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Re: Soft takeover in generic remote

A solution was found!
In Cubase 5, in order for NRPNs to work, the 4th bit flag should have been enabled in the generic remote (seen in the XML). In Cubase 7, it seems the NRPN bit is the 5th bit, while the 4th bit is......... soft takeover!

Why is this hidden from users I don't know, but it's great news for me not wanting the takeover, and others who do want the takeover.
by Soul-Burn
Fri Sep 20, 2013 7:23 pm
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Re: Oldie but Goodie Utility

would someone please pm me their keycommands.xml file. I want to work on the perl script, but I'm on the road and didn't bring it with me. grrrr ... dumbass mode engaged.
by JMCecil
Tue Nov 05, 2013 2:58 pm
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Re: Oldie but Goodie Utility

With Steve's help we made progress on the Mac version. Still have a path issue to solve, but the basics seem to work. As soon as I get the path thing figured out, I'll post for general consumption/testing.

I have a 2nd version in progress that splits the column headers so they don't scroll. However, they don't retain their size in relation to the each other. So, have to figure that out. I want to get the regular version working before i tackle that.
by JMCecil
Sat Nov 09, 2013 9:31 pm
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Re: I bought Halion a year or two ago, still can't use it

Sorry, rytis but that was way over the top which is why you cannot participate anymore. As mentioned earlier, we have a support in the US so if you do not want to speak to Germans, there you go... :roll:
by Ed Doll
Sun Nov 10, 2013 9:06 am
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Re: Tips Tricks And Workflow Goodness.

well not workflow but a useful KC (for me at least :) )
open all insert GUI on channel... shift+alt+left click on E button of a channel. to close all of them shift+left click on E again
by mozizo
Thu Nov 07, 2013 3:32 pm
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Re: Logical Editor presets missing

You need to copy them from the program folder to the /Users/<name>/Library/Preferences/Cubase 7/Presets/ folder.
by NWP
Wed Nov 13, 2013 1:11 pm
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Cubase 7 and Bay Trail Windows 8.1 tablets

OK, I've finally received my Dell Venue 8 Pro 64gb and proceeded with DAW tests. I know there are quite a few people here interested in such ultra-portable solution and this is my report on how such a device works with audio in general and with Cubase 7 in particular.

First, the bad news: the USB 2.0 port (micro USB, requires OTG cable, presumably it's the same with all the 8" W8.1 tablets) doesn't provide sufficient juice to power external drives and audio interfaces (tested with RME Babyface and Focusrite Scarlett.) Yes, there is a solution, but you will lose some "portability" there: you will either have to use powered external drives and interfaces, or you can use a powered USB hub. Since you'd need a hub anyway to hook up an interface and an external drive (you only have ONE USB port), you might as well get a powered one. It's true that this device comes with a microSD slot that can give you an additional 64gb of storage, but I'm not sure these cards are fast enough for audio recording, even the super-duper "X" types. I guess I will have to test that later (I have a 64gb SDXC on order, should get it next week.)

Since I had many licenses I never used, I installed Cubase 7 AI (the free version that comes with Steinberg and Yamaha hardware.) I really didn't want to bother loading the full version (or buying Essential...) and having to cope with the additional hassle of accommodating the dongle. So, that means I couldn't test Cubase's more advanced features. But seriously, you wouldn't be using Vari-Audio or Note-Expression on a tablet. After all, this is a super-portable solution for quickly sketching ideas and recording on the go. I also installed Sonar X3c, because so far it's the only DAW that has been optimized to run on a touch screen, and I just wanted to see how good the experience is.

Cubase loads fine and works fine. Of course this is not an RT app, but a "desktop" application that can hardly take advantage of touch, but you can still pin it on the start screen for quick access. Now FORTUNATELY the V8P (like all 8" Windows tablets so far) doesn't have a super-high resolution (it's 1200x800), which means that albeit tiny, icons and buttons aren't impossible to deal with, unless you have really fat fingers. But even if you do, you can still manage to accurately point, click and drag with the active stylus, which is quite precise and does the job sufficiently well (yes, there are few annoying bugs, especially with the inking, but Dell has promised a software update for next week that will take care of that.) Unfortunately, the stylus is NOT included with the V8P, it's a $35 accessory (rather pricey IMHO, especially considering it's not a top-quality Wacom device.) Don't bother trying with other active stylii, because they won't work (I read that on the V8P forum.) Sure, a capacitive stylus would work (the kind you can buy for $2 on EBay), but it wouldn't provide a better experience than your index finger.

Performance is quite acceptable. Of course I did not try to push this system by exercising ridiculous CPU demands, I just wanted to see how it would perform in a typical on-the-go "hotel room" session, where the system would have to handle maybe a dozen instrument tracks and a couple of audio tracks. And everything went fairly smooth. So, I believe Steinberg should definitely start working on a touch interface (assuming they haven't already done that), because this type of device will definitely become popular.

And here lastly a word on Sonar X3. Man, that was really FUN!!! Despite the tiny screen, pinching to zoom tracks in and out was more than doable and overall the experience was a hundred times better than Cubase's. Because the X3 interface is also scalable, I found no need to use the stylus at all, everything worked pretty well with my fingers alone.

To sum it up, if you want the "ultimate" no-compromise tablet DAW experience, definitely get a Surface Pro 2 or equivalent device with W8.1/64 and 8gb of RAM. Dell also has a Venue 11 Pro with either i3 or i5 CPU, which still costs a couple of hundreds less than a similarly-configured SP2, but consider that the latter comes with a Wacom stylus that's MUCH MUCH better than what Dell gives you. If you only use it as a pointing device, however, there will be virtually no difference. Bay Trail tablets provide a more limited experience, which is still acceptable within the parameters of an on-the-go session and way way better than what an iPad or Android tablet can offer. Particularly, the 8" tablets provide an unmatched level of portability. After the "briefcase studio", now we have officially entered the "coat pocket studio" era.

If you have questions on this setup, feel free to ask.
by papi61
Sat Nov 16, 2013 2:20 am
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Re: Abandon Track Colouring OR Text Colour Option In App Win

I agree, the colors you have circled are unreadable with the white unselected-track font. I just counted and I use 34 different colors (all I need and then a few extras just in case), and all of them are legible with plenty of blues, yellows and greens in the mix. Perhaps I'm not sufficiently pastel inclined, but I just picked colors that would have ok contrast against both black and white - seemed pretty easy to find them when I set up my color scheme.

Maybe you should just pick different colors, shades or saturation for the ones that don't work? After all there literately are millions of combinations. I bet you can find 50. And as Steve pointed out if you lower the Colorize Track control it makes it easier to read the font but you still get the full strength color on the left portion of the track.
by raino
Mon Nov 18, 2013 2:45 am
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Re: Importing projects to master project

I've done this before. Here's how I did it...

Lets say you have Project A, B, and C, and D
Lets say Project D is a BLANK Project and this is the place where everything will be gathered up.

Step 1: Open A. Make sure that you can clearly see your entire project on your screen from the Project Screen to bottom, and Left to Right. Now with the mouse, select ALL regions and audio clips you want to copy into your "Project D"

Step 2: Push CTRL+C on PC (or) Command+C on Mac. This will copy everything, even your faders with effects etc...

Step 3: Open Project D and push CTRL+V on PC (or) Command+V on Mac. This will paste everything. Also open your Audio pool and make sure that all your audio files are "COPIED" to your NEW project. You can right click on the files from the audio pool and select the option that will do this for you.

Step 4: SAVE Project D and close Project A. MAKE SURE THAT THE MOST BOTTOM TRACK (THE LAST TRACK) IS SELECTED BEFORE SAVING. This will ensure that your newly pasted tracks keep getting placed at the bottom of your project.

Step 5: Repeat steps 1, 2, and 3 until you have copied the rest from Project B and C.

Hope this helps and hope you can understand this all. If you have any questions, just ask.

by nexis
Mon Nov 18, 2013 4:03 pm
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Re: Mastering

I wrote this long reply, and it didn't get posted for some reason. Well, it was probably more than you wanted to know anyway.

I master right in Cubase right in the project. The PC is powerful enough enough that this works. I can, if I want, go tweak something in the mix that affects the mastering. If I'm making a CD, I use Wavelab, although no effects, just the organization and administration.

On my master bus, I first put a Cubase compressor, set for mild mastering compression. I tweak it to ensure that I don't compress by more than 2-3 decibels. This is the first place where the instruments interact dynamically. In fact, I do this during mixing. Gives it a little cohesiveness.

On the second slot, I put an amp simulator to get a little warm distortion. I am using TLS_Saturated Driver which is free.

Then I go to Ozone. I used to use the Cubase plugins for this. What I am trying to do is: 1) equalize the whole thing 2) stereo widening, and maybe harmonic excitation 3) loudness 4) dithering (because I'm recording at 24 bit).

For equalizing, you could just use the Cubase 4-way equalizer. The aim is to compare your mix to your favorite reference mixes. Those are your favorite albums/recordings in your genre. For the stuff I do, which is fusion-y jazz stuff, I find that the low mids are always muddy and need to be reduced, and the highs (7000) need to be raised a couple of dB. Probably a consequence of using guitars and keyboards.

For stereo widening and harmonic excitation, Cubase has some plugins that I never really got to work well, but I do like what you get in Ozone. This is to taste, and basically, when you like it, dial it back a notch to be conservative.

For loudness, there are two things. Multi-band compression brings the volume up by frequency band, and can really have an effect on the equalization. This is a difficult one, and you have to balance your tweaks here with what you've done in the equalization stage. Some would say just skip this and effect the changes elsewhere. Cubase has MBC, and I would just say it's difficult to understand and control. But I'd say that about Ozone too. I'm still learning.

The second loudness thing is a maximizer. Cubase has one, which I think works pretty well. The ones in Ozone are more sophisticated, I think. You really can't tell what Cubase is doing, other than what you hear, but you have a better shot at seeing/hearing what Ozone is doing. If your mix had interesting dynamics beforehand, you should be able to make it louder (almost as loud as your reference recordings) without killing those dynamics. If your recording was very flat from beginning to end, neither will help.

Dithering is the standard last process, and you can read about it on the internets. Cubase gives you a plugin. You should be recording at 24 bits.

To check the final recording, I listen on all systems available. All the headphones you own, all the cars you own, laptops you own, oh, also your monitors. Always comparing with the reference recordings you love so much. I sit in my car and take notes.

To hear my results, listen to my album in my signature.
by Early21
Wed Feb 26, 2014 1:06 am
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Re: Cubase 7 doesnt free up memory between projects (OSX Lio

The purge command in the terminal window, solves this situation perfectly!
I don't see any problem to free up memory this way, makes absolutly no sense to restart your Mac :-)
by Rereracer
Tue Dec 03, 2013 2:30 pm
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Re: Better than advertised

I own Pro Tools 11, Logic X, Reaper, and spent years with a myriad of other DAWs (Sonar, DP, etc.) and have thrown everything at all of them. I always come back to Cubase because there's so many workflow features I rely on that are either completely absent or totally screwed up in other DAWs.

Personally I'll take the minor nuisances in Cubase over the major pain in the arse any other DAW presents.
by orchetect
Wed Dec 04, 2013 7:15 am
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You are not authorised to read this forum.
by SLL
Wed Dec 04, 2013 7:47 pm
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Re: 2 new 7.5 bugs I found.

The saving has been changed, it is something I have done routinely every single day for atleast 3 years. Good call on the system though, added my specs to the post - thanks!

BTW steve your sig still says 7.06...
by turbotrixie
Fri Dec 06, 2013 6:00 pm
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Re: Nuendo 6.5?


Nuendo 6.5 is going to be released in beginning of Q2 2014. Beside all features already revealed in Cubase 7.5 it will get even more post-pro / surround mixing relevant functions, such as a professional Bass Management. In terms of development time, it simply takes longer to bring all the additional features into the upcoming Nuendo 6.5.

We may also be able to correct some more issues in terms of GUI, but in general it will be the status of Cubase 7.5.
Key Command/mixer issue will (most likely) be fixed.

by TimoWildenhain
Mon Dec 02, 2013 10:49 am
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cubase ninja - pro tools-style trim automation macro

ok, here's another one, it's a combo of a macro and a PLE script. it does pro tools style automation trim, without having to resort to 'trim' or 'loop' functions on the automation panel.

(what it does is, you select a range, it creates automation events on the edges of the selection, then jumps a frame to the left of the left edge and creates a point, and a frame to the right of the right edge, then selects the inner left and right points and switches back to the the select tool, so you are ready to go and scale / trim your selection, without affecting the rest of your automation curve. pretty cool, for my needs anyways.)
by lukasbrooklyn
Sat Apr 13, 2013 1:54 am
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Re: PC to Mac migration

Good luck! I, for one, definitely enjoy using Macs more than Windows (and this, coming from a long-time Windows DAW user), but you'll have your share of bumps on the road! It's not a perfect world in Mac-land either. There are definitely some benefits to sticking with the Windows world, such as cost savings and generally better low-latency performance. Essentially, you will get more "bang for the buck" in Windows land, no question about it. However, my view is that current computers are so powerful that those issues are no longer primary decision points for me, and other things are more important to me now, such as overall workflow and the fact that almost all of my clients are Mac users, so it just makes more sense for me now. Session compatibility was "okay" before between Windows and Macs, but I've had a number of situations where having a Mac handy was just plain necessary, or at the very least, convenient. So it wasn't much of a leap to see if migrating all the way was possible.

The performance of the current generation of computers is so vastly beyond what it was only a few years ago, that the price/performance advantage of Windows is not the headline issue it used to be... on both of my Macs, I can get superb low latency for the situations I need it -- as good as I need it, and for the plugin and track load needed, just as good as my finely tuned 6-core Windows machine, so I'm fine with it. True, my Windows DAW could handle *more* plugins at that extreme low latency than my current Mac Pro, but I find I really don't need to "impress myself with benchmarks" -- at decent latencies I haven't had an issue yet in my many rounds of testing so far, so the performance hit of using a Mac is almost certainly not going to be a problem for me, personally. Worst case scenario, I can set up a VE Pro slave if I have to. I already have used VE Pro quite a bit in the past, so going back to it will not be a problem if I have to regularly.

So nowadays it really boils down to your personal preferences for your platform, and I'm happy so far with my switch to OSX. We'll see in a few months, though! :) I could end up hating it, and come screaming back to Windows! I will of course keep a couple of Windows machines just in case, but so far, so good.

Good luck with your switch!
by uarte
Mon Dec 16, 2013 12:54 am
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Re: Can't control Expression Maps from external keyboard

JMCecil wrote: ... or cranial rectal inversion ...

I hope you are never in need of mouth-to-mouth! :mrgreen:
by vic_france
Thu Dec 19, 2013 12:53 am
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Re: Mac-osx to win7-64 bit migration

Ah yes, the age-old Mac vs PC debate returns and I'm glad.
I'm not. It's a total waste of time. There may have been a time when Macs were better suited than Windows PCs for A/V and graphics work. But that was a long, long, long time ago.

Both OS:es have their pros and cons. Arguing which is better is as futile as arguing about which is the most beautiful colour! It's a personal thing .

The only truth is: Use the OS you feel most comfortable with .

Only be aware that switching OS takes quite a bit of time and effort, so make sure you take the plunge for the right reasons. Is the other OS really "better" or does the grass just look greener on the other side of the fence?

Well, well, well...I guess people will continue this futile argument a hundred years from now. Think about how much time will be wasted. Time that could've been put to much better use, making music .
by Svenne
Mon Dec 23, 2013 6:43 pm
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Re: Mac-osx to win7-64 bit migration

Hi Freddie, as always, an enthusiastic statement (EDIT: referring to a controversial post which Freddie deleted), which I enjoyed reading. Naturally, I respectfully disagree with you on many of your points, but not for the obvious reasons.

1) In 5-6 years, according to many predictions by people who know a lot more about it than you or I do, the personal computer as we currently know it will radically change -- that applies to both Windows and Macs. A "desktop" operating system of today will be obsolete.

2) However, even those experts can't predict too well what the replacement of current personal computers will look like, although if current predictions hold, it may look something like a cross between an iPad, Kinect/PrimeSense device, Oculus Rift and/or Google Glass. Those same people predicting a radical shift in the industry also completely missed the iPad, Kinect, Oculus Rift and Google Glass! So who really has the answers? I suspect no one in this forum. :)

3) How DAWs will fit into that new paradigm is anyone's guess this far out, but the overall PC picture will be very different than what we have today.

4) #1, #2 and #3 are essentially irrelevant to people who need to make music right now, today, this minute, in 2013. Because your version of 2019 is a long, long, long way away... an eternity in tech land. Current DAW users need to use the best tools available *today* to help them get their projects done *today*.

5) Both Windows and Mac platforms run Cubase beautifully *today*, and I can vouch for that personally. You can get great, professional hardware that run both platforms, so that is not an issue. The choice of platform is a personal preference issue now, no fanboyism is needed on either side... and the performance wars are over, Freddie. You may have missed the memo. A "typical" Windows machine and a "typical" Mac running the same software will produce the same results in the hands of the same person, and performance is no longer a primary issue. Sure, Windows will always win the bang-for-buck equation, and no one is going to argue that you can get a certain % more plugins running on the same cost of Windows machine, but so what? Even a cheap Mac Mini, as humble as some people might think it is, can work miracles in the right hands... including with Cubase. There is no need to bash either platform now.

6) In 5-6 years not only will the entire personal computer landscape change, but so will the DAW software landscape change. I can guarantee that the only DAW developers left standing in 5-6 years will be the ones who are embracing the coming paradigm shifts. The ones that will come out on top will likely be making bold bets and taking some risky moves, and more importantly, they will be AGILE to the coming changes. That's actually why I think Steinberg will still be standing... they've been doing well on mobile and now getting into gesture recognition. That's where UI stuff is headed, according to many predictions, and they're already allocating resources to experiment in those areas. Even if those areas don't pan out, they have invested in and are aware of the coming technologies and trying to be agile. I hope they keep it up. Or Cubase will become the next Opcode Vision.

7) Whatever happens in the future will involve a LOT of change for everyone, not just Mac users, so the best advice someone can give to users in the "here and now" is not to jump on or dump on Windows or Mac, etc... but rather to build a platform-independent workflow and make sure you have a solid strategy to archive older projects/content to a lowest-common-denominator (such as wav stems), so that in 5, 6, 10 years you can still access your projects to some degree or another.

8) In the end, what matters most is the music you are making *now*. Who could have predicted the rapid rise and fall of recent tech trends? The same holds for music technology. But let's not engage in platform bashing. We all use Cubase here, and we all know it's an incredible DAW.

EDIT: This post was in response to Freddie's post which he deleted.
by uarte
Mon Dec 23, 2013 10:02 pm
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Re: Any RME Fireface UCX users?

Why post here and not the RME forums?

Trying to understand why you ask Q's about software and hardware you don't own or use. The only tune I've ever heard from you was a crap piano piece that sounded like it was done with the MS Wavetable synth. Are you that lonely in life that the only interaction you have is asking all these non-relevant Q's here? I'm guessing yes and no wonder.
A short question, and an entire paragraph of personal insult. Such poor behavior. :oops:
by Elektrobolt
Sun Dec 29, 2013 5:43 pm
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Re: Convert Track -> Rack

Maybe I am way off your question here, and if so, I do apologize, soul patch.

Instrument Tracks and MIDI Tracks are not the same thing. Even though they both deal with MIDI, they are fundamentally two different things (hence the two types of tracks). An Instrument Track is tightly coupled with its VSTi whereas the MIDI Track is only loosely coupled and do not know what it is routing to (could be a VSTi in Rack or to a MIDI Port for an external device). This disconnect is probably the reason why it is the MIDI Volume versus the Audio Volume. I think the reasoning is that the Instrument Track is so integrated with audio that MIDI volume is really secondary to audio volume.

Not the answer you were seeking, and maybe I misunderstood your question, but there it is. :)

And oops, Steve beat me too it!!
by Elektrobolt
Sun Dec 29, 2013 9:56 pm
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Re: Nektar Panorma Control Surface (Any Users) ?

not quite perfect with the 7.5 update though, i've had some issues getting the surface to show the correct track name. *just saw that there is an update for nektar released on christmas?* ill try that

You´re not referring to the known issue that if you hide tracks in the main Mixer, the Panoramas get confused, are you? (If you were, Nektar suggests leaving the main mixer unchanged, and to confine any track view modifications to MixConsole 2 or 3.)

Another "known" issue is that no two tracks should have the same name. This also confuses the Panoramas.
by pumafred
Mon Dec 30, 2013 10:18 pm
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Re: With upgrades it is an issue of economics

I don't quite understand your position.

Yes there are things that hold their value. Guitars are an excellent example.

But there are many more things that do not: Your car, cell phone, computer, many appliances, etc.

As Technology marches on these things become obsolete or worn out.
This march of Technology, however, provides us with AMAZING capabilities that many could not afford or simply didn't exist in the past.

Perhaps a little off topic - but I become tired of hearing people complain about the cost of software and upgrades.
Designing, Programming, and marketing of software is EXPENSIVE!
I'm honestly amazed that companies like Steinberg can develop and continue to improve their products - mind numbingly complex constructions of a zillion interrelated functionalities - for as low a cost to users as they do . . . especially in as small a market as Music/Audio production is. This is not like Washing Machines, you know.

Particularly for professionals, like myself, the cost of Cubase - or even Nuendo - is miniscule. If you're a casual home user, you have to pay for your toys - or buy less expensive ones.

by HughH
Wed Jan 01, 2014 9:37 pm
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Re: Very simple to implement request.

This can be done already with a post process script.
I've attached a zip with a script that opens the containing folder and selects the exported file.

Just extract the two files from the to c:\ProgramData\Steinberg\Audio Export Post Process Scripts\ and you can select the script from the export window.
by Niles
Thu Jan 02, 2014 4:56 pm
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Re: Support for Drawing Tablets?

The problem with trying to do such 'playing' indirectly by keyboard/tablet/whatever is that:

a) sample libraries only model discrete scenarios of the continuous spectrum that real performances can transition freely between.

b) the controller action repertoire is very generic and tends to isolate parameters that are interacting dynamically within an actual performance.

For example, on a SoundsOnline thread (, someone was trying to model a classical violin performance from a video. Their first attempt was good, but exhibited some of the stiffness of a lot of sample-based stuff.

When I looked at the video, I noticed that:

a) during the stronger sections, the notes were not only louder, but the performer took shorter and more abrupt bow strokes, probably reflecting the higher tension in their arms, so that the notes were slightly ahead of the orchestra.

b) during the quieter sections, the performer drew the bow longer, and seemingly more relaxed, so the notes were not only softer, but slightly behind the orchestra.

I pointed these out to him, and his second attempt required a lot of tweaking, but also sounded more natural.

To me, this says we are only going to get good sampler performances if we can:

a) set up parameters so that they interact in the same way a true performer's physiology/temperament/emotion would have them in relation to the actual instrument's dimensions/inertia.

b) control the interaction by just a couple of abstracted meta-parameters, making it easier to perform in real time, or using automation curves.

For example, to get a more realistic violin performance, an 'intensity' parameter, perhaps controlled by foot pedal or automation curve, could:

a) with increasing 'level', simultaneously:
___1) increase the level of notes.
___2) move the notes more forward in time.
___3) blend-in/select the more staccato patches.
___4) increase the initial bow bounce.

b) with decreasing 'level', simltaneously:
___1) decrease the level of notes.
___2) retard the notes more in time.
___3) blend-in/select the more legato patches.
___4) soft start the notes.

Now also imagine another meta-parameter for feel/genre that changes the bias amongst the patches, in much the same way that 'volume' selects between patches that match the timbre for different playing levels.

For guitar samples, tempo would have to inversely vary the time between individual strings in a strum.

I see that while artistry shifts the upper boundary of what can be manifest, analysis and quantification of what makes them so helps to shift up the lower boundary for everyone else.

One just has to see how difficult it was even for a trained professional to use photo editing programs to touch up portraits compared to what an untrained person can do with Portrait Professional in a few simple keystrokes in 10 minutes. That was because someone distilled all the complexity into a few simple key parameters and made a program that made it easy for ANYONE to do it.

Keep making suggestions suntower. One day someone will take up the challenge!
by Patanjali
Wed Jan 08, 2014 11:04 pm
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Re: Logical Editor, how create an event in position?

I guess, if you keep a copy of a part (with cc11=127 in it) anywhere in the project, you could make a macro and project logical editor combo, that finds that part, copies and pastes it in your current position.

(finding that part means naming it specifically, then making a project logical editor that selects the part with that name)
by sonic74
Mon Jan 13, 2014 3:51 pm
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Re: Automation suggestion - Do you agree?

Yes, it would be great to have that as simply as you describe, but it is nonetheless possible now anyways.. set the L and R Locators, set the Automation Panel to "Trim", and Fill to "Loop", and move your fader while Cubase is in Stop mode.
by vic_france
Thu Jan 30, 2014 12:24 am
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Re: Project Logical Editor Select Selected Note every bar

(If I may just chip in ;) )..
That screenshot is fine, except..
You need to change the parentheses.. don't mix "And" and "Or" inside the same parentheses. Should be like this..
Line #1 And (Line #2 Or Line #3 or Line #4 Or Line #5)
by vic_france
Thu Jan 30, 2014 12:03 am
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Re: Help pls - Hide muted notes in score?

Part boundaries..
If your situation is that you have several Parts on a MIDI track, and, for example, one of them has notes that occur beyond the Part start or end boundaries, these notes will normally be visible, unless you do..
Preferences>Scores>Editing>"Unlock Layouts when editing single parts".
One caveat with this, however.. If you have already done some Layout editing (e.g. spacing of bars etc.) on the staff containing these MIDI Parts, you will lose the Layout editing when you change the status of that Preference.
by vic_france
Thu Jan 23, 2014 5:55 pm
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Re: Price comparison Cubase 7.5 v Sibelius 7.5

Scoring with Cubase is not bad at all, but it's never been close to Sibellius.

True but this past Xmas (with tips from vic_france and steveinchicago) I was able to produce
a massive score for a live performance by my church and Cubase was fine for that purpose.

In the past I would just grab Seb but now Cubase has become my main scoring ax.

Are we thinking that has changed with these latest versions?

For me it is/was a combination of app improvements and the hard part;
me getting my head around the Steiny scoring concept.

I know C7.5 is no where near perfect and that
some orchestrators even find Finalé limiting; but in my case
I cannot imagine doing a more involved project.
And I am very proud of that work.

It's all 'in-house' for me now. Cubase rocks at church.
by curteye
Sun Feb 02, 2014 3:10 am
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Re: 7.0.7 late update

So, let me see if I understand this:

We users keep asking DAW Manufacturers for more features in a daily basis. And, since the "basic" features are already there, we ask for really complex new functions. Considering editing a not-so-pro choir section, and think what can be done today that was IMPOSSIBLE just few years back (not even talking analog tape here). Compare C5 and C7 in terms of functionality, for instance...

We also expected all those new functions, features, upgrades and updates to come as cheap as possible, preferably for free, because we already paid something like 500 bucks, right?. The current DAW used to cost double as much few year ago, but, who cares? It is not our problem, it is a manufacturer problem. This is the user POV.

Now, let's check for the manufacturers POV: users wants really complex modifications (even if they won't use them / need them in the near future), for free, developed with the same development team (manufacturers can't afford to growth the team, since users paid for the latest SW probably half they paid 10 years ago), and FAST. Manufacturers also has to deal with different computer environment (Mac OS X, several Windows versions, and hundreds of internal HW possibilities, plus hundreds of digital interfaces, in at least two different kind of busses). Oh, and please don't forget the support team, which should be available for free 24 hs / 365 days a year, in 5 or 6 different languages, and considering amateur users, as well as professional producers.


I don't know you guys, but I re-paid all the money I paid to Steinberg yearly with just one project (my Customers paid more than 50 euros for any kind of recording/mixing/mastering services, probably I am too expensive). And all of my amateurs friends, they know Cubase Elements or Artist is cheaper than two Nintendo / Playstation games, so they don't complain either.

Am I wrong?

PLEASE, LETS GIVE THEM A BREAK. If we want BETTER products every year, somebody has to think about it, develop it, test it, sell it, distributing it, document it, support it and make money out of it. This is the only possible equation. And if we want it FASTER, well, think on spending more money over the equation, because that is what it takes.

Just my opinion. I am a happy user anyway.

by Martinoto
Wed Feb 05, 2014 4:11 pm
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Re: Sustain midi data editing - what happened?

Best workaround I've found so far.. create a macro..
1) First create a Logical Editor preset..
Upper Section..
Type is___Equal___Controller___And
Value 1___Equal___64

Lower Section..
Value 2___Round By___127

Function = "Transform".
Name your preset, e.g. "Round CC#64"

Name, e.g. "Old Sustain Pedal"
Process Logical Preset - Round CC#64
MIDI - Thin Out

Any CC#64 values that were lower than 64 get transformed to zero, and any equal or above 64 get transformed into 127, and, (usually ;) ) any duplicates get removed. YMMV ;).
by vic_france
Wed Feb 05, 2014 11:53 pm
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[FR]Generic Remote EDIT MODE not working

Under Devices I've setup a generic remote and assigned Button Nr. 10 from my Peavey PC1600x to:

Control Name: Edit Mode
Device: Transport
Channel/Category: Device
Value/Action: editMode
Flags: P,T,N

Since update 7.5.10 this feature is broken!!!
Please bring its functionality back. It was working flawlessly from Cubase 6.5 - 7.5.0 for me.
As a film composer I rely on such a feature to sync my edits to the picture.

Nuendo is not an option.

Thank you


I'm back to Cubase 7.5.0
by sambosun
Sat Feb 08, 2014 4:03 am
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Re: A Tiny Rant About The New Scoring Program Blog

I disagree completely. It's great to get insight into the development process and appreciate Daniel's blog and his podcast appearances very much.

It is in fact so exemplary what he is doing that I hope the Cubase team would follow suit. Certainly there's a balance in terms of maintaining "trade secrets" and such, but I think Daniel is threading it perfectly. Getting this on the Cubase side would help with the feeling of disconnect that is between feature requests and bug reports and the releases that come out, because people don't really understand how long it takes to do these things.
by paaltio
Thu Feb 20, 2014 9:26 pm
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Re: Automation Editor Window

Don't intend to compromise this excellent feature request but - at least basically - it is given in the current version.

The visibility management, paired with some simple viewing keycommands allow the user to focus on details.

An example:
- select the track you want to work on
- fire up your keyco for 'show selected tracks only'
- as an option save your visibility setting to come back later even quicker
- open automation lanes if not already done
- do your job
- fire up your keyco for 'show all tracks'

That's easy and quick for me. Though I could imagine having an automation editor with tools (easier access to different curves and tools like that) in the editors inspector.

As usual, it would be cool to have both possibilities. From reading through the forums for years, it seems some people hate extra windows like editors and would be able to do everything in the project window. Which I can understand as well - how cool will it be when can do warp, variaudio, hitpoint edits etc. in context just like Cubase allows midi in context.
by marQs
Sat Mar 08, 2014 12:03 pm
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Re: So 7.5 is here (almost)

It’s the same thing every time an update is announced…

Compiled *witch* List

1. It should be free… free.. free.. free… I want it to be free… Everything should be free… free… free… Everything except me because, well, because…
2. I hate these new features…. hate… hate… hate… hate these new features… I’ll never use them and they suck anyway event though I’ve never used them and don’t know a thing about them…
3. I want the old mixer back… Give me the old mixer… Give me the old mixer… I hate the new mixer… hate… hate… hate…
4. There should be 500 different versions of Cubase… No, 1000 versions, no 100,000 versions. One made specially for me… me… me… me…
5. Cubase sucks and I hate so I’m switching to Reaper/Pro Tools/Logic/Garage Band/MS Word… Until next week when I download the update because I hate Reaper/Pro Tools/Logic/Garage Band/MS Word…
6. All software except Cubase is perfect… perfect… perfect… perfect… It all works exactly perfectly… It even works when I’m not using it… And its free free free… And I have my own version of it that they gave me for free… And did I mention its perfect?

Steinberg does a damn fine job of building ridiculously complex software which sells at a ridiculously low price.

I agree! If we had some free steak knives thrown into the bundle though....
by StefK
Sun Dec 01, 2013 3:45 am
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Re: Complete Cubase with these...

i couldn't read if the OP's post was ironic, but aparently not. just goes to show how everyone's requests are so wildly different. i for one would be happy if steinberg abandoned everything but full versions of cubase and nuendo core applications. why compete with more competent companies, and why not focus on what you (could) do best. obviously you wouldn't agree.
by lukasbrooklyn
Sun Mar 16, 2014 11:51 pm
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Re: why so many new versions so fast

I'm not a "pro" whatever the hell that might mean. Actually the use of that term is quite frankly meaningless. If you mean that you earn your entire living from recording the music/spoken word of others then you might have a point. However I suspect that many "pro's" stretch that point to a considerable degree.

For the sake of argument then, to be a professional would suggest a certain reliability. For instance if I went a Lawyer I would expect them to know the area of law they specialised in. Likewise a plumber should be able to do the job and cope with whatever problem is thrown at him. I would certainly be fed up if I went into a studio and had to wait for an engineer to sort out software problems. Taxi drivers have to drive cars that have a record of reliability. To use the latest update on a session is asking for trouble. You have to put the time in to troubleshoot the new version and not introduce it to your clients until you are 100% happy that you know what it can and can't do.
Things go wrong in a studio - it happens. But if it goes wrong because you have not done your research then that is on you.

I have done a session recently and it was clear that I knew more about Cubase than the engineer, but because he knew exactly what he was doing and how to use the hardware and software at his disposal he produced a lovely recording and his client was really happy. Also it was a pleasure for me to be playing and be able to concentrate upon what I was there for.

What does this have to do with the frequency of updates?

Well we all have to balance what we are going to get out of it. For me as someone who enjoys the process of creating music and the learning when it comes to software, am quite happy to take the risk. For "pros" to complain about the difficulties it entails and the professional consequences, then I would just say be more professional.
by silhouette
Thu Mar 20, 2014 6:37 pm
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Re: Color Notes & Group Notes Feature

You would understand the usefulness of grouping if you have ever used Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw.

Sorry, but I do understand the benefits of grouping - please don't make assumptions about folks.

But since note grouping does not currently exist in Cubase, I offered a workaround that that gives you some of that functionality right now - hence the prefix "quasi." Just trying to be helpful, sorry you don't see it that way.
by raino
Sun Mar 23, 2014 9:13 pm
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Just to say thank you

Thanks to Christian Thielen of Steinberg support for the help regarding my activation problem.

Fantastic and thank you...looking forward to making some more noise again with my limited musical ability.
I would like to say thanks to Steinberg for making Cubase in the early 90's for the Atari ST...learned so much with that program...actually more about music than I thought would be possible from just a 'sequencer'.
In fact, Steinberg was the cause of everything concerning my passion for making's all your fault...the sotfware was so damn good I soon realised just how good a musically inept writer could was like having up to sixteen musicians performing brilliantly upon the slightest command.
Anyway, best wishes to my fellow Cubase users upon striving to accomplish the goal of capturing the ever too elusive pinnacle of musical perfection concerning the unity of sound and passion...and thanks again Christian.

by BachsApprentice
Fri Apr 04, 2014 6:53 pm
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Re: Why Does Cubase Ruin My Creativity Every Time?

Yep, here we are again.

I still cannot fathom why on Bruno's ashes someone would persist in a situation where life is such utter misery. You cannot work in it, the "workflow" is in the way, colors that cause temporary blindness, sound comparable to hearing aids, crashes, blue screens, etc. A bit exaggerated, but all the same, other people do not have the same issues, and cannot vouch for your experience. They can only speak for themselves and their experience.

I've said it before and I will continue saying it... Life is too short to waste on problems like these. Switch to something that works for you instead. It's the right and the sane thing to do. It is the thing to do in such cases. If the software is still good enough to work through the bad taste, then surely it cannot be *that* bad?

Composing is supposed to be something you enjoy. Which brand or model is used to make that a reality, surely is irrelevant? I wouldn't think less of Pink Floyd and "Money" if I found out that the samples were recorded using a 4-bit sample device for toddlers. It would still be the same great song.

If you are worrying about Nike versus Reebok, you are off course. It doesn't matter in a hundred years, so why should it matter now? Nobody really gives a flying frack about one brand or another, it's just something that has been imprinted and made into a nasty habit.

E.g. Once I looked into a CD/DVD burner from Sony, which was somewhere around $90, only to find out that (at the time) it was a Lite-On unit (the model one that particular unit only differed on the Sony with an S at the end) that they themselves sold for around $30. Sony didn't actually make any CD or DVD units, at all.

The same thing goes for screens (TV's and monitors). There are only a handful of manufacturers, but a ton of brands, and more often than not, I see the brands (that are not making any) being more expensive, yet more popular, and often then ones argued about in the media. LOL, it's idiocrazy out there. It's time to leave the asylum! ;)

Vote with your money!

Today, in our day and age, it's a the one vote you possess, that goes directly to the heart of the matter.
by Elektrobolt
Wed Apr 09, 2014 3:25 am
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Why Does Cubase Rune My Creativity Every Time?

So I feel like doing some music for the first time in a couple of weeks, boot up Cubase and it has decided to scan EVERY SINGLE NOTE again. :twisted:
I have a lot of notes.
I am still weighting music heavily towards having more and more of them .............. but Cubase converts every one of them into tiny, little runes ..... like zeroes and ones, at the atomic level, inside a silicon chip!

And before anyone mentions time changes, it is irrelevant, it happens with every time signature I have used, 7/8, 9/8, 5/4 ..... all of them ....... because Steinberg have had years to connect the time sigs.

This is a common thing with Cubase, my random, pointless notes happening at inconvenient times from my skill, or lack thereof, to make music.

In Life, I can get started faster and get ideas down much faster on paper, but the mixing/sound is not as good, so I prefer Cuabse overall, because it is so frustrating when my brain freezes, yes .... I get virtual cortex blue screens (Yes in 2014! Miles did an album about it .... Kind Of Blue) which generally throws a spanner in my cranial works.

Steinberg are so completely the obvious solution to fix simple issues of my, otherwise, analog workflow (drawing flyspecks on notation paper).

I always say "Sort simple things out before adding more bells and whistles". Like doing the guitar overdubs before adding the tubular bells and penny-whistles.

But I know this will happen, as they are neither negligent, nor purposely making there (they're, their) product half finished so that everyone buys the next update in the hope they will be fixated on some new feature set.

I am in the process of going through all my Cubase projects and bouncing all over the studio all happy and gleeful, and when I am done, I am going to smell Cubase, the way I used to open vinyl albums and whiff in the *flower* essence, like perfume.

My notes have finally finished scanning, rant over...........

by swamptone
Wed Apr 09, 2014 9:08 pm
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Re: One little feature question regarding 7.5.20

A mixer is a mixer, and should look like a ......................mixer
Except when Steinbergs designers design it, I guess. ;)

I think that Steinberg do listen to their customers, and we enjoy regular updates as a result. Someone has already posted a means of showing the meter and Control room mixer side by side which I found extremely helpful and is a very suitable solution to the OP's original query.

After 30 years of use, Cubase as it has become so much a part of my creative life that I have ceased to have an opinion about it. It just is. I invest in the upgrades and constantly discover new features that demonstrate to me that real care and thought has gone into its design over all of that time. And I know that the development team work tirelessly to improve its stability.

I often think there are a group of Cubase forum users who seem to spend their lives "testing" Cubase and howl with joy when they find a supposed problem that I will probably never experience. And you know what? I simply do not care about how this or that inconsequential bug hampers their "workflow" (God how I hate that meaningless word).

I think computers and musicians are not great fellows and a lot of the comment I see here is damning evidence that you cannot necessarily be good at both. Cubase is an incredibly complex programme which I am still learning after all these years. My sole advantage over some here is that I possess the necessary patience with it to get the end result that I want.
by Graham_Simmonds
Fri Apr 11, 2014 7:43 pm
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Re: Cubase 8 wishes

Microtuning for all Steinberg VSTis, not just one or two old ones. In other words, a microtuning plug-in that actually works.
Microtuning without the 12-notes per octave / octave-repeating limitation.
by nylonius
Mon Apr 14, 2014 2:00 am
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Re: MIDI files in library

There are a series of files named automatically at each change of a single note. That's a lot of versions, but it weighs nothing. Very useful.

See my image: I imported a violin midi file, and then I modified 4 times. PT itself created the file violin 1, 2, etc.

I have to leave. Back next week. Greetings.
by cmbourget
Tue Apr 15, 2014 2:28 am
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Re: Half playback speed for midi

The Cubase 7.5.20 new feature, is it called Track Versions? ... anyway, I have heard one can have different versions of the tempo track as well. If true, having a "half-speed tempo track" to toggle into and out of might be helpful here, if I'm understanding the problem correctly.
by alexis
Wed Apr 23, 2014 2:16 pm
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Re: Amatuer frustrated

There is a very good book written by Matthew Hepworth called "Power Tools for Cubase 7". He explains what all the knobs and controls are and how to use them and writes in a very easily understood style. When he writes about a feature you can't find that means you don't have it in Elements so just move on to the next topic and keep going. Cubase Elements 7 is a very capable program that for the price is actually pretty amazing.

by TomcatToo
Sun May 11, 2014 11:22 pm
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Re: Splitting Chords notes into Individual Tracks ?

Hi there,

You should explore the Logical Editor Presets, which can be found in the "Musical Context" category.
If these are used, Cubase analyses the complete context for the selected parts/notes or it uses the Chord Track as context source.(it knows the highest and lowest notes in this context for example).
You then can select notes, which define a "Position in a chord" like the root or the Major 7th and then apply all kind of unusual operations to them. (Change a minor to a major chord, duplicate the root note etc.).
There are even presets, that change the voicing in a sequence by transposing all the notes, which are in a bottom range in the musical context.
I guess, nobody found these Options so far ???? (RTFM ....)

Werner Kracht (Steinberg - the man "behind" the Logical Editor)
by Werner Kracht
Thu May 22, 2014 9:39 am
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Re: grid with 8T vertical line?

SteveInChicago wrote:Have you set the Grid Type Drop Down menu to "Use Quantize"?

i wondered why sometimes the grid is following quantize and sometimes not.. now i know :) ! thanks
by mozizo
Wed Jun 04, 2014 4:04 pm
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Re: Copying Inserts and Pasting them??

It's easier if you know what you intend to do first. You can just select all the channels, link or Qlink them, then select and setup your insert (or other) effect and it will automatically do the same on all selected channels.

If you've already setup the effect in one channel, then select the other channels using alt click, then using the triangle pull down menu at the top rightmost corner of the mixer, select 'copy first channels settings', then again and this time select 'paste to selected channels'. This will however indeed copy all channels settings.

If as above you've already setup the effect in one channel, but you only want to copy the particular insert effect, then select the other channels using alt click and then link the channels. Select the effect on the second selected channel and it will also appear on all selected channels. now go to the first channel and activate the effects window. Because all channels are linked, if you just do a tiny tweek of each of the controls (turn a knob 1 increment higher or lower then return it to it's previous position) all the specific effects on all the other selected channels will spring to the same settings.

Don't forget to de-link afterwards
by BriHar
Wed Jun 04, 2014 9:23 pm
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Re: Mac hacker....

Thanks for advice...i don't know how to do that, but get what you are saying, cheers

It's is kinda like learning to change a tire.
Once you do it you will say: "that was easy.
Just time consuming.

These links can get you started:

One added benefit of nuke and pave is yer 'puter will 'feel' like a brand new ax.
'Zippier' and faster (for a while)

Good Luck!
by curteye
Tue Jun 10, 2014 1:41 am
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Re: Supreme Requests

Cubase already has all the capabilities any producer could ever need or want! There is nowhere to proceed from here on in except to provide more and better quality plugins and maybe some 'minor' tweaks to the interface. Tell me who is going to pay a significant upgrade price just for an interface tweak? Exactly what 'practical' feature is Cubase missing? None! The logical conclusion from here is simply to provide more plugins and of higher quality, or else why should anyone lay-down more money for any future upgrade of Cubase?

Cubase lacking bounce-in-place is simply unforgivable! For crying-out-loud, it's 2014, what's going on over there Steinberg????? I do bounce-in-place every day in Presonus Studio One!

Hmmm ... :?

I'll crawl back under the bridge now.

by Scab Pickens
Tue Jun 10, 2014 2:40 pm
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Re: Rotation of Track Pictures

Hi BriHar,

either as a bug or as a feature request, it is already in our to do list :)


by Luis Dongo
Fri Jun 13, 2014 1:07 pm
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[ISSUE]Logical Editor- Relative Random: unexpected result

mod edit: see below for repro

Hi -

Could anyone help, please?...

I'm trying to humanize some MIDI by introducing some random variance in the position, but without quantizing as some of the music is not to a grid.

I have RTFM, and I have investigated the Logical Editor, and with filter set to Type = Note, and the Transform set to Position / Set relative random values between / -20 / 20.

I was expecting it to move the selected notes randomly +/- 20 PPQs. My project is set to 480 PPQ.

But the notes are jumping huge distances randomly and I can't work out what it's doing. Tried turning off snap to gird in case it was that, but didn't make any difference.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,


Nuendo + NEK 6.0.7 (same functionality for Logical Editor as Cubase 7 I understand).
by gph
Sat Jun 14, 2014 11:39 am
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Re: How do I humanize without quantizing?

I can merely confirm your findings..
I built a simple MIDI Part, and duplicated it to a 2nd MIDI track, but setting that duplicate track to Linear Timebase. Performed the Logical Edit on each Part in turn.. worked fine on the track in Musical Timebase, total chaos on the track in Linear.
(Steve? Don your new green coat! ;) )
by vic_france
Sat Jun 14, 2014 3:12 pm
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Re: Cubase Artist 7.5 & Cubase 4 Studio


unfortunately this is not possible. Only a full Cubase license will enable you to use Cubase Studio again, but since Artist is actually a "smaller" version than Studio was (which is the reason why there is no update from Studio to Artist), you won't be able to open Cubase Studio with the Artist license.

by Luis Dongo
Wed Jun 18, 2014 11:39 am
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[R-12659]In 7.5.2 MIDI Device Manager disconnects everytime

I just "upgraded" to Cubase 7.5.2 yesterday. Immediately, there is a new and epic bug which is costing me enormous amounts of time to settle. :twisted: Specifically, when either starting a new project or opening an existing project, all external MIDI devices becomes disconnected in the MIDI Device Manager. Since I have a couple of dozen devices, reconnecting each device every single time I open or start a project, a great deal of time is lost. :evil: Everything worked fine for me in version 7.5.1. Is there any way to reinstall 7.5.1? :shock:

Here are the steps:

1) Either start a new project from template, or open any existing project
2) When project window loads, an error message comes up stating "Missing MIDI ports", as well as dialog boxes to connect devices established in the project or template within the MIDI Device Manager. Assignments in track list show the expected instrument name followed by (disconnected).
3) Unless every single device is reconnected within the MIDI Device Manager, adding a new track with a new external MIDI device will come up as "disconnected".
4) I tried rebooting, and re-saving. This happens every single time regardless!

I'm now way behind schedule. Help! :o
by Keezix
Thu Apr 10, 2014 10:55 pm
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Re: Create MIDI Chord Notes Based on Melody Note Rhythm

Duplicate your melody track and open the copied part(s) in the Key Editor. Select all the note events and alt-drag them up and down to duplicate the line several times to get the number of notes you'd like in your final chords. Don't worry about the pitches of these transposed melody lines. But do move the lines so they are roughly in the range you want the final chords. Then in that track's Inspector on the Chord Tab turn on "Follow Chord Track." You'll probably want to mute the Chord Track so you only hear one set of chords playing.

Also if you turn on Live Transform in the Chord Tab you can just slap away at a keyboard and it will turn them into proper chords - which is great fun for folks like me with crappy keyboard skills.
by raino
Fri Jun 20, 2014 12:06 am
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Re: NO key command for "add group channel to selected tracks

C.LYDE101 wrote:... because it's not something one would consider worth repeating every few minutes. .doh

Each person has their own workflow, gotta respect you know? :)
by lukasbrooklyn
Sun Jun 22, 2014 1:57 pm
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R.I.P. Horace Silver

Aloha guys,

One of the giants.

'Song for my Father' and 'Señor Blues' are a couple of my favs.

I will play them tonight in his honour.

Made it to 85 playing jazz. Not bad Horace.


by curteye
Sat Jun 21, 2014 11:21 pm
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Re: Steinberg hub coming to Nuendo...

I do see the humor in myself. I smiled when I read your post….
...Personally, this "issue" would be placed far down the list of things I consider a problem. And since this is a forum, I think it's OK to think that, right?

Still smiling.

Nice, non-reactive answer! I, for one, would like to see more of that around here.

There's a lot of hyperbole flying about something nobody's even seen yet. I'm looking forward to seeing how the hub is actually implemented in Nuendo vs Cubase. And how much of the sky is actually falling. I suspect I will use it, and am not afraid of being judged by potentially horrified clients. If they are here when I boot up, and they get freaked out/platform-ultimatum demanding/ insist that I dress up in a Star Trek uniform with pointy sideburns, I'll either talk them down or send them to someone I don't like.

In the meantime, as the guy who posted the original FR/bug report for a manageable recent documents list here some years ago, I'm mostly just glad the feature's been addressed. Finally!

by Chewy Papadopoulos
Thu Jun 26, 2014 5:01 pm
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Re: Another Outlandish Request: Multiple Tempo Tracks

If I am reading correctly, there seem to be two requests here..
1) Multiple Tempo (and presumably, also, Time Sigature) Tracks.. for trying out different tempo variations.
Already accomplished.. the Tempo and Time Signature tracks have Versions. Just link the Version to the corresponding version of the tracks.

2) Simultaneous multiple Tempo and Time Signature tracks (for polyrhythm, especially, notation.. it is already possible without notation, by means of the above method, and judicious use of tracks set to linear Timebase).
But as regards notation, yes, that would be wonderful.(In the meantime, print several partial scores, physically paste the necessary bars over one another, and scan/reprint the result ;) )
by vic_france
Sun Jun 29, 2014 9:15 pm
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Re: I Need advice on Auto Save settings

[1] Is it unwise to set the timer from 15 min. to 0.5 minutes?

Not sure if unwise but seems unnecessary.....and possibly could impact general performance/stability if you're constantly saving.

[2] Is my new “Maximum Backup Files” setting of only 1 a bit too extreme?
Is there any reason to have 10 of them hanging out in all my project folders if i can’t access them

If that one file is corrupted you will have lost your whole this case you can start working backwards through them until you find one that works. You can open them from Cubase file menu or you can rename them to cpr. It's not something you're likely to need to do often but you might be very happy the one time you can.

[4] How do you guys and gals set these two preferences? and why?

What happened to [3]??
I leave as default....but I always do a manual save after recording a take or doing any tricky editing etc.
by Grim
Tue Jul 01, 2014 10:20 pm
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Re: autotune 7 crashing cubase


after talking to a few people and doing some more testing, this seems to be a memory issue due to auto tune being badly coded from the 32 to 64 bit update. the plugin is basically still acting like an x86 plugin so crashes when the 32bit ram celling is reached.

after further testing reaper also exhibited the same issue as does studio 1.

I'm going to get on the case with Antares as it's their problem.


by Norbury Brook
Fri Jul 04, 2014 3:13 pm
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Re: track name change

Sounds like you're trying to rename a part on a track, not the track itself... To change the name of a clip or part on a track you need to see the info line (which can be viewed by clicking a button on the top/left of the project window which has 3 boxes in it, it's not easy to describe, see pic... and then checking the box for info line), and then when you highlight the part you can click in the name box in the info line and rename it. That's the only (easy) way of doing it.

But then I'm using the full version, could be different for Artist??


by GargoyleStudio
Fri Jul 04, 2014 5:47 pm
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Re: I Need advice on Auto Save settings

I've have it set for 20 versions saved automatically, 1 every 5 minutes.

Actually, all the files .bak are shuffled up a number each time it saves a new version, so v20 is the oldest and the plain .bak (no. 01 is un-numbered!) file is always the latest.

I think what happens if you open any CPR which has a later .bak file of the same name then Cubase will offer to open that one instead for you on the basis that you either forgot to save last time or it crashed.

[I wish they automatically went into a sub-folder because I like a nice tidy project dir!]

I also use the Incremental Backup shortcut key (Ctrl-Alt-S) to quickly save a new version before doing important things (like vari-audioing or tempo mapping, things which have a tendency to crash...). This creates a new version of the file with a number at the end, and also starts you off on a new set of auto-saved backup versions too.

by GargoyleStudio
Tue Jul 01, 2014 11:47 pm
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Re: Can Cubase do this...?

Your first step, however, must be to use either the TimeWarp tool, or the function "Merge Tempo from Tapping" (or a combination of both ;) ), so that the Cubase grid will eventually match up with your improvisations. No amount of quantizing can sort out the score legibility problems if the grid (i.e. bars and beats) doesn't line up with what you actually played. Once you have done that (there's plenty of documentation about those two functions, and many additional posts in here), you can then use Cubase's Score Display Quantize functions to clean up the way it looks ;).
by vic_france
Mon Jul 07, 2014 12:15 am
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Re: Essential EDM plugins

Threads like this make me weep for the future of humanity.
by JMCecil
Mon Jul 07, 2014 5:03 pm
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Re: Dithering about dithering

Dithering is simply introducing noise at low level, in order to conceal the high levels of distortion present in digital signals as they approach silence (typically at the end of the fade or reverb tail). If you listen to this at high levels (careful!) you will hear a 16bit audio recording break up into grainy distortion just before it disappears. After dithering, the signal will disappear into a soft noisy haze, which is considerably more pleasant, particularly if you like to listen to the ends of fades at very high volume!

So yes, I'd say your 16bit recording would benefit from dithering. Dithering isn't important if you're staying in the 24bit world, because the digital noise floor is so much lower.
by ffg
Sun Jul 13, 2014 3:25 pm
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Re: Upgrading on a different machine


It's the fact that the license resides on the dongle, not on the machine.

You'll launch the Elicenser application, plug in the SX 3 dongle, and update the license. (if 7.5 comes with a new dongle, I suppose you would want to then transfer the license from old dongle to the new.)

Upgrades do not include a dongle, as you should already have one with your previous version.

Best regards,
by Guillermo
Mon Jul 14, 2014 11:31 am
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KeyCommand Utility - Now Testing Mac Support

UPDATE: 11/13/2013: New version with an updated css that uses smaller fonts. Added a "." to the empty cells.

There is now a bit of script that lets you more easily choose MAC or PC

#change these two values to identify MAC or PC
my @mods = @PCmods; #set to @MACmods or @PCmods case senstive
my @abrs = @PCabr; #set to @MACabr or @PCabr case senstive

Find this section and set the value after the = sign.

Typical disclaimer - this program isn't designed to do anything useful. If you accidently get it to do something you find agreeable, then that's a bonus. Should running it on your computer ruin your parents credit rating or modify the future beyond your ability to live in it (FZ reference FTW), that's on you.

perl script linked at the bottom of this post
Put the two files from the zip at the bottom of this post, in the directory that has your Key Commands.xml file in it.

Run the script
It will create a KeyCommands.html file
Open KeyCommands.html in your browser of choice.
Bask in the glory of my L33T Perl skillz...

There is a css file with a "background-color: xxxx" value for each command class of command. You can use internet colors or hex color values. Google css background-color for explanation of choices.

NOTE: There are some odd keyboard choices like '-' and '+' that are not treated normally. For example + should really be 'SHIFT+='. But because the + is treated as it's own symbol, there is a + row that can only ever have 1 command mapped to it. And you can never have a 'SHIFT+='. Hope that makes sense.

NOTE 2: If you hover your mouse over a command, it will show you the complete name as it is in the Cubase key command list like below;

Here is the original thread
Key Command Utility
by JMCecil
Sun Dec 30, 2012 3:41 am
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Re: Reinstalling Cubase. What version do I start from?

I found that I had a lot of missing content when I just installed Cubase from v7 on my new DAW.I was always having to go back to old discs and install various missing content.

by Norbury Brook
Tue Jul 15, 2014 6:36 pm
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Re: MIDI List Editor problem

Here is Steve (in another thread) explaining how to do it

(Since you did not include any system info this is the long version)

First open the Preferences dialog in Cubase and click "Store" to save a preset to back up your user prefs, and thern quit Cubase.

Now rename the Default.xml (I do xDefault.xml).

(On Mac it's located at /Users/<username>/Library/Preferences/Cubase 7.5/

on Windows:
Open the "Run" command prompt.
Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8: Press the Windows logo key + R simultaneously.
Windows XP: Select 'Run' from the Start menu.
In the command line of the 'Run' window, enter this path: %appdata%/Steinberg
Locate the folder which is named the same as your Cubase/Nuendo version.

In that folder is the Defaults.xml file, delete it or rename it to force Cubase to reset to defaults.

Now relaunch Cubase, the Channel Edit window should now behave nicely again.

Next, open the preferences dialog again and load the Preference Preset you previously created. Your preferences will be restored, with some minor exceptions, and you should be back in business.

by curteye
Wed Jul 16, 2014 12:52 am
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Re: On which page in the manual(s) is 'Safe Start Mode'?

Seems a pity to have a topic about Safe Start, without cutting to the chase and actually saying, here, that, it is done by holding down Shift+Alt+Ctrl (Shift+Alt+Cmd on Mac) while the Startup splashscreen is appearing ;).
by vic_france
Wed Jul 16, 2014 3:26 pm
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Re: Hi Res MIDI CC88

No I don't mind I can do that. I will try in the future to stick to one question per post as well :)
by Keith99
Wed Jul 16, 2014 8:30 pm
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Re: Please update the Audio-engine to x64bit double precisio

The mathematics in this video is ridiculous.

All this guy demonstrates is how easy it is to conflate floating point inaccuracies to confuse the audience with his marketing talk.

I'm all for getting the best stuff, etc... but double precision mixing is not necessary. Let me explain why:

1. If a 24 bit recording is converted to 32 bit float, which is a meaningful and very well understood operation, the fraction part is 23 bits PLUS one bit of sign, which gives us 138 dB of SNR
2. If (and I suspect that those errors really matter, because there is also reconstructive surgery aka "low pass filtering" at the end of the DAC chain involved) an additional error of, say, 12 dB (and the video only speaks of 6 dB of error!) is introduced, it still doesn't matter, because a) we will never use signals that loud in real life without having our ear drums rupture and b) should we do that because we go crazy, we can still dither

I, therefore, call double precision mixing pointless. Seriously, I'm all for the best in sound and the most creative music and all that, but from a mathematical point of view, there is no point whatsoever in going that crazy.

If the SONAR mixer sounds better (which I can't check myself), I believe it has to do with additional processing, NOT with the bit depth.
by TheNavigator
Thu Jul 17, 2014 3:12 pm
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Re: Soft eLicenser for Cubase 7.5 please!

Cubase Artist 7.5 and Cubase 7.5 (and Nuendo, Wavelab, most of our VSTi's, etc) require the license to be placed on an eLicenser USB key (dongle). They are not currently available to be transferred to internal Soft eLicensers. Once a license has been placed on an eLicenser USB key, it can only be transferred to another eLicesner USB key (not an SeL).

I certainly understand your request. The upside of the physical key is that it allows you to install on as many computers as you would like, while allowing Steinberg to maintain license security. Personally, I hope that in the future we can offer our top level products as SeL licenses, but there are many logistics that need to be worked out for that to be successful for both the customer experience and maintaining license security (from programming to policy decisions about verifying deactivations, how many reactivations, etc).

I travel with mine everyday from home and the office (along with my iLok, my SSL key, and jump drives), so I use this to keep them together

I hope this information is helpful and appreciate your feedback on the licensing!
by Chris Dobbs
Thu Jul 17, 2014 1:54 pm
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Re: Steinberg need to update their Audio-engine to x64bit do

Steinberg need to update their Audio-engine to x64bit double precision!

I think its time that Steinberg update their great x32bit audio-engine to a new x64bit double precision floating engine.
I know what many of you will say that its just a "gimmick" but its not. X64bit audio engine are needed to perform true 24bit recordings-. ;) There are errors taking place inside Cubase today with 32bit floating. That's why you need the higher resolution like x64bit double precision floating engine.

I have work with x64bit double precision floating engine and I can tell you its just sounds great. You can hear the different! ;)
Cubase sounds great but could sound even greater then today if Steinberg upgrade it. ;)

Today x64 double precision "oversampling" are used in majority of all commercial plugins. Just to name a few example: UAD2, Waves, NI, Spectrasonics, SPL, Voxengo, Nomad Factory, Softtube, Fabfilter and East West plugins etc.

So why shouldn't we have it in our audio engine too? :)
AVID Pro Tools 11 new audio-engine use x64bit floating because of that. X64bit audio-engine are used in other DAWs too like example SONAR for many years.

Here is old AES-Video that that explain the benefits with x64bit floating double precision audio-engine VS the old 32bit floating audio-engine that Cubase use.

Best Regards
Freddie 8-)

Aloha F and thanks for the report/link.

To prove his point one would think there would be some examples on the video tho'.
Perhaps some finished product files that we could d/load/compare.
by curteye
Wed Nov 06, 2013 5:02 am
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Re: Project file size... how to keep it down?!


a quick follow-up to this thread.

~ what contributes to file size? is it a combination of factors such as track count, VSTi use, etc??

Short answer: everything.

Long answer: sometimes it can be even a project corruption, but it is usually hitpoint detection and time-stretch processes. We also found that this happens more often and in a much more noticeable way in projects where plug-ins that cannot properly handle multi-core support are used.

The Pool also plays a huge role. If you record and delete several takes, the files are not in the project, but their name, path, etc is still reported in the Pool. Most of you know how cleaning the Pool might be risky, if the projects' folders are "shared" between projects.

~ what can be done to keep the file size down, and consequently save times?

Removing automatic hitpoint detection, rendering time-stretched events, cleaning the Pool, consolidating tracks made up of hundreds sliced events, removing unused media (again, safe only if each and every project resides in its own folder). Sometimes backing up the project removing unused media and mimimising the files is the way to go... if the stage of the production allows you to do so.

I dug quite deep into this a while back and remember having other data... but I will need to check my backlog... too much stuff to remember everything :oops:

[EDIT] I forgot to add: long saving times and big project size can be two unrelated problems, so one may experience either or both.

[EDIT 2] I also forgot to add that on a Mac, long saving times might be due to encrypted file system and automatic Time Machine backup. Same on Windows with automatic backup, of course. Some laptops also still have a 5400RPM HD, which does not really help.
by Fabio Bartolini
Fri Jul 18, 2014 10:26 am
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How I've stabilized my Nuendo/Cubase Mac setup

Hi all,

For many years, I've been dealing with a lot of issues in my SB Mac setup. The common answer for most of them was "performance issues", but that never was a valid answer for me, so I've been expending big amounts of time to find the way to fix all my issues and, now, I'd like to share with you all how I’ve got my setup more reliable.

My setup: Mac Pro 3,1, with a lot of stuff connected through USB, a Blackmagic video card and two EuCon MC Artist devices. UAD, Waves, Native Instruments and SoundToys plugins are my main tools, but I do have tons of them.
My issues: crashes. Lots of them. Using the Nuendo or Cubase, exporting, quitting. EuCon related crashes. VideoOutput driver crashes.

This is my research to improve stability:

- Clean system. My actual setup is years old, and I have tons of preference files from old times. Have a clean system and install only what you need. Having an Internet connection does not make any difference in Mac. In fact, I’m working on a Maverick based setup, installing only the minimum necessary (i’m trying to simplify things).

- USB hub chains. That was a major deal breaker for my system. I found that more than two USB hubs in chain caused instabilities and crashes. Simplify how many devices have in your system. To avoid issues I have an USB hub directly connected to the computer just for all my keys (eLicensers, iLoks). As a curiosity, MacOS doesn’t let you use start keystrokes when you are using the keyboard and the mouse through a HUB. Not a major issue, anyway.

- Memory. I use to have at first 4 GB, them 8 GB of RAM. One forum user leaded me to this: get lots of memory. I got al I could, now I have 22 GB of RAM.

- VideoOutput component crashes and CPU spikes. In some systems, most of them with Blackmagic cards, even if your not using any video, you could have crashes of this component. If you don’t, you’ll see the CPU meter dancing, with big spikes.
The video component works as connector to a separate thread, so you may have the opportunity to save everything and restart the software. Sometimes, it crashes from the start, so it’s a major pain in the *star*, even worse if you are in the room with your client. I found that using the videooutput.component from the Nuendo 5.5 stabilized everything. I’ve lost the inline frame preview, but everything is MUCH better now. I could not fix Cubase in the same way, but I know that SB is working in a fix for that issue.

Unsolved issues:

- Kontakt crashes. Sometimes, Kontakt crashes when you open the window. It’s not a common issue and it seems to be solved in the last version.
- EuCon crashes on quit. It issue was solved magically in Mountain Lion when I added more memory. In my Maverick setup, Nuendo is still crashing on quit, but SB has fixed this issue in Cubase 7.5, so it will be part of Nuendo eventually.

And that’s all. Now I’m pretty happy because my system lets me work everyday fluently, something new in my life :-)

Finally, I’d like to thank to everyone who tried to help me in this process.

I hope my story helps to someone else :-)
by Antonio Escobar
Sun Jul 20, 2014 12:20 am
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How do you 'Thank' people in the forum?

I hadn't noticed this even existed at 1st...then I started noticing users 'thanking' each other...I cannot find such a function :?
Wed Jul 23, 2014 3:02 pm
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Re: How do you 'Thank' people in the forum?

Or the bottom right, depending on which skin you use I believe.
by Strophoid
Wed Jul 23, 2014 6:51 pm
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Re: Nuendo 6.5 now shipping

Really, I was just wondering if/hoping that we could congratulate the release of 6.5 for maybe one whole day before getting back into , "I'm unhappy because"......"they should have done this differently"........., etc".

I'm sure many people at Steinberg have worked very hard to to make 6.5. I will guarantee sleep was lost getting 6.5 out the door. They are humans. I think treating them as such and simply saying "thanks" here and there is the right thing to do.
by Getalife2
Thu Jul 24, 2014 3:21 pm
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Re: How do you 'Thank' people in the forum?

Oh, they are here. Lol its funny watching them hide behind their aliases. ;)
by Woodcrest Studio
Fri Jul 25, 2014 8:56 pm
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CUBASE 7.5 Generic Remote Cheat-Sheet

Hello everyone!

Today I want to share with you some of my recent work regarding Cubase and Generic Remote.
I am in the middle of creating some custom mappings for my orchestral templates here and I feel overwhelmed how much can be done with it to speed up the process of creating/producing/mixing - you name it. I was always using Generic Remote but never on such a scale as now. Since I have found navigating thru all the little windows there very annoying and I haven't found any complete list of all the options available in any Cubase manual, I created my own! It is a cheat-sheet helping me programming all my mappings I need for the work to be done.
The file is .JPEG and around 5MB heavy.
I hope everything will be clear for you once you take few minutes to go thru it.
I plan to do some video tutorials on that subject so if there are any particular questions -shoot.
Have fun with it!
by 24dBFS
Fri Jul 25, 2014 9:53 pm
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Re: Todd Terje shoves Cubase for Mac under the bus

Cubase for Mac is very stable, but there are things which will render it unstable. High up on the list of these is 3rd party plugins. The only thing that ever causes C7.5 to crash on my Mac is Autotune 7.

As a start try removing all 3rd party plugs, then put them back and see when the problem returns.

Trashing prefs, and/or a fresh install often helps, as does a clean and lean install of OSX.

Do a search here, there is lots of advice for instability problems on both platforms.

Just because another user reports instability, doesn't mean the whole thing is unusable.

Post your system specs, you are more likely to get helpful advice.
by ffg
Sun Aug 10, 2014 5:14 pm
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Re: Programming groups in key editor

But why not let the Quantize Setup dialog do all that for you? (it's really very easy ;) )...
Let's take two examples, using quintolets..
Open the Quantize Panel (or the Quantize pane in the MIDi Editor's Inspector)

1) 5 beats in a bar of 4/4..
Set Grid to "1/1"
Set Tuplet to "5"
Done! :)

2) Quarter-note subdivided into quintolets..
Set Grid to "1/4"
Set Tuplet to "5"
Done! :)

.. and you can even use the "Randomize" function in that same panel ;).
by vic_france
Tue Aug 12, 2014 12:35 pm
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Re: Why cant i get an answer from Steinberg?

Rather, i believe, it is about the active help/participation (or lack thereof) by the paid employees in these forums.

But feel free to check out my entire post history ;-)

Regarding the subject of the thread: I'm very sorry, but it is simply not possible for us to state which features are being planned, implemented and so on. The Features Request Forum (the place where to ask for new features, of course) is indeed monitored and often beta testers report to developers directly.
by Fabio Bartolini
Thu Aug 14, 2014 8:44 am
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You are not authorised to read this forum.
by Fabio Bartolini
Mon Aug 25, 2014 11:52 am
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Re: ok...some good ones here !!!!!

My FR: Please make easier to read ;)
by iBM
Fri Aug 29, 2014 1:40 am
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Re: Generic Remote Problem

Generic Remote, depending on the ORDINAL POSITION of Group Channels and tracks, instead of some internal ID of that object, is just poorly executed coding best-practices.

Those objects should be key'd off an internal id, not an ordinal position.

There is no defending this.

It will surely change.

in the meantime, enjoy creating robust "static" templates with hundreds of unused group channels and you'll be fine. :roll:

But really, you will be.

Anything new "to the right-hand side" of the generic remote consideration, that's added, won't affect the ordinal position limitation.

So you can still grow your project, just not the Group Channels.

And, the good news is that Cubase handles all those "dead" dummy channels (that mostly go unused in such a bloated temple), without much CPU hit.

Such is the life of Generic Remote users.
by Jalcide
Sun Sep 07, 2014 3:50 am
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Re: Cubase 7.5.30 Sound engine

ALL Cubase versions from SX2 > 7 null.

v2 nulls with v3
v3 nulls with v4
v4 nulls with v5
v5 nulls with v6
v6 nulls with v7

This is true for:

1) audio only projects
2) VST only projects
3) audio and VST projects

Yes, I have tested this. No, I did not do anything wrong; you can not possibly get an accidental null. To those of you who are hearing a difference from one version to the next, either a) you are hearing a difference from the eq curves in one version to the next, or b) you are just hearing things that don't really exist. But don't worry; this (meaning 'b') happens to many people.

A few reasons why you would not a get a null:

1) Pan law(s) set differently
2) Reverb somewhere in the project that has a random algo
3) A VST with a random algo (Zebra and Omnisphere are two good exs; Kontakt has a few random algos)
4) A plug with a random algo (some compressors, as one ex)
5) A ch strip with a random algo (yes, even inside your host)
6) Differing s.r./b.d.
7) RRs (if not reset prior to each mixdown)
8) Export vs. non-RT export

I have seen people - who felt strongly that they knew what they were doing - attempt to do null tests, but wind up doing them wrong. It's not rocket science, but it does need to be done correctly.

by Jeff Hayat
Sun Sep 07, 2014 5:11 am
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Re: 7.5.30 causes audio stuttering & Avg performance load sp

Ok. I cleaned the thread from off topics and polemics, so that the discussion is clearer and it is easier to read the reports and find a common ground. Now it is unlocked.

This behaviour has not been seen on any machines over here, as well as on most users' machines. So it might be tricky to understand where the conflict is. And I suspect it could be a combination of different factors.

Those who are experiencing the issue, please add a detailed list of the system components and software installed.
Again, an NFO file would be ideal as it holds much information and takes a minute to create and send.

Thank you.
by Fabio Bartolini
Mon Sep 15, 2014 10:02 pm
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Re: FX channels & Pan L/R

Your pic isn't explaining much.....just explain clearly what you want to do...not how you think you should do it but the end result you want to achieve.
by Grim
Fri Sep 19, 2014 8:54 pm
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Re: Bought Zoom H4N: Difficulty downloading bundled Cubase L

LE is the most limited version....half the number of audio/midi/instrument tracks and 18 FX compared to 28 in AI.

OP: you may also want to read & post in this thread all about activating LE!!

by Grim
Sat Sep 20, 2014 11:05 pm
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