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Re: Making cd for universal use/ as comercials

I used slowest speed, no filename text, only numbers, and no cd text at all.
So I'm curious, how the commercials do. :o)

You said you used no CD Text? You have to use CD Text if you want to read the titles in the car. Use the "T" button at the top of the CD tab and fill in all the titles in the CD Text area. The titles should then show in the CD Text column on the CD tab. Then burn your CD again. If you can read commercial CD titles in the car player, you should be good with what you burn after this.
by bob99
Wed Nov 13, 2013 9:22 am
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Re: UAD Instability - Loading in Playback

The UAD meter does have different behavior in Wavelab 8 than it did in Wavelab 7. In Wavelab 7 the meter would hold after stopping play. In Wavelab 8, it unloads. But I can't get Wavelab 8 to crash because of this. I've taken UAD DSP to 80%, and over 100% without crashing. Over 100% it just displays the message "disabled one or more plugins", like it normally does with too much UAD or Powercore. But I can't get it to crash. I don't have hungry plugins like Ampex or Manley to try though. Just alot of smaller ones. But the behavior is different between Wavelab 7 and Wavelab 8 (Wavelab 7 doesn't unload the UAD when you hit stop). The montage checkboxes in both versions have no effect on the UAD meter.
Win 7, Win XP
by bob99
Tue Aug 27, 2013 5:00 am
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Re: WL 8.5 Multi outputs?

Is it possible to send the output of a stereo track in Wavelab 8.5 to more than one per of ST output?
Using send to bus?
If you mean send to other outputs of your multichannel interface, yes, but it's a little convoluted:

You can either:

1) Duplicate your track, switch the Montage from "Stereo" to "Multichannel, free config" (in the lower right), click the "1:2" to the left of each of the tracks, and route the tracks separately from there, Track 1 to 1 & 2 and Track 2 to 3 & 4.


2) Don't duplicate the track. Switch the Montage from "Stereo" to "Multichannel, DVD Audio", checkbox "Enable additional DVD Audio", on Channels pulldown set "4 channel - Lf, Rf, C, LFE". Then click to the left of the track where it says "Lf:Rf". Set Top Audio to "Lf" and "Center". Set Bottom Audio to "Rf" and "LFE". It's a strange setup, but it works, sending to 1 & 2 and 3 & 4.

This all assumes your interface in Options/VST Audio Connections is set from channel 1 to 8 from top to bottom. The montage track(s) will output to 1 & 2 and 3 & 4 of your interface.

Maybe someone else knows a better way.
by bob99
Sat Jun 21, 2014 3:39 am
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Re: Encoder Checker - Question

I've noticed that when loud non-MFiT iTunes store files are analyzed in Wavelab 8.5 Global Analysis, the digital peak is -0.0003, and they have no one-sample clips on the error tab. Those same files show digital peak 0.0000 and many one-sample clips in Wavelab 8.03 (as they would show in Apple AFCLIP). I 'guess' this is because 8.5 uses the Fraunhofer AAC codec to decode, and 8.03 uses the Apple AAC codec to decode. Is that correct?

Ideally, to me, an Encoder Checker would have 2 purposes, depending on the client: (1) for label clients, to mirror as closely as possible the codecs that the record labels or retailers are going to use to make their lossy files from the mastering studio's DDP or WAV, or (2) to include "better" codecs (like the Fraunhofer) for those who are able to utilize them for self sales.

That's why I think the Apple codec should be added to the encoder checker and Global Analysis. Because that's what Apple uses to make the AACs in the iTunes store, making them from the mastering WAV or DDP. I admit the codec request is picky, especially considering they're lossy files, but Apple is picky.

Someday I'd like to analyze what codec/settings all of the retailers/streamers are using for encode/decode. That would be more exact information to add to an encoder checker, and since Wavelab includes Ogg Vorbis, could include the Spotify stream.
by bob99
Wed Jul 23, 2014 4:41 am
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