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Re: Multiple long notes in midi editor

For me this has been fixed, as posted here:
Unfortunately for you there seems to a separate issue with the sustain pedal. As I don't use one I don't have that problem. But the problem I had right back from when I started with Cubasis has now been solved.

I really wish SB would do more of these maintenance releases and fix the existing bugs before adding more features. Automation would be nice but I wish all the other issues people are having would be addressed - or even acknowledged would be good. The last I heard from SB on this as you can see from this post is they were able to duplicate the problem and were going to get in touch with the developers of DrumsXD! I wonder what they asked them. :)

The IAA which was working well with SampleTank has now got a few probs. The control panel won't show up in ST and it won't monitor correctly now either until record is hit.

Among all the negatives of course I have to acknowledge that the interface and routing and simplicity of use of Cubasis is great now that I can record and edit MIDI.

For 2014 I'd like Mutes that stay muted until 'unmuted' and an option to have the cursor return to start on stop.
by RobBr
Thu Dec 26, 2013 10:49 am
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