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F3 to bring Mix Console to front!

I am alone thinking that having to press F3 two time to bring the Mix Console to front is really annoying? If it is behind let say a Key Editor window or behind MediaBay, the first F3 hit will close MixConsole, and the second will bring it to front.

In previous Cubase versions, only one F3 press would bring it (or the old mixer) directly to front, which makes a lot more sense.

I really which SB could fix it the way it was.
by nicoroy123
Tue Nov 12, 2013 2:18 am
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Re: 7.5 LoopMash FX blank panel part

It seems I've found the solution. In the German Cubase forum I came across some info. So I downloaded Microsoft's .Net framework 4.0 and updated my Radeon videocard's driver. Now I have graphics in Loopmash FX. I don't really know which one, but I guess the .Net thing did the trick.
by Lippi
Mon Dec 16, 2013 5:47 pm
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Re: HALion 5 multi outputs not working in c7.5

one of your own sounds I take it ?
by G-string
Sun Dec 22, 2013 11:49 pm
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Vance Miller

Vance Miller Kitchens. 42 Times trading standards have failed to prosecute Vance. How can they be wrong 42 times unless they are lying. All the propaganda about Vance is just that complete propaganda.

Vance Miller
by cantik33
Mon Feb 24, 2014 5:28 am
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Re: Eventide Ultrachannel Plugin FREE!

"neilwilkes" beat all y'all to it! :lol:

Not by much, though ...

by Scab Pickens
Wed Jun 11, 2014 3:02 am
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[FR]Change order of Instruments in the VST Instrument Rack


I've been using Cubase since its version 1.0, which was around 1992 or 1993. I had my opportunities to work on other DAWs and even systems such as Opus and Synclavier, but I've always made Cubase my personal choice. This is my only personal setup now. You can probably tell I am a fan.

However. There is one big problem with 7.5 which prevents me from using it so far.

In 7.0.6, my current template, which I use every day on a project which I earn my living, includes 45 Kontakts on TOP of the VST instruments list, and then some Omni's, a Halion SE with Dark Planet, Stylus RMX, and a couple of others at the BOTTOM of the list. So there is gap between the 45th Kontakt and the rest of the VSTi's at the bottom. This is so that I can add more Kontakts later and not have their numbering be messed up in the Audio Export window when I need to export audio from a specific Kontakt plugin within my template.

Now: you can imagine how many tracks I've got in my template. Each of them is assigned to the spesific MIDI channel of a specific VST Instrument. That each specific VST instrument sits within its specific slot within the VST Instruments rack, which affects its MIDI track assignments. If the slot is changed, the corresponding MIDI track will play the wrong sound.

In the new update 7.5, I open my template. I want to add a new VST Instrument. So I open the VST Instruments rack window. The instruments which used to be in the bottom of the VST Instruments list are now listed consecutively after all the other instruments on top of the list, which means their VST Instrument numbers are now switched and I will have to re-assign them within my template. Well, that's a drag but it's not like re-assigning Instrument numbers to the first 45 Kontakt MIDI tracks, if I had to. Let's hope I don't have to re-assign those Kontakt tracks.

Now. I click on instrument 45 (which is my Kontakt 45. The next is Omnisphere. By clicking Instrument 45 I am hoping that it's now selected (although there is no indication of that), and thus I hope to to add a new VST Instruments after the Kontakt 45. Just like if you select a MIDI track in the Project window and then add another MIDI track, the new track is going to be added under the track you've just selected. That's the theory.

I click on "Add instrument track" button on top and select Kontakt. The new VST instrument is added ON TOP OF THE VST INSTRUMENT RACK . THIS instrument is now #1 in the list. There is no way for me to change this, this is the only way it works, there is no way to move it down to become #46, and there is no other way around it. This re-assigns all my template's MIDI tracks corresponding to the "previously"-first 45 Kontakts to the wrong new VST Instrument number values . That's 720 MIDI tracks for me to look forward to re-assigning manually to their "new" VST Instrument slot numbers. No way.

This is pure big NO to 7.5 for me until this is fixed. I'm sorry guys, I'm a huge fan of Cubase and have always been, but why make such decisions (the new VST Instruments window) without even testing it? You need betatesters? I'm a Spectrasonics betatester for the past 12 years and I can help you with it. This issue is a really serious one: film, TV, game composers with huge templates are not going to go for this, um, Feature? - no way. Please re-work it. Again - need my help testing? I'll do it happily.

Thank you.
by alexkharlamov
Thu Dec 05, 2013 1:08 pm
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Why Does Cubase Rune My Creativity Every Time?

So I feel like doing some music for the first time in a couple of weeks, boot up Cubase and it has decided to scan EVERY SINGLE NOTE again. :twisted:
I have a lot of notes.
I am still weighting music heavily towards having more and more of them .............. but Cubase converts every one of them into tiny, little runes ..... like zeroes and ones, at the atomic level, inside a silicon chip!

And before anyone mentions time changes, it is irrelevant, it happens with every time signature I have used, 7/8, 9/8, 5/4 ..... all of them ....... because Steinberg have had years to connect the time sigs.

This is a common thing with Cubase, my random, pointless notes happening at inconvenient times from my skill, or lack thereof, to make music.

In Life, I can get started faster and get ideas down much faster on paper, but the mixing/sound is not as good, so I prefer Cuabse overall, because it is so frustrating when my brain freezes, yes .... I get virtual cortex blue screens (Yes in 2014! Miles did an album about it .... Kind Of Blue) which generally throws a spanner in my cranial works.

Steinberg are so completely the obvious solution to fix simple issues of my, otherwise, analog workflow (drawing flyspecks on notation paper).

I always say "Sort simple things out before adding more bells and whistles". Like doing the guitar overdubs before adding the tubular bells and penny-whistles.

But I know this will happen, as they are neither negligent, nor purposely making there (they're, their) product half finished so that everyone buys the next update in the hope they will be fixated on some new feature set.

I am in the process of going through all my Cubase projects and bouncing all over the studio all happy and gleeful, and when I am done, I am going to smell Cubase, the way I used to open vinyl albums and whiff in the *flower* essence, like perfume.

My notes have finally finished scanning, rant over...........

by swamptone
Wed Apr 09, 2014 9:08 pm
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Re: MIDI and VSTs

I don't know if it's possible in Artist, but it's certainly possible in Cubase.

1) Create the instruments you want to use as VST Instruments in the rack (NOT instrument tracks, as they will not work).
2) Create the MIDI track you want, with MIDI data on it.
3) Ensure that MIDI Sends is available in your inspector (right-click on it and tick it, if not)
4) Turn on Send #1, and set the output (which will start out as "not connected") to the first VST Instrument
5) Turn on Send #2, and set the output to the Second VST Instrument.

You should be good to go. You can, of course, send the "usual" output to a VST Instrument as well (or external MIDI or wherever), so you can have up to 5 instruments driven by the one track (original plus 4 sends)
by djaychela
Mon Apr 14, 2014 8:39 pm
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Re: Lowering volume on mass


How about creating a group channel in mix console (call it pre-out) and route all your automated tracks to it. That way you can use the fader to adjust the volume of only the tracks routed to it!

That's one way to do it. Alas, a little unnecessary.

Why not just lower the master fader? You wind up with the same result. (edit - if the chs are peaking, lowering the master fader wont help there)

If you want to do the auto thing, you can do the following... it's a few steps but is pretty simple:

Ctrl+A/Select All > KC for group (or r-click on any event > edit > group)
KC for Automation > Show all used auto
Ctrl+A/Select All again - now all of your events and all of your auto is selected
Ctrl+click on any event; now all of your events are de-selected and all of your auto remains selected
In the info line change the value accordingly
KC for Automation > Hide all auto
Ungroup your events when finished if you would like


The problem there is that this will only work for the channels that already have automation and it sounds like the OP is saying only SOME of his channels already have automation.

I think using 'Trim Automation' might be a better solution...

In the Mix Console, enable Q-Link
Select all the channels you want to change.
Enable Write Automation for all channels.
Open the Automation Panel (in the Project menu).
In the Automation Panel, enable 'To Start' and 'To End' and 'Trim'.
Now, if you move any fader by say -6dB, all of your channels will have their volume reduced by 6dB, including any automation curves that you have already programmed.
by J-S-Q
Fri Dec 06, 2013 7:57 am
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Re: Does an opinion matter without experience?

matjones wrote:Dirty Harry's take ............

So the question becomes, 'do a..holes matter', except on the crapper... :P .
by Mauri
Wed Aug 27, 2014 10:22 am
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Friendly Warning! Waves-"V9r20"-WLC V9.3.0.14.


A new version of WAVES installer "V9r20" is out now that also update the WLC- Waves License Center to V9.3.0.14.
I updated last night and that were a really bad move. You might facing a big "sh*t storm" in front of you if you just update!! :(
After I update with Waves installer "V9r20" the Waves WLC didn't recognized my computer ID anymore and has change my computer ID to a complete new untitled ID name? I check the Internet and there are more then me that have the same problems!

I email the Waves-support service and got very friendly and nice message back how to proceed. I'm very experience with computers and systems and tried to disable all kinds of things to get going. After a while during trying I had disabled so much I couldn't even close down my computer "normal" still Waves WLC couldn't recognized my computer old ID?
End of day it didn't work and I needed to use my last resort "Waves recovery license"-program to get going. Just so you all know you can only use this solution once per year.

Waves support recommend me in the future to use USB key instead because the computer ID can change anytime. They can't guarantee that it won't. This can especially happen if you add another new hardware to your setup. I haven't change my setup or add any new hardware lately, still I got this major problems.

So if you use "computer-recognize"- based waves-license as I did, always be safe and add all your license to the "License-Wave-Cloud" ALWAYS before you update, add or do anything with waves installers in the future! And to be safe, use a USB-Key for all your licenses that can't randomly change the ID.

Other then that all Waves plugins that I use work in Cubase 7.5 without any problems, CLA-bundle, Reel ADT etc... :)

Best Regards
by Freddie H
Wed Oct 01, 2014 7:04 pm
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Re: Version 8.0.10....WHEN???? Cause it is needed!!!!!

The next release will fulfill all of your dreams.

That's what I say to my wife...
by lachrimae
Wed Jan 21, 2015 8:41 pm
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Re: mixing and mastering explained !!

NorthWood MediaWorks wrote:but I prefer less makeup-gain :D

Excellent! ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!
and I really mean it.

by curteye
Wed Mar 25, 2015 12:14 am
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Re: is cubase dying a slow death? [speculative discussion]

Viva la difference!

Why do people want make everything into a clone of something else? We don't have to be Borged!
by Patanjali
Sun Mar 29, 2015 3:46 am
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