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Re: Is there a limit on Rack Instruments?

I don't use any Vienna instruments, just VEPro. It manages all of my VI's on a slave PC. It is an amazing tool for any composer these days.


And you don't need an outboard mixer to use VE Pro if that's what you meant. You can download a trial version which works like a full version for one month. You can assign unlimited outputs from VE Pro into Cubase, save both as templates and never worry about a thing. It's a one time job. Cubase will also run more smoothly since there are no VSTi pressures on it. You really need to read more about VE Pro. I suggest you download the manual, or watch the demo and instructional movies as well.

Yes, MIR is the best. Note that there is a lighter version called MIR 24 which is much more affordable, and you can later upgrade it to MIR PRO. Think of MIR 24 as 24 different reverb sends. Still a lot for most projects. There is a fully functional trial version for that as well.
And start saving money, as your life will change for ever after trying them. ;)
by ipanema
Wed Mar 05, 2014 1:37 pm
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