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Re: 7.5 - any fixes ?

thanks for posting your experience !
I can perfectly see how these issues would be annoying on a single screen.

I'm coming from the opposite side of the spectrum personally, 3 large screens, each workspace having some kind of mixer window and some kind of arrange window simultaneously , plus a variety of smaller windows.
That's where these bugs combined make any fast work impossible in 7.06. :cry:
I try to explain in detail, it's not that esoteric with Cubase in front of you.
1. Up to 6.5, keycommands work regardless if mixer or arrange window have focus, fast, convenient, no issues as the KCs are specific anyway
In 7.0x you have to activate the target window first, by mouse click (!), before its KCs work - total showstopper.
You're in arrange and want to check e.g. sends, which are typically hidden (even large screens have their limits) - in 6.5 it's a single keystroke to show them, and a 2nd identical one to hide them again - that's fast.
In 7.0x it's like : fumble for mouse, move cursor across the screens, click in mixer window to activate focus, do the two KCs, move mouse back, click to reactivate arrange window's focus - wtf ?
2. , partially related to 4. - workspaces don't always recall the mixer like it was saved, especially mixer zoom is erratic, out of the blue all channels show up in full width Kermit mode and won't go back to normal, tons of stuff like that, never a dull moment. :?
And then, several visibility aspects of the mixer are not saved with workspaces - I'd expect wyswyg for everything that's not track specific, and I'd expect them to be transferable to other projects via global workspaces - like it used to be up to 6.5.
3. the "rack configuration preset buttons", let's call them mixer views, don't have dedicated KCs, don't get saved with workspaces, and, most absurd, can't be transferred/applied to other, already existing projects, unlike workspaces. You have to rebuild them from scratch every time ... :roll:

Somehow that's typical for 7.0x imho, lots of basically great ideas, unfortunately not really finished so they could actually help the user, broken basic functionality instead - a year after release.
That's why I'm asking what is fixed in 7.5 - the price is not an issue, but I won't buy 7.5 unless these biggies are fixed.

Cheers, ymmv,
by Rhino
Wed Dec 04, 2013 11:13 pm
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