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Re: THANK YOU STEINBERG!! Cubase 7 and Cubase 7.5 are amazin

Lets face it Cubase has to be more than an alternative to Pro Tools.
For me the fact that is more than just a studio recording software is it's strength. I am a guitarist but love playing about with sounds and going places I have never been before. Steinberg has always been a DAW that encourages us to think outside the box. (I have been using Loopmash to re-sample my playing.) I guess that is why there are so many bugs, because they want to be so many things to so many users. I for one love that. I certainly am glad that I am am not stuck in a studio with bands rehashing all the old clichés - I would rather rehash my own and perhaps add a few unexpected things on the way.

I am not knocking those of you who run studios. Far from it, I think you do wonderful stuff and provide a really valuable service. Not to mention living a financially precarious life. However I baulk at the use that many people make of the word professional, as if it is a passport to some higher plane of knowledge and creativity. What is a DAW professional? I mean anyone can claim whatever they like on a forum and nobody would be any the wiser. After all did I not just claim to be guitarist.

The value of Cubase to me is not it's perfection, because it quite plainly isn't. It is its versatility and the possibilities that it offers its users. I may not be the best musician, but I have the best fun. Sure I get cross with Steinberg at times and irritated with Cubase. I am sure we could say the same about our partners, as they could about us. However, we still love them in spite of all that. That is the value of a long term relationship.
by silhouette
Mon Dec 16, 2013 1:46 pm
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Re: Producers around the world

If you want to get a job DONE audio file handling is fine. However, if you just want to play around with the audio files all day trying to polish toids then Cubase is maybe not for you.
The end game is MUSIC. Nobody notices or cares about how clever the processing is. So the drummer can play the four types of paradiddle? So you've corrected his timing to the nth degree and the singers tuning from horse's ass to angels? The listener rarely notices.
I don't think it bothers the majority of users.
by Buchanan
Mon Dec 30, 2013 4:23 pm
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Re: Cubase 7.5 is top! But i'm not ready to go 8...

Aloha S,

Sectioned wrote:i can't see any new features coming that i need

Oh Yea?
Let them give us 'movable rails' in the Mix Console
and watch almost everyone jump.

by curteye
Sat Feb 22, 2014 11:06 am
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Re: 7.5.20 Impressions...

Just about all the little features in C7 -> C7.5.20 is exactly what I like when I see it. People are different. Right now I'm very happy with the directions Cubase is heading in!!! 8-) 8-) 8-)
by HowlingUlf
Mon Apr 14, 2014 12:38 pm
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Re: 7.5.20 Impressions...

Imperial Theme? yes, it looks great.
It´s ONLY the mixer (!) - incl. stupid tiny buttons!!, not scalable, problems with small flat screens, e.g. :roll:
Reaper´s menu´s, plugin windows, preferences, etc. etc. looks like Office Windows 95 GUI style (!)
very ugly. Sorry.


by Centralmusic
Tue Apr 15, 2014 12:22 pm
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