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Re: F3 bug still not fixed and Cubase 7.5 payed upgrade?

That's messed up, so I have to pay to get the bug fixed. I can't believe this big has not been fixed yet. F3 is such a common function to bring up the mixer. I use it on a regular basis, and %50 of the time I have to hit f3 twice to get the mixer to come up. Than sometimes the size of the channels is all out of whack (width increases by about double the size).
by haloinreverse
Thu Dec 12, 2013 11:35 am
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Re: Quantizing Audio AND Musical Mode - Users, please read a

Seems to me this should be a pretty huge topic as it's either a massive oversight on Steinberg's end or I'm missing something. Far as I can tell, we have to choose one or the other: we can either have Cubase quantize audio (see the excellent tutorial on - most of the way down the screen) OR use Musical Mode, where Cubase puts hitpoints/Audio Warp markers at regular intervals, with no regard to the hitpoints (transients) it detected.

If Cubase can detect transients and quantize accordingly - meaning it's moving transients to recognized points on the Tempo-based grid - why can't it base Musical Mode on those (rather than intervals that don't necessarily have any useful relationship to the content onto which they're applied)? As it is, if we quantize audio and then enable Musical Mode, Cubase effectively undoes all the quantization.

Why can't we have both? Having quantized audio that is responsive to tempo adjustments we make after the matter would be incredibly useful.


I don't exactly understand your question but if your have recorded audio material in example 98bpm and Cubase doesn't understand the time base material is 98bpm. Do as following.

1. Press CTRL+P to open AUDIO POOL.
2. Find the audio clip you like to active that Cubase 7 hasn't detect the tempo.
3. Activate the clip "Empty box" and add the tempo manual =98bpm.
4. Close AUDIO POOL.

Now you can quantize the audio file or what ever...

Best Regards
by Freddie H
Fri Dec 13, 2013 12:47 am
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Re: USB madness (a plea for a software dongle)

USB, I've often experienced a dead eLicense dongle (i.e. inactive) when the program hangs on exit.

Sounds to me like a faulty dongle (or a bad usb chip, unlikely if you get it on a few machines). Could Steinberg have had a bad batch of dongles leading to some users having the crash on exit problem? I'd swap your present one out and see. I've never seen the problem and my dongle's over ten years old. Maybe it's the new short ones.

Dirty connections, I clean all PCI and USB contacts every 3 years and have managed to revive most of the PCI/USB cards plugs that I have believed to be faulty, there are 15 years since the USB key was introduced therefore a number of old keys around that have seriusly oxidising contacts
by Reiknir
Thu Jan 16, 2014 5:13 pm
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Re: C7.5.1 64bit - is this a joke? - from a new user

So far, I've loaded C7.5 up a few times, have saved 3 test projects and had to force close C7.5 through task manager in W7 x64 almost every time I load the program due to the way it freezes without any warning.

In trying to use my 32bit plugins in Bitbridge (which is meant to be able to run these things), a frighteningly large number of plugins fail to load, crash C7.5 or appear with a GUI window that has no GUI. It is worth noting that the 64bit version of Sonar X3 runs all these plugins without any problem. Some examples of plugins that work in Sonar but don't work in Cubase:

Algorithmix Blue
Cakewalk Z3ta+
Steinberg Hypersonic
Inspector XL
Nomad Factory - some of them fail to load
Spectrasonics Atmosphere and Stylus
UAD-2 (Studer 800 so far- loaded but C7.5 froze when I clicked on a button)

I haven't finished testing all of them yet but some very important plugins in that list I cannot use in C7.

Did you try a Clean up & Defrag after installing the New versions of Cubase etc? The plug manufacturers should all have 64 bit versions of the plugins by now. They should at least have a support number or page where you could suggest they update.
Things are moving on. 64 bit has been out a while now . Likely if any plugin makers have not bothered to go 64 bit they're also dodgy on modern 32 bit Win 74/ 8 as well. What does Cubase behave like if you unload all the 3rd party suspects?

OP state that it doesn't' work with Cubase 7.5 x64. Its just obsolete and wrong information about all this plugins.
The truth is that the majority of all these plugins that he say doesn't work, work perfectly well with both Cubase 7.0.7 x64 and Cubase 7.5.10 x64, SONAR x64 editions of 8.5, X1, X2 and X3.

The plugins are available in X64bit for download for all legit buyers.

I have all NOMAD FACTORY plugins and they all work and are in full x64bit.
I have all Spectrasonics softwares all are in x64bit and all work without any issues in Cubase x64 and SONAR x64.
Stylus RMX are also in x64bit years ago work without any issues. Its also available as a "free" x64bit update for all legit buyers.
Atmosphere are updated years ago to Omnisphere that are in full x64bit too. Omnisphere are a much better virtual instrument then Atmosphere was.

UAD 2 are also in x64bit and are also official tested by UAD to work with latest Cubase versions.
Cakewalk Z3ta+ has been update to Z3TA+ 2 and are in full x64bit too. I have it and use it in Cubase 7.5.
I have all Cakewalks softwares all work in Cubase 7.5 x64 and all are in x64bit too.
I have Jbridge too work perfect with Cubase 7.5 x64
Native Instrument work too with Cubase x64. All included Kontakt 5 are all are in x64bit so you were saying?

Of course if you never update your plugins it will not work. Some x64 update are even free, "no charge" like Nomad Factory and Stylus RMX. So please don't say that you have not the founds to pay the small "fee" to update some of these plugins to x64 later versions. Obviously you do because you just bought Cubase 7.5 and have UAD2 that cost 10x times more then update these softwares to latest version of these plugins. Jbridge coast a fraction.

Now we have set the information straight. Now you all can continue the "rants and moans" about how Cubase 7.5 x64 sucks.

Best Regards
Freddie :)
by Freddie H
Sat Feb 08, 2014 2:35 pm
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Re: Poor graphic performance

are we looking in the right place ....
look at your asio driver ?? has it jumped to the windows default driver after a crash ???
try re-instaling your audio cards driver one step older if you have a new driver or the other way if your driver is older ...
also in the gui options in win 7 check that the animate effects whilst resizing windows and or drag and drop is checked .. if so uncheck that .. try .. if not checked then the other way around ....

looking at your ram .. you should be loading samples to ram are you ?? if so try not doing this see if it makes any change ...
also ... and it is my opinion (only i think ) our mindset towards our windows and door setup is still based on windows xp or earlier... the tweeks we used as standard for our daw are not always relevant today . 1: cubase codes are more than likley rewritten to compensate os weak/strong points. , 2 os codes are continually getting more app friendly (or not) ...
also try to keep the option " run applications in the background" ON....

my post may or may not help .. but it may get you thinking in another direction but what ever happens good luck and pls post when you fix it so others can benefit from your knowledge gained...

all the best -
by Tony H
Tue Feb 25, 2014 10:51 am
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Re: Why 7.5 and 7.5.1 is not called beta?

I dont understand what you are saying but manually unmuting 60 tracks in folders takes a lot of time. Not being able to use the m key for muting is annyoing and for sidechaining the solodefeat function is essential. Workarounds are all timeconsuming, still i dont understand what you wrote.

Instead of unmuting 60 tracks individually, why not just pull up the mixer, shift+click/ctrl+click the tracks, qlink and unmute? As for solo defeat (we didn't even have this function in cubase 6 and got by fine for years), just solo the track, or shift click, qlink and solo the group of tracks? Or, link the tracks causing issues and only apply mute/solo/listen so that you can just click one of them in the future to unmute/solo/mute the batch? None of this should be costing you hours of time.....Just saying.... there are fast ways around these things and the point most of us are trying to make is this.... you know steinberg knows about it, you know they are going to fix it, so why complain continuously about it?
by bjones306
Mon Mar 31, 2014 4:25 am
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Re: Why can't I record a mono vocal track?

it's much easier than you think...

check you VST Connections window (F4)
there you can create a new mono channel (INPUT)

then you can choose this new bus as input in the inspector - that´s it.


by Centralmusic
Fri Apr 04, 2014 10:15 am
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Re: Cubase 7.5 and sending MIDI Program Changes

I've created a MIDI file for you to test the Bank Select messages. You can get it from here:-

Import the file into Cubase, check that the inspector is showing the track outputting to your Nord and then hit play.

If the Nord is responding to Bank Select messages (and they are what you said above) then you should hear a scale being played on different instruments in different banks one after the other.
by Jenks
Fri Apr 11, 2014 10:47 am
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Re: Quiet exports

A couple of thoughts, & I may just be on the wrong track:
1: Is your windows media player using the same outputs as Cubase? Mine isn't so the volume isn't like for like.
2: A way to test it -
Often you may have inserts on your stereo out track/channel, such as a limiter for the final mix. It's easy to forget, when you import back into Cubase, to bypass any master out effects.
Create an additional out - name it stereo out 2 or final mix.
During the export, tick the boxes saying import into pool & project upon export.
After export set your finished track to Stereo out 2, perhaps with Voxengo as an insert. Mute stereo out 1 and do a side by side comparison.
Then mute stereo out 2 & compare again.
You can also right click on the final mix track & get the statistics.
Just a couple of ideas..........
Neil B
by Neil B
Sun Apr 13, 2014 8:27 am
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Re: What is going on with Cubase 7?

anyone needs a lawyer ? I guess there are some on the forum.
But I think it is time for you guys to look for one, since the discussion is going nowhere imho.

It reminds me to a fact that has really happened. A guy was so mad at his computer he threw it out of his window of his appartment one day. The machine was not working anymore. When i asked if he was sattisfied about it he said yes. It felt good and he needed to do that.
I think he was right. For some reason it was necessary for him, because he was too much focussed on the bad things, that it actually had to die to get rid of the negative spiral he was in. And he bougth a new machine a few days later. And his anger was over and everything went back to where it should be focussed on.
Was the new machine flawless. Sure not. But the momentum gave an end to the downward spiral.

So now you know what to do. And I can advise you to throw it out of the window at least from the second floor to be sure you will never ever see it in working order again.

But to stay on topic: what is going on with cubase... the latest release is awesome!
by roel
Mon Apr 14, 2014 10:01 pm
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Re: Moving midi automation between tracks not working?

Thanks again, Steve - thread now up in features and suggestions - viewtopic.php?f=182&t=58423
by noiseboyuk
Tue Apr 15, 2014 12:47 am
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