricks And Workflow Goodness.

Shameless bump!
Oh, but I did add some more joy in the first post though...

@ Rhino, 'backup project' very frequently used here too, sometimes even for arrangement edits that are undoable... once bitten.
And HDD's are cheap.
by Paul Coyle
Thu Nov 28, 2013 12:57 pm
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Re: Tips Tricks And Workflow Goodness.

Ahoy All,

Another shameless bump, more joy sifted and collated into the first post, sorry for the delay, December gig-fest an all...

Merry merry and have a happy n safe crazy season.


by Paul Coyle
Sun Dec 22, 2013 11:06 am
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Re: Tips Tricks And Workflow Goodness.

Hi All,

Couple more tips collated into the main post, thanks to everyone for sharing their incredible cleverness.

by Paul Coyle
Sun Feb 23, 2014 11:16 pm
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Re: audio panning

Hiya Steve,

Open the Channel Settings window for the audio channel.
In the Sends section of the Channel Settings window, on the Panning tab, each send is shown with a pan fader. On the Functions menu, you can activate the “Link Panners” option. The send panners will then follow the pan for the channel, making the stereo imaging as clear and true as possible. This behavior can also be set as default for all channels. The corresponding setting is available in the Preferences dialog (VST page).

Hope this helps,

by Paul Coyle
Mon Apr 07, 2014 11:17 am
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Re: multiple interfaces question

Hi ggc,

Possible, yes I think so, search out ASIO for all. It's an alternative driver that allows you to access different interfaces at the same time through the ASIO protocol. I haven't looked at it for a few years so I don't know how it's developed but it's not renowned for low latency or stability but you may be able to tweak it into submission.


by Paul Coyle
Wed Apr 23, 2014 2:22 pm
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Re: make cursor return to where it was?


If you use the Numpad shortcuts you can have it both ways.
0 on numpad will stop the transport
0 again will return to start position


by Paul Coyle
Mon Aug 25, 2014 12:11 pm
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