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Re: Cubase 7.5 Update wann?

Also wer sich von den Mods mal dazu äußert bekommt von mir einen "Daumen hoch!" mit der neuen Danke-Funktion :D
by Ericvoigt
Wed Oct 30, 2013 8:05 pm
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Re: Cubase Feature Request: Resampling

Fällt mir noch etwas ein zu diesem Thema:
Ich möchte per Info-Zeile Audio (Regions) transponieren,
und es soll sich ganz so wie beim alten Hardwaresampler verhalten -
also n ur reines Pitching ohne Längenkorrektur u. ohne Formantkorrektur!
(soll heissen: tiefer gestimmt = länger/langsamer, und höher gestimmt = kürzer/schneller)
Die Algos und Tools sind dafür ja längst vorhanden, fehlt nur ein klein bisschen etwas...

Das fände ich äusserst brauchbar. Noch jemand?
by Centralmusic
Thu Oct 31, 2013 8:01 pm
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Hahahaha!!!!! I've lost it.

This loss of mouse scroll wheel function every single time I load mixer settings or import track archives has made me crazy past the point of being angry; I just think it's hysterical now :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: After using C7.06 for 2 months straight and doing 4 full band EP's I can say that I'm going back to 6.5 for the time being. Channel linking is awesome, being able to add groups and fx to selected tracks is awesome and chord track is pretty neat-o but (in my humble opinion) everything else is not as fluid or just downright obnoxious to use due to the insane amount of clicking or waiting for buttons to appear on the mixconsole. I really, really do hate whining but I'm just venting. ..Oh.. The program seems super stable though; it hasn't crashed at all :)
by outloaf
Fri Nov 01, 2013 7:10 pm
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Re: A plugin manager is really needed

--- Example 1: my VST instruments ---

vst instrument list.png

Problems here:

1. I would like to create my OWN folders, my structure would be like:

- My favorites (Kontakt, Geist, BFD2, Diva) without any folder around it
- Drums (Attack, Groove Agent One, Battery)
- Bread & Butter (M1, Halion Sonic)
- First class synthesizers (Largo, Modular V, Retrologue)
- Other synthesizers (Padshop, Massive, Absynth, FM8, etc...)
- Experimental (Reaktor, Mystic, Spector, etc...)
- Old skool (all the VST classics stuff, PPG Wave 2V)
- Tools (ReViSiT)

2. I would like to have some groups open all the time, with configuration or "save folder expansion status"

3. I want presets for VSTis with regards to the output channels - for example I ALWAYS want Kontakt to have 8 stereo output channels right from the beginning, so there should be a default configuration as well

4. Seriously, the folder structure you can see in the screenshot makes no sense at all... why THREE (!!!) groups for the same thing (Steinberg classic VSTis, which I like to play around with a lot)? What is the point here? To clutter up the list?

Also, why is "Halion Sonic SE" in Synths (it's not really a synth for me, I use it for bread and butter sounds) but not the Diva, which totally IS a synth?

5. Why is "Groove Agend ONE" actually called "Drum - Groove Agent ONE"? And not in a folder "Drums"? This is hard to read, clutters up more and makes no sense to me.

6. A folder called "VSTPlugins 64 bit" with only NI - stuff in it? Are you kidding me? Are you serious, Steinberg? You really think that your automatic folder structure system makes ANY sense at all?

Please, give me a break. And don't even BOTHER telling me that this makes ANY sense at all, this is just plain pointless what you created (the automatic folder system) there.

Its incredibly annoying to have to open a pointless folder called "VSTPlugins 64 bit" to get to one of my most important tools which would not belong there, while at the same time the "Groove Agent ONE" I almost never use is on top of the list.

And yes, I KNOW that I can sort VST2s myself, but... seriously? And this would not solve the "Synth folder problem" where Steinberg put all their cutting edge synthesizers, because they are VST3.

--- Example 2: Track inserts ---

This is where I REALLY get angry, this is just retarded, really. Even more so than the VSTi list. All the points stated there apply here as well, but have a look at this:

vst insert list.png

1. I DO NOT WANT (!!) reverb plugins visible all the time for normal channels, only on FX channels. On normal channels I only want them in a folder, for FX channels in the favorites (without any folder around it).

Is that so hard to grasp for a product management guy? Really?

Same applies for "mastering" or "subtle colouring" plugins which I usually only want in the master bus, and only seldomly anywhere else. So please, different sets of folders for different types of channels. Thank you.

2. beydynamic V5 and TB_Isone are only (!!!) for output channels. PLEASE!!

3. Why do I have to bother with mono plugins on a stereo channel?

4. Why do I have to bother with my favorite channel strip (SSL) in a folder called "Other"? Yes, I DO KNOW (!!!) that SSL did this, but why am I forced to accept the mistake they made and am I not allowed to correct it myself.

I would absolutely want this plugin, matching the mono or stereo configuration of course, on top of my plugin list all the time. I love it, I want it and I use it all the time.

So, yes, we need the ability to sort the folder entries as well in the plugin manager.

It is so retarded that I have to click like an idiot before I get there.

Product managers, you get a 5 (Austria), a 6 (Germany) or an F (USA) for this from me. Really. :-(

5. The usual Waves - Package - mess. So many plugins, so little use for many of them most of the time.

And so many pointless configurations most of the time. Mono plugins, stereo plugins, PLEASE!!
by TheNavigator
Wed May 29, 2013 8:29 am
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Audio export improvement!!

Please steinberg, when exporting a track and reimporting it as an audio track, make the newly created track inserted right after selected track , and NOT at the bottom of the project window, which forces us to scroll down, find the track, grab it and bring it back to where it was. Really annoying.

I've been asking for this since Cubase 4. Come on guys :D

by patcub
Sun Nov 10, 2013 7:01 pm
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F3 to bring Mix Console to front!

I am alone thinking that having to press F3 two time to bring the Mix Console to front is really annoying? If it is behind let say a Key Editor window or behind MediaBay, the first F3 hit will close MixConsole, and the second will bring it to front.

In previous Cubase versions, only one F3 press would bring it (or the old mixer) directly to front, which makes a lot more sense.

I really which SB could fix it the way it was.
by nicoroy123
Tue Nov 12, 2013 2:18 am
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Autofreeze (a serious request, please consider)

This is so simple that I don't understand why it wasn't implemented in the first version of Cubase VST. :x


* Process all tracks in background (automatic freeze!), unfreeze and put into "online" - processing only (!!) when something significant for this track has changed


ZERO CPU load. As in "0.0". Because calculations are only performed, when necessary.

We could get 200 instances of u-he DIVA (divine mode) with a 2caudio B2 reverb on each track in Dual Mode in highest quality mode at 64 samples ASIO buffer size with that.

And long latency plugins wouldn't matter much anymore either.

Seriously. GIVE THAT TO US!!
by TheNavigator
Tue Nov 05, 2013 4:04 pm
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[Poll] Fix the insert handling in the new mixer console?

The new insert handling in mixer console, with the hidden buttons, makes workflow better or worse?

Notice where I have the mouse pointer located and what actually happens when I click.
This happens all the time for us that have narrow mixer settings (many mixer channels on screen).
Take a look the my screenshot gif animation here:
by msy
Wed Nov 06, 2013 8:51 am
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Re: Cubase 7.5 Update wann?

Jawoll!! ganz deiner Meinung.. :idea:
Und weisst du was?
Ich hätte gern die Ansichten des "alten Kanaleinstellungsfensters" und des "alten Insertbereichs im Inspector" wieder!
Wozu diese verdammt GROSEN FETTEN Balken (Inserts, Sends?? = Das ist reine Platzverschwendung und schaut HÄSSLICH aus!
Im neuen Mixer seh ich das ja noch irgendwie ein, passt schon, erinnert an Logic...
Aber im Kanalfenster?
Und ebenso im Inspector!
Warum läßt man uns nicht alle Buttons "Bypass, das "e" und up/down-Presets? Buttons, die man sofort erblicken kann! Viel übersichtlicher, als der jetzige ewige unsägliche Mouse-Over-Kram....
Das klappte doch hervorraggend bis zurC 6er! und war vor allem consistent mit den Buttons im Track-Header!
Buttons, welche sich durch alle Cubase -Versionen zogen! welche längst etabliert waren! Knöpfe, wo man sich sofort, auch als Neuling zurechtfand!
Auch gut: wenn man Rechtsklick im Track-Header auf den Inserts-Bypass-Knopd drückte, kam man ebenso sofort an die Inserts ran! Tolle Sache...
Noch was: wo komme ich jetzt im Kanaleinstellungsfenster direkt an den Send-Effekt ran..? eben.
So seh ich das.

Etwas angespannt in die Cubase-Zukunft blickend:
by Centralmusic
Fri Nov 15, 2013 12:25 pm
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Re: How do I put audio tracks in time in Cubase 7 ?

Hi Steve

If you want what I think you want :? , play a midi "tap" along with the drums you have already recorded, quarter notes is fine, Then go to Midi>Functions>Merge Tempo from Tapping, then engage the tempo track and the sequencer will then be in time with the drums. If that's what you wanted! I also find this a good way of straightening out the drums if they're just a little off in one or 2 places, there are often bands that don't want to(or can't)play to a click. Hope this helps
Best Regards

by DaveAbbott
Fri Nov 15, 2013 7:05 pm
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F3 to bring Mix Console to front

I am alone thinking that having to press F3 two time to bring the Mix Console to front is really annoying? If it is behind let say a Key Editor window or behind MediaBay, the first F3 hit will close MixConsole, and the second will bring it to front.

In previous Cubase versions, only one F3 press would bring it (or the old mixer) directly to front, which makes a lot more sense.

I really which SB could fix it the way it was.
by nicoroy123
Mon Nov 11, 2013 10:31 pm
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Re: So 7.5 is here (almost)

"the "greed" of someone else who wants to pay less for that product."

So those are the socialist that believe companies shouldn't make money? I totally agree with the point of your post but the socialism thing is kind of ridiculous.

That is not how I read it.

I THOUGHT he meant he was tired of the socialist comments towards a corporation's "greed". And I agree with that. I am tired of it too. People gotta get paid, corporation or not.
by jonsolo
Sat Nov 30, 2013 5:02 am
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Cubase 8 wishes

-A fix for the plugins that hides behind the full screen mixer
-When a plugin is in front, the plugin cell will be a different color so we know what plugin we are tweaking
-An option for the MCU or other controller jogwheel speed (select the speed and select between zoom relative or not)
-A "Pause" command that would be assignable as a key command
-seperate undo and redo on the mixconsole
-undo and redo on all plugins
-a new tab in the preferences that would let you select if you want Global or Session specific for different things (workspaces, Mixer layouts, VST Connection ect)
-Variaudio 2 that will include SSSS and SHHH sound detection so they don't sound robotic when tweaking pitch and
an attack and release slider that will set when straighten pitch will start and stop on the different notes
-the possibility to move tracks/channels in mixconsole
-A simple and effective plugin editor
-a fast and easy way to bounce vsti without the need to export and import in project or routing the vsti output to a track and recording. (Bitwig style)
-Remote control editor assignable to any midi device
-a Mono/Stereo Switch on all channels
-A plugin crash detector that will let you know what plugin crashed
-An enhanced hub that will allow to search project with a search bar, to assign stars and to filter acording to creation or modification date (like in the media bay) and the ability to share templates and presets with other users.
-reduce the time that a plugin show up when you clic on it (like when you ctr click)
-A duplicate relative that will let you duplicate multiple events with the same gap (if you have an event, a 1 bar gap and another event, it would duplicate those 2 with the 1 bar gap instead of right after the last event)
-a vocalign like feature that will let you sync 2 audio file
-a random option in the line tool options
-the ability to move around and apply new plugins and tweak existing ones on frozen tracks
by trashdinner
Sun Apr 13, 2014 9:40 pm
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Re: Would you like to see true Bounce-In-Place in Cubase?

Where is "I don't care" option. That would be my answer. I prefer to bounce to new track so I have total control on what's happening and not let the software decide. But at the same time if "bounce-in-place" were there, it would not disturb me. But because I have no such option, I have to vote "no". Sorry.
by Jarno
Fri Jun 21, 2013 8:13 pm
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Remove internal EQ's completely

I only use 3rd party analog emulating eq and plugins overall. Nothing shipped with Cubase whatsoever.

EQ occupy a lot of gui space in Channel settings.
EQ occupy huge number of instances as trackcount increase - as you see in plugin list.

And since EQ has two instances just by starting Cubase - I cannot uncheck it - like other Steinberg plugins.

If you can remove this - Channel dialog will become more like midi dialog and take half the screenspace.
And Inspector also can remove the visuals or EQ - which is good.

If so only disabling EQ and Channelstrip tabs - removes it from gui is a good start.

Maybe there is a setting like Sonar has that can use internal EQ's or not.

by Larioso
Tue Aug 05, 2014 10:58 am
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Re: Cubase 7 sounds better than 8 here at first sight

Lol. There's always one of these posts with each new version.
by Steve Helstrip
Wed Dec 17, 2014 7:09 pm
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Re: Crossfades! Steinberg, please stop changing things for w

Weird. I just checked and they're showing for me at all times as a default. I think the option you need to check is Preferences/Event Display/Show Event Volume Curves Always.
by MHoughton
Wed Dec 17, 2014 4:35 pm
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Re: Side-chain Input for ALL processors

instead, i'd suggest making any vst parameter automatable using an envelope extracted from any audio signal, like FL studio allows for example (so you can get really creative... eg. take the snare envelope and link it, using an inverse exponential curve, to a reverb 'wet' parameter... pure sidechain is getting a little obsolete.)
by lukasbrooklyn
Tue Dec 16, 2014 6:20 pm
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PLEASE eliminate hovering in the mixer!

I know this has been mentioned a million times, but I'm doing it again after being frustrated for the millionth time this morning on a time-sensitive mix for TV.

It's a big mystery to me -- why would anyone ever want to not be able to easily and clearly see things like input gain, filter settings, etc.? It's so much extra fiddling and time-wasting in a gigantic mix. Please, please, please fix this longstanding design error immediately. Whenever I mix on my partner's Pro Tools rig I clearly see how much I miss it. There's not a single reason to have hovering over such values if we can clearly see them without, which we can be implemented easily in this mixer design.

I don't mean to be shouting, but as a hard-working professional, things like this literally make a night-and-day difference in big mixes (I'm talking between 150 and 300 tracks). And on small mixes, too.

EDIT: Yes, there is the option to right click and see an extra row with the values, which is good. But this makes the mixer even more cumbersome to navigate around, as it incurs even more scrolling than the current mixer design involves due to the extra rows. It's not necessary at all to do it that way. It needs to be clean and take up no more vertical space, and can easily be done that way.
by Headlands
Sat Feb 14, 2015 6:20 pm
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Re: For the love of God, PLEASE eliminate hovering in the mi

+1000 !!

Anybody who likes/prefers the hovering thing clearly isn't a PRO who needs to mix quickly with hundreds tracks everyday, the hovering thing is so time consuming it's ridicous.

Why on earth would anybody choose to see less info!??... that's just barmy IMO, it's like saying a proper hardware mixing desk is cluttered because there's too many knobs!;)
by buzzlegs
Sun Feb 15, 2015 1:29 pm
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Bring Back Option For MixConsole To Always Be On Top

The subject line is my request...

Please add an option to allow the MixConsole window to always be on top.

I'm "OK" with the new way CB handles it's windows but... it was easier, and saved some screen space (especially for those using one monitor) when the option was there.

These kind of options are good. They allow users to choose what is comfortable for them.

Weird that Steinberg would remove that option (unless they have an interest for selling monitors). ;)

Regards 8-)

Edited subject to add "Bring Back"
Edited subject to shorten it
by Prock
Thu Dec 04, 2014 4:14 pm
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How Do I Get The MixConsole To Be Always On Top?

Hey folks,

Hopefully an easy one that I'm just not seeing...

In CB7.5 it was easy to right click anywhere on the mixconsole and check the "Always On Top" option. This kept the mixconsole always on top of the project window. Is there a way to do this in CB8?

Regards 8-)
by Prock
Thu Dec 04, 2014 12:53 am
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Option for loading/NOT loading prefs from previous versions

As many times discussed and many times experienced, its time that Steinberg develops an option for loading or NOT loading preferences from previous versions.
Since many versions i have to deleted the preferences, renamed the paths of the prefs and started cubase again.
This is bad. With an option NOT loading preferences from previous versions respectively "starting from scratch" will solve these circumstances.

Sorry, this is a workaround since several versions and has to be solved like i've proposed above.
by whitealbum
Sat Feb 07, 2015 9:22 am
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