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Re: CUbase 7.5…when?

by Airyck
Wed Nov 06, 2013 9:19 pm
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Re: Any Black Friday sales on Cubase 7??

Black Friday is an american thing and not international, furthermore, it is also a thing for retailers, so ask at your usual outlets.
by BriHar
Wed Nov 20, 2013 4:20 pm
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Re: So 7.5 is here (almost)

Thanks. I realise this is not your job, but since you're the only apparent connection with management, you must realise it's the only option most of us have in making our needs known. It's been many years since someone at the level of Charlie/Lars/Dave/etc. actually engaged with users about needs/wants/desires so all we can do is beg/plead with front-line people.

This is similar to most big, faceless, utilities where the end users are pretty much powerless. I understand the advantages for management (and for -you- to be able to say "I only work here"), but I'm not sure it's the image your company really wants to project.



Thank you.

Feel free to ask, if I cannot reply because it is not my duty, I'll ask to the proper people if it is possible to give out the required info. Nothing wrong with asking!
by Fabio Bartolini
Sat Nov 30, 2013 10:07 pm
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Re: come on steinberg a list of issues resolved in c7.5 PLEA

It doesn't answer the OP's request for all resolved issues but does show the mixer and arranger configurations in action.
by kelp
Mon Dec 02, 2013 11:17 pm
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Re: Cubase 7.5 Instrument Rack 2.0 - existing projects?

ptbbos wrote:Has there been any commentary yet on how the updated instrument rack will behave with existing projects?

Projects will behave the same. Rack Instruments show up as such in the Rack. For existing Instruments Tracks you will be able to enable additional Outputs.

by Helge Vogt
Tue Dec 03, 2013 1:57 pm
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Re: Cubase 7 Pro Film/TV Composers: Voice Your Opinion/Rate

I've been thinking about this a LOT recently. It's been pointed out to me that I rant a lot and I've been trying to figure out what my problem is. Truthfully, there are no dealbreakers in Cubase. It does basically everything I need very competently. And they keep adding neat-o features which make it more and more flexible, which is great. It's also 'fast' in terms of actual execution: loading, rendering, etc. are all satisfactory.

But here's the thing... Cubase keeps getting SLOWER to work with. Not -faster-. What inflames my sphincter with each passing year is that Cubase is like this: I go to a restaurant and I ask for a diet plate. And the waiter brings me the all you can eat buffet. And I say, 'No... I want the diet plate.' But the guy keeps bringing more of the all you can eat deal. And I feel bad for complaining, because... the guy keeps bringing me more food. I feel ungrateful---but it's not what I know is good for me. And I feel like a 'whiner'. But what they keep giving me is not what I need. It's great, but it's not what I -really- need.

1. Window management is rough.

2. Preset Management/File Management really stinks.

3. Key commands and icons and window layouts are getting less and less efficient.

...And all that stuff seems so 'small' but the truth? I work SLOWER now than I did in 2007. And I'm not getting any younger so it's getting increasingly annoying.

The projects I work on now are MUCH larger than they used to be. People expect MORE stuff; not 16 tracks... 160 tracks. And the workflow hasn't kept up. In fact, it's heading in the wrong direction.

And THAT is what drives me nuts. Many of the changes SB keeps making are not what I need. They're doing cool stuff, but it's clear they aren't listening to the stuff -I- care most about and that's frustrating. So I feel trapped. I have too many years in to change. Which is not a great feeling sometimes.

by suntower
Wed Dec 18, 2013 8:56 am
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Re: APPEAL: C7.X Pro Composers: Voice Your Opinion here![POL

The -broad- generalisation I seem to see from what I've read here over the years is this:

It -seems- like 'recording engineers' (people who work primarily with pre-recorded audio) like the direction of Cubase more than people like me who are 'composers' or 'orchestrators' (people who create structures from the ground up -inside- Cubase.) The vast majority of improvements seem to be for people who are taking a 'song' or big sections of content and then massaging it into shape. More of a traditional engineer or producer.

But for -me- who -composes- in Cubase and want to very quickly try ideas, jettison them; edit the -structure- itself, the more features Cubase adds, the -slower- the workflow the basic operations of 'ranges' and 'windows' and 'key commands' have not really been improved in a decade. A decade. You might argue 'Mediabay' and 'Presets' are big changes, but to that I would say: those were actually steps -backwards-. Call me old, but I -still- prefer FXPs. And I just want the options to load and save files where -I- want to... not in some 'cloud' like Mediabay. I want to -know- where everything is.
by suntower
Wed Dec 18, 2013 7:19 pm
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Re: APPEAL: C7.X Pro Composers: Voice Your Opinion here![POL

If it were really only $10k? I'd do it in a heartbeat.

With each year, I find myself being lured by the siren song of TERABYTES of new samples. Ever nicer orchestral libs. More realistic -whatevers-. I find myself buying less and less. It has nothing to do with the libs themselves, it's that I've come to realise I'm up to my -neck- in 'sounds' and 'plug-ins' and 'presets'. I have enough raw 'data' to last until I -die-.

More and more I find myself avoiding new -anything- because I'm -exhausted- managing the crap I have now. For example: what's the point of having 20 compressors if auditioning them is frickin' tedious? Far better to fall back on 2 or 3 tried and true.

What's the point of using a product like VSL Dimension Strings when setting up complex sections will take up literally -days- of my life? I look at the screens and I think 'Crap, if I had real players I could write this on score paper in an hour. But this'll take 3 days to make work in Cubase.' So I simply don't write that complex an idea. I use a simpler string lib. Nobody cares. But -I- care. I didn't get to do the super fun thing that is the reason I -write- music. Because the tools are sooooooooo tedious.

In short, the slower workflows have altered my -composing- and cut down on my -buying-. I fit my writing to what works in Cubase, rather than the other way round. It's not -terrible- but I liken it to a pension without a COLA. The requirements keep going up 5% every year, but Cubase workflows stay flat. So after 10 years, I'm starting to feel that 'gap'.

And there's simply no hardware I can throw at this kind of problem. As I wrote, Cubase is 'fast' enough. It's just not -fast- enough, if you take my meaning. I'm having the nagging feeling that I did better work in SX4 with far smaller sample libs and far lower res plug-ins. Perhaps this is the digital version of guys like Jack White who are fed up with too much tech. Maybe the problem is too much of the wrong tech. Or maybe my discomfort is Cubase's way of telling me I'm gettin' too old for this gig. :D

One last thing and then I promise I'm done. :D The maddening thing for me... I rant... then take a few years off... is that this is what I call the 'slot machine' problem: They always get -so- close that I keep thinking 'next time! It's gotta pay off next time if I just put in another quarter!' The things that -really- would help me are NOT huge deals. I really don't need a whole new 'window system'. Or a 'plug-in system'. Or any vast new initiative. They'd be -nice- but that's -not- the end of the world. I just need the Window On Top bug fixed. I just need the Sends pane to have both the rack -and- the panning together---like it used to be! I just need the Presets and MediaBay to be easier. I need a key command to get to the Info Line. I need a Lock Locators command. I need to be able to split an event inside an editor. I need the range tool to be tweaked a bit. I'd like to be able to chain LE presets together. -Small- things. Cubase already does enough stuff to last me a lifetime. It's those -little- things that are the holdup.


It's funny - I was bandying about the idea with another composer recently of what it would cost to develop a DAW from the ground up exclusively for film & TV composers. It feels like no DAW really caters to the workflows and needs of professionals while being reliable, flexible and jettisoning much of the fluff. A pipe dream...

Imagine something as complex as Cubase (as in years of super-specialized highly-paid work by a team of about 20 people, plus all the administration) that you can only sell to about 1,000 people around the world. How much would it cost to buy? My rough estimate: $10,000.
by suntower
Thu Dec 19, 2013 4:28 am
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Re: C7.5.0: Track Pictures Garbled (Sometimes)

Confirmed here. User or factory, same effect at 90 and 270 degrees.
by SteveInChicago
Thu Jan 23, 2014 8:35 pm
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Re: Cubase 7.5.1 Vs Logic X Pro Test on Mac

I work with both. Professionally I use Logic. For my own pursuits I use Cubase. I'll preface this by saying my background is Cubase - from VST through the latest. I've been working with Logic for nearly a year now. I'm know my way around. But still, I HATE the workflow. It should be called Illogic. It's clunky and unintuitive. (I realize this opinion is likely attributably to my background, but I can say I've never been so impeded by a DAW.) It boggles my mind that the program is as popular as it is.

Logic could have quadruple the performance of Cubase (which is what Orchetect is suggesting above), and still, I'd never consider using it for personal purposes.
by Brock
Sat Mar 15, 2014 12:20 am
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Cubase / Cubase Artist 7.5.20 maintenance update available

Dear Cubase and Cubase Artist 7.5 users,

We are happy to announce the availability of the 7.5.20 maintenance updates for Cubase 7.5 and Cubase Artist 7.5. Both updates are a free download and fully supported (please see the bottom of this post for links).

• TrackVersions: Delete Inactive TrackVersions
• Control Room Improvements
• Channel/track visibility: Key command for “Update configurations”
• Steinberg Hub: Remove recent projects from list
• Project window toolbar: Additional buttons
• New Preference: Record-Enable allows MIDI Thru
• New Preference: Colorize folder track controls only

Issues resolved
• An issue that interferes with the "Save" and "Close" behavior has been resolved.
• Toggling between projects with a MIDI track located before an instrument track in the track list now works as expected.
• Rack instruments behave now as expected when working with several projects at the same time.
• Searching for hidden tracks using "Find tracks" now makes hidden instrument tracks visible.
• Unmuting a folder track now unmutes all tracks inside the folder as expected.
• The agent "Hide muted tracks" works now on muted instrument tracks.
• The behavior of side scrolling with a Logitech mousewheel has been corrected.
• "Import track archive" works now as expected.
• The preset name of the Track Control Settings is now visible.
• The navigation of the In-place Editor works now as expected.
• "Punch in" works now as expected in Re-Record mode.
• A problem involving the pre-/postroll time display in Japanese language has been resolved.
• Gluing two MIDI parts no longer leads to unwanted transposition of certain notes.
• Resizing parts in locked tracks is no longer possible.
• A visual problem with frozen tracks has been resolved.
• "Select Tracks with Same Version ID" no longer shows automation lanes of instrument tracks.
• Locked tempo/signature tracks remain locked after re-opening a project.
• The ¢ symbol of the time signature palette of the Score Editor creates now a 2/2 time signature.

• Automatic hitpoint detection now works reliable.
• Audiowarping in the Sample Editor now works as expected.
• A problem with the visibility of the grid in Audiowarp has been resolved.
• A rare problem in VariAudio that rendered the application unreliable has been resolved.
• When ASIO-Guard is enabled dropouts no longer occur.
• The "Replace by" offline processing function works now as expected.
• Exporting a stereo mixdown to a new project now inserts a stereo audio file on a stereo track.
• Closing the window after exporting MP3, FLAC, Ogg Vorbis no longer renders the application unreliable.
• Exporting a 5.1 surround audio mixdown with the option "Wave split file" no longer renders the application unreliable.
• A visibility problem of the "Resolve Missing Files" window has been corrected.

Instrument tracks
• The agent "Hide muted tracks" now works on muted instrument tracks.
• The name of the main output of an instrument is now shown correctly on audio returns.
• Unmuting folder tracks involving instrument tracks work now as expected.
• Muting instrument tracks and MIDI sub-tracks now works as expected.
• The "Mute" key command now works for instrument tracks in the Project window as expected.
• The preference "Select Track on Background Click" now works properly for audio return tracks.
• Copy-pasting MIDI data now works for instrument tracks on the Project page.
• Selecting all inputs in the VST Instrument Rack now selects the correct instrument track.

• Print out now works as expected in Cubase Artist.
• Activating the function "Animate Note Cursor" now works as expected.
• Key commands for all symbol palettes are now available.
• A problem with redundant and missing key commands has been resolved.
• Zooming behavior of the zoom tool now works as expected.
• Filter checkboxes now update as expected when key commands are used.
• The box symbol in the replace mode is printed as expected.
• Chord Assistant: The state of the cadence mode is now recalled correctly.
• Clicking on the EQ bypass button while holding the Option/Alt keys now works as expected.
• Load/save EQ presets are available again in the Channel Settings window.
• The solo defeat function of instrument tracks now works as expected.
• A problem with the visibility syncing between MixConsole and Project window regarding instrument audio returns has been corrected.
• The function "Deactivate all mute states" now works as expected after selecting "Mute input" on virtual instruments.
• It is now possible to switch the visibility of collapsed folders that contain other folders inside the MixConsole.
• A rare graphical glitch on the horizontal scroll bar of the MixConsole has been corrected.
• Inputs and outputs can now be assigned using QuickLink on MIDI channels.
• A problem involving the visibility of the horizontal scroll bar in the MixConsole has been resolved.
• The preference "Select channels/track on solo" now works as expected when enabling the solo input of VST instruments.
• The solo button now works on external instruments as expected.

• The function "Activate/deactivate write (read) for all tracks" now affects the Quick Controls, too.
• Read mode is now enabled when pressing the write button.
• The command "Show used automation on a selected track" no longer opens the automation of the selected track’s group channel.
• "Delete automation of selected tracks" and "Delete all automation in project" are now available for audio returns of instrument tracks.

• The loading time of projects using HALion 5 has been improved.
• The Phaser plug-in works now as expected.
• An issue in VST Connect SE that may render the application unreliable under OS X 10.9 has been resolved.
• Saving the project under OS X while VST Connect SE is connected to VST Connect Performer now works properly.
* Please note that this list applies to Cubase 7.5 and not every entry may apply to Cubase Artist 7.5.


A detailed version history and the 7.5.20 Updaters are available here:

Cubase 7.5 downloads
Cubase Artist 7.5 downloads

Thanks for choosing Cubase!

Helge Vogt - Team Leader Product Marketing Group
Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH
Hamburg, Germany
by Helge Vogt
Thu Mar 13, 2014 8:24 am
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Re: Why such changes?

such changes
much advancing
very music
by ggc
Mon Apr 28, 2014 6:30 am
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Re: Cubase 7.5 on Bootcamp Windows...Anyone?

I've been running Cubase on a Bootcamped Mac Pro for years with great results. However I took delivery a couple months ago of a new Mac Pro Trash Can (8core) and decided to run the tests found at I don't know if it should be attributed to the Mac Pro or Cubase 7.5 or both, but there was negligible difference running in OS X or Windows with the same hardware.

I also tested several Thunderbolt and USB audio interfaces. The interfaces certainly had differences in performance, but the performance of each interface was similar between Windows and OS X.

I don't know if your mileage will vary on a different machine, but at least on high end hardware the OS performance gap that used to exist doesn't seem to be there any more. I have gone back to OS X for Cubase as I prefer the way the interface works.

Hope that helps.
by pondwalden
Tue Jul 29, 2014 8:19 pm
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Cubase 7.5.30 - "NOT" ROCK SOLID > 88.2/32 [ SOLVED ]

7.5.30 update is "NOT" rock solid now !!!!

LARGE 88.2 / 32 is still not working

Sorry I spoke to fast

I have the same issues as here:

by mbr
Wed Sep 03, 2014 7:01 pm
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Re: Asio Meter Comparison 7.5 vs 8

This right here is worth the $99.99 update alone
by peAk
Wed Dec 03, 2014 6:23 pm
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Re: Asio Meter Comparison 7.5 vs 8

orchetect wrote:The new ASIO Guard 2.0 is mainly responsible for the improvement (from what Steinberg claims).

Steinberg also claims that projects load faster. Can anyone test this between 7.5.30 and 8.0.0?

project loading for me is about 20% faster
20 seconds to load a project that took 25 seconds on 7.5
by Xtigma
Wed Dec 03, 2014 10:32 pm
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Cubase 8 Videos

Steinberg's Cubase 8 vids: YouTube Playlists :D

New Features

Quick Start Videos

Advanced Tutorials

by theRoyal1
Wed Dec 03, 2014 10:27 pm
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Render In Place observation

Hey guys. loving so many of the new C8 features. just wanted to share with you an observation. The Render In Place is something I've been waiting for. When you do it, be aware that C8 un-mutes and muted midi parts for render and then re-mutes all. So if you are like me, you should be aware that you should not select the muted parts if you want to retain that muted status.
by Knappy
Thu Dec 04, 2014 6:22 am
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Re: Asio Meter Comparison 7.5 vs 8

digitalson wrote:no way!!!!! that's awesome me a fav ..see how much lower you can go before it craps out


this is as low as I can set the RME..
plays just fine..

by Xtigma
Fri Dec 05, 2014 1:12 am
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C8, ASIO Guard 2, and Kontakt Multiprocessing/Core settings

Anyone care to chime in with their experience so far?

With people who are seeing a large reduction in ASIO metering/usage in C8, how many cores are you allotting to Kontakt running inside C8, with ASIO Guard 2 enabled? Anybody done any experiments with different K5 core settings yet with respect to AG2?

After extensive testing with C7.5 here, I determined that, at least on my rigs, we had the highest load capacity and best overall performance by running everything [and I mean, EVERYTHING] in VEP on a local server instance outside of Cubase with C7.5 multithreading off, AG turned off, two threads per V-frame, everything divided into 12 v-frames, and multiprocessor off in K5. This is on a 2012 12-core MP running 10.8.5 with 96 gigs of RAM.

However... with all the ballyhooing about AG2 functioning similarly to Logic's buffer now [I was on Logic for 20-ish years, starting with Notator, but finally gave it up for C7.5 compared to LPX], it's looking like I should [ugh] re-think my template yet again, and adopt some of my prior best practices from LP9; namely to run more single mono-timbral instances of everything rather than multis; run most everything local inside the sequencer [I have multiple fully stand-alone slaves for the orchestral heavy-lifting, so I only run things that change from cue to cue in the main comp/sequencer - drums, specialty instruments, sound design, synths, etc. - it's still a lot]. Steinberg seems to be recommending using more single instances with AG2, as it will calculate a multitimbral inst and track chain all on the record buffer once any midi track is monitor/record-enabled that points to it.

On that note, I wonder if, similar to Logic, everything downstream of a record-enabled inst. also gets calculated on the same thread with this new scheme [the dreaded one-core Logic-style overloads, anyone? :roll: ] What if multiple vsti's then have sends on their tracks to the same reverb/delay, etc.? Do all of them, and the return efx, shift to be processed on the record buffer too?

Alright everyone - please weigh in with your current experience, findings, and settings. Let's see if we can find some consensus on the best way to maximize things under the newly improved AG2.
by wtreeCT
Thu Dec 04, 2014 10:42 pm
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[DUPE]Save new version numbering faulty (Strg+Alt+S)


when saving a new version of a project the new numbering starts at the lowest available number in the path of the cpr, instead of increasing the actual postfix.

How to reproduce:
create new project with file name "version number"
save new version (Strg+Alt+S) -> saved file name: "version number-01"
save new version (Strg+Alt+S) -> saved file name: "version number-02"
save new version (Strg+Alt+S) -> saved file name: "version number-03"
save new version (Strg+Alt+S) -> saved file name: "version number-04"
save new version (Strg+Alt+S) -> saved file name: "version number-05"
save new version (Strg+Alt+S) -> saved file name: "version number-06"
delete or move file "version number-01" to a different location
save new version (Strg+Alt+S) -> saved file name: "version number-01" - numbering starts from the beginning...
with old behavior the file name would have been: "version number-07"

kind regards
by Tubeplayer
Mon Dec 08, 2014 7:27 pm
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Re: Waiting For Video Service - Currently Not Responsive

The devs do know about this and it is an in-progress issue. Also if you look in the Activity monitor you can see the OS thinks the processes are not responding, but in fact they are. Apparently the finding the fix has been extremely evasive.

It seemed like it got fixed for an update or two, but now it's back more consistent than ever, on my system. For the past while I've been running Cubase with the video component hidden from it, but of course that's not an option for you or many others...

I'll update this thread if I hear more.
by SteveInChicago
Tue Dec 09, 2014 2:59 am
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Re: Hidden Cubase 8 features!

Now you can disable Instrument Tracks, which makes it easier to use large templates.
by stereolost
Mon Dec 08, 2014 4:03 am
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Snap behaviour


I've posted a while back on the Cubase 6 forum a feature request for non-latching snap, which would behave in a way similar to Final Cut Pro. This would allow toggling snap on or off *after* starting a mouse-drag operation and while the mouse button is pressed. Currently, if you start a drag operation and realize the snap behaviour isn't what you want, you have to let go of the mouse, undo, toggle snap and start over.

Apparently, in Cubase 8, this has been implemented when dragging files *into* the project window. I've tried this with both a video track and an audio track. Grab a file from the Finder, drag it into a track without letting go of the mouse button, and while positioning it you can toggle snap with the usual shortcut (J by default). Very handy.

I can find no obvious reason why this feature was implemented only for adding parts from the Finder and not for regular drag operations in the Project window.

Any chance this could be addressed in the coming updates?
by Altostratus
Wed Dec 17, 2014 10:43 am
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Custom Logical Editor Preset (sharing)

(EDIT: I should have said Logical Editor Presets instead of Macro)

I just want to share some simple custom macros I wrote and found really useful after assigning key commands to it
I use it to modify velocity and Modulation controllers (for orchestral libraries that use velocity crossfade...)
To add, reduce, compress and expand dynamics (CC1 and Velocity) on the fly.
You can apply it to an entire region, selected midi notes, selected Controller (CC lanes) or even for CC inside note expression.
I prefer blending Velocity and CC1 into 1 macro instead of having two different macros for each others, it takes less key commands to memorize. Doesn't matter if theres no CC1 data to process

Dynamics +5
(type is equal note) OR
(Type is equal controller AND
Value 1 equal 1) //this the CC number
Value 2 add 5

Dynamics -5
(type is equal note) OR
(Type is equal controller AND
Value 1 equal 1)
Value 2 Subtract 5

Dynamics Compress
(type is equal note) OR
(Type is equal controller AND
Value 1 equal 1)
Value 2 Divide 1.1000
Value 2 add 5

Dynamics Expand
(type is equal note) OR
(Type is equal controller AND
Value 1 equal 1)
Value 2 Multiply 1.1000
Value 2 subtract 5

Assign key commands to it and it really fasten the workflow, specially for orchestral mockups.
You can modify the CC number and the values as you wish.

For velocity only version just delete the second and third line
by BFred
Tue Jan 13, 2015 7:17 pm
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Cubase Pro 8.0.10 maintenance release planned for March

Hello all,

I would like to inform you that the next Cubase 8 update (8.0.10) has been delayed it will now be released in the middle of March. This update addresses issues with the pre-count and metronome click, resolves issues using Mackie Control remotes and improves stability using third-party plug-ins. A complete list of fixes will be announced at the date of availability.

Best regards,
by Guillermo
Tue Feb 17, 2015 5:09 pm
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Cubase Pro-Cubase Artist 8.0.10 maintenance update available

Dear Cubase 8 users,

We are happy to announce the availability of the 8.0.10 maintenance updates for Cubase Pro 8 and Cubase Artist 8! These updates are a free download and fully supported (please see the bottom of this post for links).

This update resolves 50 issues, including metronome click problems, Mackie Control remote issues and 3rd party plug-in issues. To find out what has been fixed in Detail, please head over to this knowledgebase article .

The 8.0.10 Updaters are available here:

Cubase Pro 8 downloads
Cubase Artist 8 downloads

Thanks for choosing Cubase!

Helge Vogt - Team Leader Product Marketing Group
Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH
Hamburg, Germany
by Helge Vogt
Thu Mar 12, 2015 12:10 pm
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8.0.10 Important Heads-up

For those serious enough to read manuals it should interest you to know that the Operation Manual has been revised with the 8.0.10 update release!

Sections have been added.

There are a whopping 9 pages more in the new version, though admittedly some of this is due to poor editing (misplaced page breaks), there is some new material.

So don't forget to update your PDFs if you have them stored in other folders or on other devices (readers etc.).
I expect the files in the installation folders will be automatically replaced.
by BriHar
Thu Mar 12, 2015 1:57 pm
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My 8.0.10 experience so far

So....Installation went smooth. I loaded up a project that just did not last a few mins in 8.0.5 before it would crash on f3 or for whatever reason. I've been working on mixing the song for the past hour using various different plugins without one hiccup. The performance meter still does the weird thing where it bounces up and down without the project even playing but its not nearly as bad as before and I have yet get a spike. So so far so good. Unfortunately, this project has no virtual instruments which was another issue I had with 8.0.5 so I will be testing one of those projects next and give an update on how that goes.
by MERC476
Thu Mar 12, 2015 5:11 pm
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Re: Re-Record and 8.0.10 Update...

Nevermind, I have just got to my Music Lab, installed the update and Re-Record (so far) is working perfectly. Cubase 8.0.10 is just brilliant now!

So Happy!
by jono not bono
Thu Mar 12, 2015 2:58 pm
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Cubase Presets & backing Up to where exactly?

Been some fair point shere & some invalid ones too regarding the general concensus about the usability of C8

Ill chime in ( for the first in a while & the main reason Im back here) Like many of us, we simply upgraded over a previous version of Cubase.

I fully KNOW this is wrong on so many levels ( from the hassles we had in C5 with C++ redistributables missing etc), but from C6 - 6.5 - 7 - 7.5 - 8 (05) the constant upgrading paths & installers changing - Halion VST sound banks erroneously being dumped around various folder or missing. changing folder structures & locations... Mediabay playing up etc/not responding fluidly/ GUI headaches etc/ Halion Sounds installer issues etc.

I am fully aware probably 99% OF ALL USERS HEADACHES would probably disappear with 8.05 FRESH vanilla O/S wiped Install.

From Scratch.
We get that.

However Steinberg your policy of "simply dumping every iota of data somewhere inside the C drive" in a completely unstructured way kinda makes me lose the will to live.

It Makes backing up Cubase & their respective Midi files / VST presets / VST3 presets /Logical Editor Presets/ MIDI Loops/GA KITS & related soundsources ALMOST impossible to correctly manage - maintain - update , in a cohesive manner.

Im a 18 yrs user of Cubase, but has finally hit my limit of HOW the hell to back up ALL the relevant data from one version to another in a concise LOGICAL order. without corrupt placements - missing files - or anything releated to a FAIL.

My business relies on being able to "keep up with Jones" Im adept at the inner workings of all WIndows O/S incarnations, but cmon guys , we need a hand in management - especially looking towards the future & larger databases - Largers sample libraries - Mediabay does great for that.

But the basics start within Cubase - Tracking ALL the components needed & included in my daily growing internal presets archive, this is getting too much to bear.

We NEED help in managing Cubase - esp from version to version updates. it starts to get ridiculous even managing Groove quantise Presets elegantly. Or tracking vst3 presets/ vst 2.4 presets (in another folder) Midiloops/chorder presets/patterns

Can we get some help in this area for future update paths please Steinberg??

The mediabay helps in handling Audio best & does great - 1 dll file & your there.

But certainly all the included presets & files I have built up & added to directly within Cubase - I need a sherpa guide handcuffed to me to even begin to dive into the quagmire inside the Steinberg folder.

should be made more manageable please, this would help in many areas, esp in helping users (both new & long term) upgrade/update MORE fluidly.
by Discoworx
Sun Mar 08, 2015 1:36 pm
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Re: Cubase Presets & backing Up to where exactly?

On top of this, Cubase is inconsistent with WHEN it saves preferences too. Some things get committed to disk (ie: in .xml files in the Preferences folder) as soon as settings are changed, but other things don't get committed to disk until you successfully quit Cubase (read: successfully . Cubase has had a nasty history of randomly crashing during operation or on program quit - before it has a chance to save your preference changes to disk).
Worth repeating. Too many tears before bedtime because of this.
by Crotchety
Fri Mar 13, 2015 11:59 am
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Well, 8.0.10 is damn stable now.

It's now super stable, never crashes when I delete multiple tracks like it often did before, and runs super smooth. 8.0 inherited a lot of the crashing problems from 7.5 (such as crashing more often than not when deleting channels/tracks, etc.), but they seem to have been largely remedied - for me, anyway - with 8.0.10. There are still a lot of GUI and usability issues to fix, but I'm happy to say it's smooth basically no-crash for me at this point.
by Headlands
Mon Mar 30, 2015 12:14 am
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