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Re: Tempo adjustment

Does this "bad" file actually play ok? (i.e. before trying to change the tempo).
Try this..
Select it, in the Project window, then, Audio menu>Bounce Selection. This will create a new file, hopefully, stripped of whatever it was that was making it behave strangely.

The bad file DID actually play ok. But I am unable to try your "Bounce" technique on it because now when I try to open it, it says "Cubase Has Stopped Working" then crashes. Luckily I was able to open it previously and renamed it. So everything is working on the new file.
One last question... I see you guys have "been thanked" meters next to your names. How do you "thank" someone??
by sintrade
Thu Feb 13, 2014 10:09 pm
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Re: Can;t open or close Wave files in Wavelab 4.0 Win7

I recall this problem. Looking through my archive I found the following (I also have copies of the files concerned) which is clearly the same issue, though the versions are not the same - at least it may point to a solution for the OP:

Steinberg Wavelab 5.01b FIX for Windows VISTA

* Warning! Will only work with version 5.01b

Just copy the comdlgxp.dll and the CommonVcPh.dll to
your Wavelab folder. Overwrite existing files.


More info for those interested...
Like many others, I was frustrated when I found out that
Wavelab 5 did not run on Vista. Even more frustrated when
Steinberg said that they would not fix the problem for version 5.
Instead, one had to buy the new version 6. Yeah right!

Well good news! I happen to be good at reverse engineering and
I have a solution for you all. I was very curious on finding why
in hell Wavelab crashed when trying to "Open" or to "Save As..."
a file. Well, it looks like the problem comes from some changes in
the comdlg32.dll in Vista. Some wavelab variable gets overwritten
by the GetOpenFilename function inside comdlg32.dll. That causes
the application to crash. By debugging the disassembled code, I was
able to realize that Steinberg could have easily fixed the bug. They only
had to make a minor change in the source code. They wont fix it because
they want to make more money off you!

By The Black Numenorean
by pwhodges
Fri Mar 28, 2014 12:35 pm
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Re: What is going on with Cubase 7?

First off. OBVIOUS INFORMATION for the unready. This is NOT the ISSUES forum. This is NOT the Steinberg SUPPORT desk. I suggest you visit one or the other if one is serious about having these "problems".

There is less wrong with Cubase than is wrong with the incompetent who can't get it to work like thousands of others can.
Who don't know how to complain properly or even where to complain and who mysteriously have a convenient amnesia when it comes to supplying any handy information that might help themselves like system details. Complaining here just makes you all look a bit foolish because this is a USER self-help forum. Do I have to say that s-l-o-w-l-y. A u-s-e-r selllffff hhhheeeellllppp foooorrroooom. It's not the forum where the sane moan for years and years about the SAME problem they had with the last 8 versions (that they were NEVER going to buy). The problem that bothers no one else because they have got a life.
And I have seen devs contributing here. I have seen problems addressed. I think these posts are cheeky and arrogant beyond belief. How would any of you like to be treated the same way by your "clientele"? The way so much "doesn't work" I can believe complaints about some studios must be numerous. Does one tell the "client" "Sorry but it's Cubase. It's awful!" ? :roll:
And it doesn't help with problems when helpful suggestions are brushed aside as irrelevant because they don't join in with the spurious complaint brigade.

What's going on with Cubase 7 is "not much". What's going on with some users that needs more urgent attention.
Nobody MADE any of us buy Cubase. So why buy all those latest, shiny new versions that you said you'd never bother buying from Steinberg EVER again? I'm as dim as a 40watt lightbulb and I can get Cubase working. Even Cubase 7.
by Buchanan
Thu Apr 10, 2014 9:41 pm
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Re: Ozone 6 dither and Wavelab

There is a 6.01 update to Ozone 6 and now the dither setting works as expected.

Whatever the dither is set to in Ozone, the bit-meter in Wavelab shows the same.
by Jperkinski
Thu Nov 27, 2014 4:34 pm
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FREE Cubase Imager Pack For Mixer (Over 70 Instruments)

Hi guys,

I spent some time over the last couple days creating an image pack for the mixer using images from the internet and editing them in Photoshop to work perfectly with the mixer. There's over 70 images in total covering everything for Drums, Guitars, Bass, Vocals, Strings, Brass, Percussion, Woodwinds and Keys.

Download Link:

UPDATE 16/02/15
I've uploaded another pack for you guys. Native Synths. This pack covers all the current releases by Native Instruments. This is not an official pack by NI, this pack was created by myself using Photoshop. Below is a video on how to install the icons and a link to the pack.

Video Tutorial:
Download Link:

Happy mixing!
by marcusdellicompagni
Sat Feb 14, 2015 2:28 pm
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