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Man that download is slooooow

Grabbed the 7.5 update earlier, two different downloads available. Started with the smallest one, the actual Cubase download and man, i have download speeds that vary between 30 and 70 kBps, started downloading the HSSE 2 update and that was done within an hour and a half, and that thing is more than twice the size.. I'm having timeouts all the time and have had to restart the download as the timer ran out..
Anyone else experiencing this? Will it smooth out?

David-"Can't wait to get my hands on this"-L
by David L
Wed Dec 04, 2013 7:50 pm
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Have you tried restarting your computer?

I've been looking and drooling at the PD one for ages, and i read in tears this topic:

Yup, the "Unavailability of CMC controllers" topic.
They've stopped building them. Before i could get my hands on them. Sadness.
But i find a store that has one in stock, the cleric is as devastated as i am to learn of the discontinuation.
I get it in the mailbox, i grab all the latest downloads (Tools for CMC / Firmware etc), and i install. I connect it.
Nothing. I try a few things, uninstall and reinstall. Nope. Firmware update? Forget about it, CMC device not connected.

In desparation i grab my PC (my production environment is a Mavericks mac) and install stuff there, hoping it's an error with mavericks and the current firmware. I plug it in, and start the Firmware update. It runs just fine and now i have the latest and greatest firmware on it.

I plug it back into the Mac.
I try to add it to "Remote Devices" in Device Setup, but no such luck, just won't bite.

I try un- and re-installing everything a few times (even grab the Yamaha USB midi drivers off of Yamaha's site), nothing. I get the power light, pads light up when i press them, i can switch banks, but nothing on my Mac wants to admit it's connected.

I try it on my PC again, works just fine.
Now i'm staring at my Mac in disbelief, i have no idea what to do next.
I'm a reasonably computer-savvy person, it's an interest of mine, and i work as a software-developer. I should be able to figure this out.
I've been searching franticly up and down every thread on this forum suggesting anything in the direction of a CMC not working on Mavericks, nothing fits the bill.

I look at my Mac, and think to myself, "ok, i've tried everything, why not just restart it, and then go to the forum and ask for help..", so i restart it.

My CMC PD is now working perfectly...

The "have you tried restarting your computer" cliché exists for a reason.
by David L
Thu Jul 31, 2014 1:07 am
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