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Re: Mid-side lop-side

Voxengo msed is a good plug for decoding. :)
This has turned out to be a better tip than I thought. I'd forgotten there was an Inline mode, which is making a beautiful job of reversing my earlier c-u.

For those of you who don't know the plugin - it's free and available in 64- and 32-bit versions - there are three modes.
Encode: l/r -> m/s
Decode: m/s -> l/r
Inline: l/r -> m/s -> l/r *
* Essentially it allows you to rebalance the stereo width on the fly. Hello again, clarity!

Bit of an essential piece of equipment that I now understand the use of so much better than I did. Thanks, Woodcrest, you are the man!

A very :D C
by Crotchety
Sat Oct 26, 2013 7:29 pm
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Re: Stars and Ratings?

You're a star without the designation John... in fact, we all are! 8-)

That's my rating!

:lol: :lol: :lol: I want some of what your having :P

My goodness, when ya login, ya get to see where everyone thanked the
poster, kind-a cool, kind-a weird. I would guess it will play out to indicate which answers are most accurate as voted (thanked) by the forumites drawn to that thread...hmmm, if I've got this right, that would leave the Stars and Ratings in the title block to give indication of the value/quality of answers given inside the thread which could then be found by reading the thanked posts. This could help with sorting through long threads for quality answers to the topic and may be valuable in the serious parts of the forum ie: C 7.5, etal. In the lounge, it may lean in a different direction.

So now with my new and enlightened understanding of Stars, Ratings and Thanking, I Thank all of you.
by JSW
Wed Dec 11, 2013 4:44 pm
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Happy New Year

Wishing you all the very best of everything for 2014. Most of all, health, safety and great companionship... if you have all those in order, its all good.

And happy new gear to some too :mrgreen: ..... not much for me just yet this season, but hoping that will change!
by NorthWood MediaWorks
Wed Jan 01, 2014 4:03 am
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Re: Any harpists in here?

Ah .... John Ward does good blues harp, Larry.

Take care :)
by Glyn Powell
Sun Feb 16, 2014 2:25 am
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Re: One dimensional vocal - lost its mojo

Other than bass drum/bass guitar/etc, apply a low cut (high pass filter) on all your tracks to around 100hz.

Sorry, but that's not how you mix. I keep seeing people (here and elsewhere) talking about how you should just slap an HPF filter on a track to cut the lows. What?!?! No.

Then I keep seeing people (here and elsewhere) talking about how you should just slap an LPF filter on a track to cut the his. What?!?! No.

That's not to say that filters should never be used, nor that there aren't situations where you would just slap an HPF or LPF on and cut. Sure there are. But telling someone who is having an issue getting a vocal track to sit in a mix to slap on an HPF to everything other than bass drum/bass guitar/etc (what's "etc", anyway???) because those tracks "don't need the low frequencies" is not helping - it's hurting. I am really not trying to be a *a no no* here (in real life, I happen to be a really cool guy) but you are telling someone to do something a certain way which is - at least in a general sense - just plain wrong.

If the vocal track is not sitting right in the mix, there are several things to keep in mind.

1) The recording is key. Obviously you are past that point now, but for future reference... capturing a great vocal performance is not just about setting up a mic in front of the vocalist and pressing record. It is actually a lot more involved than many people - including those who are relatively new to engineering - realize. It starts with the vocalist. If the vocalist is not that good (and no, I am not only talking about pitch), you are going to have issues with trying to get that vocal track to sit properly in the mix, regardless of the room, mic pre, mic, compressor used, and regardless of what you do to it - and the rest of the instruments - after the fact. There is the compressor. It's not just adding a comp to the chain - it's knowing how to use that comp. And the settings will vary from vocalist to vocalist. Then there is the room, and the mic pre. Now, the comp, mic pre and room are little things, but they add up. Then there is the mic. Want a good read on how to go about selecting "the right vocal mic"? Have a look at the GS thread, where James Lugo tries to find the right vocal mic for himself:

If you are into audio, and engineering, and you dont find that an interesting read, you need to have your head examined.

2) The dual comp idea is a good one - sometimes . It depends largely on the recording and the performance. Is the performance extremely dynamic to begin with? Was there a comp used already, which has already significantly decreased the dynamic range? Dual comp may not always be the way to go - but if you do decide to go that route, be gentle.

3) Maybe the issue is not the vocal track, but everything else. Or maybe some things. Remember - the vocal track rules all. Well, generally speaking. Sometimes, you need to sacrifice other elements to get the vocal track to sit right. So, the guitar(s), or the snare, or the piano, or whatever, may sound great on their own, and may sound great in the mix without the vocals, but that doesn't mean you should say "well - the guitars sound great - so I can' touch those!" No. If you have to sacrifice some of the guitar for the sake of the vocal, you do it. If you have to cut some freqs from the guitar that are competing with the vocal, but find that the guitar doesn't sound as great anymore, you do it - for the sake of the vocal. That doesn't mean that other things should start sounding like crap; the overall objective is to get the track as a whole to sound great, but sometimes, you have to cut your hand off so you can see where you are walking so as not to walk off a cliff. Ok, that was pretty stupid - but you get the drift.

4) Try backing off on some of the vocal track's reverb level, and when you add a delay, add that same verb to the delays themselves. Try a Ping-Pong delay, so as not to have the delays repeat in the center only.

5) EQ is the way to go when it comes to making something stick out. I cant tell you which way to go obviously, but many many hours have been spent in many pro studios by many a pro engineer working on getting the EQ of the vocal track just right. If you slap on an EQ to the vocal track , and think you are done after spending 5 min on it, you probably have not spent nearly enough time.

Mixing is an art form unto itself, and take many many years to perfect. Keep banging away!

by Jeff Hayat
Fri Feb 21, 2014 4:57 am
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Re: A bit jealous of Cubase users..?

Here we go again...I vote for the complete...

CubaseProductionToolKit :lol:
by Oliver.Lucas
Thu Feb 13, 2014 5:51 pm
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Re: 30th Anniversary, anything for loyal customers?

What would you like to see as your reward for being a loyal customer on their 30th anniversary?
Acknowledgement and recognition! You know, something like:
On this our 30th anniversary, we would like to extend a hearty thanks to all our customers who have chosen to stay with us, supported us by keeping up with the latest versions, weathered design changes, and the bugs, and helped us improve Cubase so that it is the most full-featured DAW on the market today. Again, thank you.
by Patanjali
Thu Jul 17, 2014 7:47 pm
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Re: 30th Anniversary, anything for loyal customers?

Right. That would be something.

But not a "hahaha, look... those who upgrade to the full version now get 30% and you get nothing! Hahahahaha!"

Well... a free kit for GA One or something would be great, too. ;-) Or that simple VST sampler Cubase lacks anyway since it's inception...
by TheNavigator
Thu Jul 17, 2014 9:28 pm
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Re: Steinberg have actually done me a major favour

Vote CurtEye, the next external mod!
by sycophant
Thu Jul 17, 2014 11:00 am
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Re: Dead Forum Society

Maybe this will get things rolling a bit

The String Theory -- Ever heard of it? :lol:
by twilightsong
Fri Jul 25, 2014 6:03 am
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Re: Does RME have anything to do with Steinberg interfaces?


some older Steinberg interfaces were manufactured by RME, yes. Audiolink 96 and Nuendo 8 I/O (the ADI 8 named by Tom - gosh, that dancing cow :lol:), for example. You can still find some info online, i.e Sound On Sound.

The current line of Steinberg interfaces is manufactured by Yamaha.

Have a good week-end!
by Fabio Bartolini
Fri Aug 29, 2014 10:36 pm
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Re: Hard Drive failure! :-(

According to my "Time Machine" menu drop down, 42 minutes ago! :lol:

Right on! Ain't it nice when things work great when they break? ;)
by SteveInChicago
Sun Sep 07, 2014 11:41 pm
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Re: Rejection of digital emulations - just arrogant behaviou

Woodcrest Studio wrote:Amp sims bend over for amps. Then the cow and amp have their way with it. ---->>>>

Udderly true! :lol:
by swamptone
Wed Oct 29, 2014 10:19 pm
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Re: Mobile music production (a rant)

I don't think you can beat this for a band:
18 inputs, 16 mic and 2 line and 8 outs with eqs comps, gates, 4 multi-FX and record 18 tracks via USB to your laptop for $699.
by beatpete
Sat Nov 01, 2014 3:37 pm
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Re: Do not update your NVIDIA drivers to 344.75 driver.

I'm always interested in your reports regarding GPU drivers, so if anyone is having problems, please reply here.

I have an nVidia 520 GT here and 344.75 works just fine (had Cubase running in cycle on a mid-sized mixing project for over 5 hours now). But different GPUs might behave differently.

Thank you all and have a nice week-end.
by Fabio Bartolini
Fri Nov 21, 2014 2:51 pm
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Re: Short video from yesterday's session.

Cool! :D

What are we listening to? Sound like video cam mic on the drums, and direct from the vox?
by Jeff Hayat
Tue Dec 02, 2014 3:34 am
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