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A plugin manager is really needed

I own a lot of VST3 - plugins and using them is really a lot of scrolling work, because the sorting / ordering scheme is so bad. :-(

Please, Steinberg, give us a nice VST3 plugin management system. Preferably with automatic removal of mono plugins for stereo tracks and multiple sets of plugins for different types of tracks.

Look, dear developers and product managers:

I AM a software developer in my daytime job. Therefore I KNOW that this is actually not that hard to do, it's something one can even give to some junior developer to get to know the GUI framework and some communication with the audio path engine or whatever you call it.

If I had to do the planning poker, I'd say about 10 man days of work for a full featured plugin management system when done by a junior.

Besides that, I also feel a little bit like this is a political (marketing) decision not to have given us that yet? Is it possible that you WANT 3rd party developers to be able to force their will upon us?

I may take the liberty to post a screenshot of the utter mess my "insert plugin" menu is.

So please, seriously, do something. I think I'm not the only one who hates the sorting / ordering scheme as it is now, because it is super ultra megabad.
by TheNavigator
Tue May 28, 2013 6:45 pm
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Plugin Browser - Arrow Keys used

When using Plugin Browser, it would be cool to not have to use the mouse to select from list.


1. <enter search text>
2. arrow key down/up
3. enter makes Selection

small thing like this make it easier on the hands, and help avoid hand cramping.
by beerbong
Thu Nov 07, 2013 10:01 pm
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folder for backup files

Does anyone out there know how to put all the backup files (.bak) into a backup folder?

Is there a pref for this?

If now please steinberg make us one. I want to save more backups but it's to messy.
by Swi
Thu Nov 07, 2013 6:35 pm
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Re: - Cubase 7 with dual Xeons

Fabio Bartolini wrote:your enquiry has been forwarded by a distributor, I replied on the 14th. Did you receive the e-mail?

Thank you for the official Steinberg response. ................................................. NOT :roll: !

That really helps ( :roll: ) anyone else who has this question, like me.
by Patanjali
Thu Nov 21, 2013 11:59 am
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Film Music tools: Streamers, Punchers and Flutters

Dear Staff,

I switched to Cubase 7 from Logic Pro and DP8 and I would love to find in the future in Cubase a little tool that in Film Music Scoring Composers usually use while they compose or direct the Orchestra during the Scoring Session.

In DP8 they are called " Streamers, Punchers and Flutters " leaded by Markers the Composer places one the Marker Track .

This feature was created by Auricle in Los Angeles and the same feature was included later in DP8 and Logic Pro.

You will find attached a screen shot I took in order to show you what I mean exactly.

They would be very useful both during the composition process and in the Scoring Session as well for the Orchestra.

I knew there was something similar in Nuendo, but it would be great find a specific tool for Film Music in Cubase.

Thanks million!
by dioman_leikari
Tue Oct 08, 2013 1:37 pm
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Re: Mute (x) switch in VariAudio

It becomes incredibly annoying after a while. I have loads of tracks to pitch correct and it almost drove me mad by accidentally clicking on X so many times.
by mihnelis
Fri Dec 06, 2013 2:04 pm
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[FR] A smaller VSTi Rack please!

...even on my WQHD monitor, the vst rack is so (too) huge, for what purpose ?? and so slow.. :cry:

it takes about 3 sek to show up, with 26 instruments in the rack, previously it was immediately
by Tomek
Thu Dec 05, 2013 11:49 pm
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Re: [POLL] Mute (x) switch in VariAudio, is it necessary?

At first I didn't notice it, but last week I had a large project with tons of corrections needed and I kept clicking it by mistake, really annoying.
by Soul-Burn
Sun Dec 08, 2013 8:39 am
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Dry/Wet Mix knob for all plugins

Would be nice to have a Dry/Wet mix knob built in Cubase for all plugins including 3rd party plugins, VST2 and VST3
by patcub
Sun Dec 08, 2013 12:57 pm
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Re: Cubase 7.5 Excruciating load times

Its pretty bad…

I don't care what new features are going to be offered in CUBASE 8….I only want cubase to run faster and crash less. I'll pay whatever they ask for this.

22 Minutes to load my template?
6 seconds to call up my VST instruments panel?
4 seconds to use track visibility agents?

PLEASE MAKE CUBASE HANDLE LARGE TEMPLATES FASTER. The improvements are welcome and CUBASE is the best daw in my opinion, but if these load times and lags continue, I will need to go to a lesser DAW just so I don't have to wait for my template to load...
by Monfra321
Fri Dec 06, 2013 10:24 pm
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Re: Now VST rack is so huge. What for ???

and what about futures like this:
- remove unnused instruments
- unused instrument in a different color
- layering instruments
and so on

I'm sorry but I do not see here any improvements.. :cry:
by Tomek
Fri Dec 06, 2013 12:13 am
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Re: Now VST rack is so huge. What for ???

yes I understand.

I too find it a little bit confusing, now there is all the VSTi's used as instrument track + the instruments in the instrument rack, it's supercharged and I don't understand why.

The way it was before is more clear IMHO, instruments tracks in the project window and instrument the instrument rack.

Also we should be able to assign any parameter to the Quick Control knobs, with a learn function.
by patcub
Fri Dec 06, 2013 12:34 am
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Re: Cubase 7.5 Excruciating load times

Hello guys,

We are investigating this issue!
by crohde
Mon Dec 09, 2013 11:34 am
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Re: NewFeature: ALT+Click to split notes in VariAudio

This and making the mute button less annoying.
by Soul-Burn
Tue Dec 10, 2013 6:03 pm
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Re: Tips Tricks And Workflow Goodness.

Here's an easy but pretty powerful one I just made up, been wanting to try that for weeks, always forgot about it :
Write a macro containing both "Bounce MIDI" and "Bounce" (audio), assign a key.
Works 100% transparent in C7, it bounces whatever you have highlighted, MIDI, audio or both ... *
Beats using the glue tool by a mile imho, ymmv.
For some weird reason it crashes 6.5 here though. :(
Go figure, I actually found a little detail that works faster in C7 ... :?

* No, stupid, it doesn't create a MIDI/audio hybrid. :roll:
Gotta leave something for next week. :P
by Rhino
Fri Nov 08, 2013 11:37 pm
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Re: Tips Tricks And Workflow Goodness.

For me, some of the best tips are keyboard shortcut or modifier keys and are not really hidden but I'll post them anyways:

-Hold shift + Ctrl, left click and drag up or down on midi event(s) to change their velocities
-Hold Ctrl while resising an event (when snap to grid is enabled) to bypass the snap to grid and resise freely (same thing for moving an event)
-This is simple but a lot of people don't know about this, use Grid Relative in the snap to grid panel if you want to move events but keep their starting position.
-when using the Range selection tool, hold Ctrl + Shift to select all tracks
-there's a command called select cursor to end, so if you assign this to a keyboard shortcut and also assign one to split at cursor, you can easily split all files and the select all on the right side of the split to move them
-if you want to delete a section but you want all event after to move where the deleted section is while keeping everything on the grid use the range selection tool while snap to grid is enabled, use the ctrl + shift modifier I talked about to select the part you want to delete (let's say you delete 2 bars), then go to the snap type in the snap to grid panel and change it to shuffle, then press delete. the 2 bars are gone and all event after moved to the left automatically. Don't forget to change the snap type again after tho ;)
-Variaudio shortcuts: press tab to switch between segment and pitch modes, hold ctrl while moving a note to put it perfectly on the pitch, hold shift while moving a note to move it freely
-In mixconsole, alt double click on sends to make the send plugin show up
-Add a Key command to Find track/Channel (in my case it's F) so when I press F I can start typing the name of a track and it will select it ... this is really usefull to find tracks easily in big sessions

I could go on like this but I don't want to clutter the forum ;) I hope this will help some of you
by trashdinner
Sat Nov 30, 2013 9:18 pm
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Re: Tips Tricks And Workflow Goodness.

Hmm... Someone just asked me for a Mac version of a script I worked on in this thread

So, I figured this was a good bump place for that thread.

This is a Windows script that will lay out your used keycommands in a useful way and output them in an html page.
by JMCecil
Fri Nov 01, 2013 2:15 pm
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Re: Tips Tricks And Workflow Goodness.

this one isn't too known i guess: to replace all instances of an audio event in a project (akin to exchanging a sample in a sampler), put your replacement sample in the pool, the drag it from the pool whist holding shift, and drop it onto the event to be replaced.
by lukasbrooklyn
Sat Nov 02, 2013 1:50 am
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Tips Tricks And Workflow Goodness.

Got a cool tip or macro to add to the list? Spotted an error or know a better way? Post it here and I'll add it on as and when I can!

There are lots more juicy tips in this thread that haven't been collated yet, or are a bit too general or complex to fit in this post. Have a wade through and see what nuggets you find.

Excellent Thread by Bane (looks like hundreds of hours of work here) thanks Curteye.

Great Site Full of Tutorials thanks Norbury Brook .

Best Ever Workflow Tip

The one piece of advice that keeps on coming up over and over: Learn the Key commands and assign your own. Almost every function can be set to a key command.

Here's an excellent thread by JMCecil with a utility for setting up and viewing key commands.

Project Setup

Make templates!

Get a session set up how you like it, tracks ready to go, input and output buses, group channels, folder tracks even favourite VST instruments and FX, this is a BIG timesaver.

Template From Existing Project

Save your project under a different name first (avoids ‘lost project embarrassment’). Delete all the Audio/MIDI stuff you don’t want in the template from the project window. Hit [CTL]+P to open pool and right [Option]click, select empty trash.
BEWARE, don’t choose erase unless you don’t need the files, choose the‘remove from pool’ option. Erase option will send your files to digital heaven. Then choose Save as Template option from the file menu.

Naming Tracks

In the Arrange window, click in the track name box to get a curser, type in the tracks name ie; ’Kick’, hit [TAB] (cursor jumps to next track name box) type in next one and repeat. Hit [Enter] to end.

Naming Tracks Inside Folders - by Xtigma

Rename all tracks inside a folder to the same name.
Type name in Folder Track, hold down [shift] + press [enter].

Rename all events on midi track to track's name - By Mozizo

Dbl click track name(fonts highligted with blue).
Press and hold one of the modifiers and press Enter.

Assigning Input Buses and Channel Outputs

In the Mix Console, select the required audio channels and as you assign the 1st channel (Drop down menu in Mix Console-Routing Tab) hold down [Shift] and each channel will be assigned incrementally.
Holding [Shift]+[ALT] will send all selected channels to the same Input bus or output.


To create a macro

File/Key Commands/Show Macros/New Macro-and name it.
Highlight the command from the commands window and hit 'Add Command' after each.
The new marco should now be visible in the macro folder in the commands window. Assign it to a Key of your choice.

New Track Macro - by Rhino

For creating a new track with all routing monitoring and FX settings from existing in one go.

Project - Duplicate Tracks
Edit - Select All On Tracks
Edit - Delete

Bounce In Place - by Winter Rat

Cubase Ninja Pro-Tools style Trim Automation - by Lukasbrooklyn

Set L and R Locators to next 2 markers - by SeeWhat

Locate to marker 1 then apply the following macro ({Alt}+{/}.
transport- set Left locator
transport- next marker
transport- set Right locator

Mix Console/FX

Default FX Presets - by Rhino

In any FX container window, next to the preset box hit the cubase icon and choose 'save as default preset'

Open all insert GUI on channel - By mozizo

[shift]+[alt]+[left click] on E button of a channel.
To close all of them [shift]+[left click] on E again.

Reset Channel Settings - by Bacizone

In Track Inspector - Alt+Click on the Bypass buttons will reset the settings of Insert / Strip / Equalizer / Send


Pre-Insert Volume Automation

Make sure the 'Use Mouse Wheel for Event volume and Fades' option is activated in Preferences. Editing/Audio page.
[ALT]+Click on an audio event to cut it around the area you want to change, then hover the mouse over it and mouse wheel up for louder (up to 24db) or down for softer. Will also work for multiple selections or entire Audio events. Won't work for an Audio Part unless you dissolve part first [CTL]+ right[option] click to open context menu and choose Audio/Dissolve Part.
[CTL]+M/Wheel near front of event to adjust fade in or near rear for fade out.

Replace all audio clip instances - by lukasbrooklyn

To replace all instances of an audio event in a project (akin to exchanging a sample in a sampler), put your replacement sample in the pool, the drag it from the pool whist holding shift, and drop it onto the event to be replaced.


MIDI Octave shortcut - by Stealth

Select midi event(s) in the project/arrange page then Shift + up or down arrow key to change octave.

MIDI Velocity Editing - by trashdinner

Hold shift + Ctrl, left click and drag up or down to change velocity on selected MIDI events.

Logical Editor - by Curteye

Being a MIDI guitarist from the early 90's the LE was a must learn.
Here is my approach(es):

1-When using it stop thinking like an artist/musician etc
and start thinking more 'scientific'. (similar but not quite the same)

2-Don't go in 'cold'. Decide want you want to accomplish and use a preset
that steers in that direction. There are many in Cubase. Tweak from there.

3-Save your tweak as a preset. You might need it later and you might forget how you got there.
(happened to me a lot at first)

4-Using LE custom presets along with Key Commands can really speed the workflow.

VST Instruments

Record VST instrument tracks without using groups or bounce or export - by JMCecil

F4 -> Output tab -> hit + sign and create a Stereo Output called whatever "VSTi Out". Do not assign this output to any of your audio card outputs.
On your Instrument track, set the output to the "VSTi Output" from the previous step.
Create a Stereo Audio Track in the project, set the INPUT to "VSTi Output"
Enable monitor and/or Record enable.

Layered Samples in Groove Agent SE - by trashdinner

If you add multiple sounds to a pad (by drag and dropping) use the first (top) option when dropping the sounds to a pad to layer them.
At first they will will not trigger at the same time but the different samples will trigger depending on the velocity so while the pad is selected, change the mode to "layer" instead of "velocity" in the main tab. Now they all trigger at the same time but you can't adjust the volumes or any other parameters of the different samples separately ... but here's how to do it:
There are 2 little buttons on the upper right side of Groove Agent SE, one is ABS or Rel (It's set to ABS by default)
and the other one is Pad or Sel (It's set to Pad by default). If you press the Pad button to switch it to Sel (while the multi samples pad is selected) you can now chose the sample you want to change the volume or any other parameters and it will only change the settings of that sample within the Pad instead of all the samples within the pad. So just select the sample, tweak some buttons and when you select another sample on the same pad you'll see the the tweaks you made won't affect the other samples :) I find That really usefull instead of having to have 3 midi notes for my kick sound, I just have one and tweak it inside Groove Agent SE.

Vari Audio

Variaudio shortcuts - by trashdinner

[tab] to switch between segment and pitch modes.
Hold [ctrl] while moving a note to snap to pitch.
Hold [shift] while moving a note to move it freely.

Editing of M/S - Recordings - by marQs

If recording i.e. a vocalist with M/S technique (to get that little air around) which I often do, record it to a stereo track (M = left/S = right) instead of two individual tracks. Mix6To2 or Voxengo MSED get you decoded in a second.

That way you can apply i.e. VariAudio + Warp to both channels while avoiding phase issues.

Works exactly the same if you track a DI guitar + an amp, up to 6 channels, see Rhino's tip on multitrack wave editing here


Video Scrubbing - by Carlo

Very nice for film-scoring if you play back a movie on a computer screen: Click directly in the Video Player window and drag the mouse left or right...

Toggle Full Screen Video - by BFred

Double-click anywhere in the video window to toggle full screen mode.


Inspector Gymnastics - by Skillet

Command click on Inspector items to open more than one. Shift click on any of them to close all of them at once. Handy when you use Inspector shortcuts since there doesn't seem to be a shortcut to close them all at once. You quickly loose view of some items using the shortcuts unless you always toggle them. Thankfully toggling any item (that may be open already) now brings it back into view though.

Resize Tool box (Arrange Window) - by Soul Burn

If you press right-click to open the tools menu and hold it pressed for about 5 seconds (it feels long), you can resize the shape of the toolbox. This lets you get to your tools with a shorter movement of the mouse.

Scissor Trick - by Bonso

Scissor Tool : alt/click when slicing an event divides the whole event into equal length sections.

Reverse Locators to skip section - by Rotund

If you just want to cut a section of a song, but want to hear the result first.
Simply engage cycle, then set your left locator to the end of the section to be cut.
Then set your right locator to the beginning of the section to be cut.
Yea, backwards.
Now playback from a point before the right locator.
The song will skip over the section enclosed in the markers.

Got something to share? Post your tips and ideas in this thread and I'll add them when I can.
by Paul Coyle
Thu Oct 24, 2013 8:08 am
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Re: NewFeature: ALT+Click to split notes in VariAudio

Big +1

its way too slow and frustrating right now switching modes with Tab and trying to catch the bottom line of a segment to popup the scissors just for splitting !

Variaudio needs some redesign in terms of speed workflow, and also repitching by defined musical scale for quicker tuning off scale notes.
by mozizo
Sun Dec 08, 2013 4:44 pm
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Re: Tips Tricks And Workflow Goodness.

"floating" inspector bar, PT style ;)

make it allways on top and will automaticaly scroll during selecting track
by Tomek
Wed Dec 11, 2013 10:55 pm
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Re: NewFeature: ALT+Click to split notes in VariAudio

This one gets my vote.

I often find myself grabbing for the alt-key just to realize it doesn't work like that in VariAudio.
by Pixie
Thu Dec 12, 2013 8:55 am
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Re: Cubase 7.5 Excruciating load times

Finally, I've been able to do some Mac loading time tests on v7.5.

Here are the old results from using 7.0.6 in OSX 10.9 ( redid the test in 10.9.1, just to be on the safe side, but it made no difference):
180 track instruments of padshop: 2 min 39 sec.
180 track only (no plug-ins): 7 sec

These are the results from using 7.5 in OSX 10.9.1
180 track instruments of padshop: 18 min
180 track only (no plug-ins): 7 sec

Opening the file, saved in v7.5, in 7.0.6, again took approximately 2.5 minutes.
Opening the file, saved in v7.5, in 7.5, again took approximately 18 minutes.

Watching the counter in the new VST Rack, it is clear that the loading times get progressively longer the more instances gets loaded. My finger wasn't fast enough to time the first instance, but the 180th took about 15 seconds.

These results tells me that:
a) The problem is not platform specific.
b) The problem is caused by the number of plug-in instances, not by the number of tracks themselves.

My opinion is that is has something to do with the way Cubase handles plug-ins after the merger of Instrument Tracks and the VST Instruments Rack.

I also took a look at the file sizes. The original test file (with PadShop) was 6.8MB. After saving it in v7.5, it grow to 11.8MB. That's a significant increase in size, but nowhere near the 10 times mushrooming that has been reported by other (Windows) users. The fact that my test file was "clean" (i.e. it only contained pointers to PadShop instances. No MIDI data or pointers to audio files.) may have had something to do with the results.

The interesting thing, though, is that, when I opened the 11.8MB project in v7.0.6 and saved it again, it shrank back down to 6.9MB! One must wonder what v7.5 puts in those project files.

Let's hope Steiney figures this out sooner, rather than later.

Maybe my memory is playing tricks on me, but...didn't we have the same problem with mushrooming file sizes a number of years ago? Was it with v5 or v6?
by Svenne
Tue Dec 17, 2013 4:57 pm
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Re: Macro for bouncing without any processing from the main-

I did not suceed muting the selected event object with this recipe. I had to add a macro (with just mute object events) in one of the PLE Insctructions to make it suceed. Do you mind tellling me where is the instruction to mute the event? at least for me to learn a bit.

Thank you
by estrica2000
Sun Jan 05, 2014 4:11 am
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Automation Point Click Behaviour

When you click on an automation line, it creates a new 'point', but then if you immediately drag that point it drags everything left and right up and down. So much of the time I have to make -two- automation points to get anything done. (Actually, more often -4- to 'protect' the rest of the track from my changes.)

As is often the case, Adobe Premiere and AE have a neat-o solution. When you click to create an automation point and then (while still holding the mouse down) drag to the RIGHT of the automation point, everything to the right goes up or down. And if you click to the LEFT everything preceding the point goes up/down.

There should be a Preference to mimic this behaviour. It's incredibly handy.
by suntower
Sun Jan 05, 2014 9:29 pm
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Re: Cubase vs Task Manager CPU usage don't match

They're not showing the same thing!
Search for CPU Usage in the forum e.g. viewtopic.php?f=194&t=53823&hilit=CPU+usage
by BriHar
Wed Jan 22, 2014 3:49 pm
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Change--> Mono Track to a Stereo Track on a fly!

Change--> Mono Track to a Stereo Track on a fly!

Just press on the "mono symbol-icon" on the track and it change from mono to stereo on a fly. (also work from Stereo to mono) That would be great especially working with audio tracks.

How many time have you needed to add a second new "Stereo Audio-track" to be able to run thru the "mono audio" thru a stereo plugin? ;)

Best Regards
by Freddie H
Mon Jun 16, 2014 9:43 am
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Cubase 7.5 / 8 - 'Unlimited' Inserts

With the introduction of the mix console, its scaleability and the perceived change in its architecture .

do you think...

we will EVER see the introduction on a possible higher insert count that can take advantage of faster CPU's ?

by Majic
Wed Dec 11, 2013 11:48 am
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Stop adding exporting audio to the bottom of an arrangement

It should go under the current track, 90% of the time I have to drag the new track up 30-40 tracks to where I want it, very boring!
by ControlX2012
Thu Apr 24, 2014 8:35 pm
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I need to rant before I explode. I haven't tried the 7.5 version of Cubase yet but from watching videos I get the gist.

Am I the only one who used the VST instrument rack lol?? and everyone else just use instrument tracks???...doubt it.

Since 7.5 was released now everyone's talking "hey did you know there is now a way to use multi-timbrel instruments in Cubase 7.5!" see here (see from 1:02)

The reason this annoys me because the change to the vst instrument rack is going TOOO FAAAR! And everyone loves it.

Steinberg keeps messing with my workflow. I never used instrument tracks as I always used multiple midi tracks to control VST instruments. I always had the VST instrument rack in the corner. It was small and an extremely practical way to quickly access the VST instruments I was using. I just flash my mouse over and quickly open the instrument I wanted to use.

Now with the change in 7.5 the individual instances of VST in the rack are MASSIVE. I haven't seen any examples of serious downsizing. With the instruments open within the rack, vertically, each VST takes up at least 5-6 times the space. The changes made are fine if you could customize the rack to be the way it was before if that's how you liked to work. Why not? Why is it always the case of developers making changes but never having an option to have the previous setup?

Anyway having the very small VST instrument rack in the corner of my work-space was a very critical part of my workflow. When I have lots and lots of VST instruments loaded, navigating on the project page to open the needed VST GUI takes too long. With the VST rack open all the time its just a click away. But the new GUI of the rack and its ridiculous size taking up far to much space, its just not practical. I know you can re-size it narrower but is at a premium and it is far larger than before.

The fact that I have not found anyone else with this way of working means that I'm in the minority. So I am forever doomed to this new horrible rack. I can either stay on version 7.0 forever or find another DAW. (serious Cubase fan here!!!).

I'm sorry for the rant but I honestly feel hysterically concerned that this may be a permanent change in the GUI of the rack. Opinions?
by etienne5777
Fri Apr 25, 2014 2:25 am
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Track Archive (improve function)

I am a film composer and I spend a lot of time transferring midi and audio regions and tracks from one session to another and the best way I have found to do that is "Export Selected Tracks" from session A and then "Import Track Archive" into session B (why it isn't called "Export Track Archive" is beyond me). The only problem with this method is that when I import the track archive into session B, the track archive remembers it's old "Project Start" time and then it proceeds to change the project start of session B. The solution I have found is to edit the XML file that cubase makes. In the XML code you can delete the "Project Start" data and then when you import into session B it won't mess anything up (I have attached a screenshot of what "Import Track Archive" looks like after you edit the XML).

Anyway, isn't this a little ridiculous that I have even had to learn how to edit an XML file in order for "Track Archives" to work? Can't we get a button on the import track archive window that says "ignore track archive project start"? Or is there a better way that you all know of to transfer tracks (and all their settings and data) between sessions. So that is my feature request... a "Ignore Track Archive Project Start Time" button.


import track archive parr.png
by cbdmusic
Fri Jan 17, 2014 7:37 am
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Macros Macros and more Macros

Hi Steinberg et all,

It would be nice if the Macro creation process and functionality had an overhaul. Here are a few suggestions:

Basic suggestions:
- Once Show Macros has been clicked, it should remain visible each time one opens the Key Commands window until the user chooses to hide the Macro window.
- The window should be fully resizeable (With scroll bars and all other modern amenities).
- Duplicate Macro function to quickly create a variation on an existing Macro
- Import/Export single or all macros to share with others or to bring to other studios. (The same goes for the Key Commands!)

It would be nice if the Project Logical Editor (PLE) and Macro system had some extra functionality to do more complex and "advanced" functions. For instance:

- 10 (?) global separate counters that can be incremented or decreased with simple math functions like ADD, SUBSTRACT, SUM, MULTIPLY, DIVIDE, SET to "other_counter/value of COUNT/other values", SET to ZERO, EVEN ODD, FIRST, LAST
- COUNT function in PLE to count number of events
- In the PLE, the Position action should be able to divide/multiple not only to absolute values (like it does now) but also to values relative to the first selected event when multiple events are selected. (So for instance you can select a bunch of clips, halve their lengths and then halve their position relative to the first clip. Like that you could form instance select 8 consecutive 1 bar clips, half their lengths and move them all up so that they are again consecutive with no spacing).

That's all for now. Thanks for considering this.

by UnderTow
Fri May 23, 2014 12:54 am
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Cannot unfocus a plugin that is hanging

In Windows 7 with the new windows layout in Cubase 8 if a plugin hangs for a minute or two while "thinking" there is no way to get it to lose focus. I was having this issue with a particular plugin hanging in Cubase 7.5, and could just select my browser from the taskbar and type up a bug report while I waited for the plugin to unfreeze. In Cubase 8 this is not possible because after tabbing to the browser or to any other app the hanging plugin still has focus on the screen even though the rest of Cubase has lost focus.

In general I've found minimizing the different parts of Cubase 8 to be rather convoluted.
by Greg Houston
Fri Dec 05, 2014 3:30 am
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BRILLIANT IDEAS for workflow!! devs take note


I found this video of a dude who wrote a script to create a new menu for cubase, and it works!

some of the workflow ideas he has are really streamlined and I couldnt help but think the devs must see devs, take note!

so many good ideas and features. This is the video:

it is basically a new menu accessing macros and much more - there is no key command for snap 'on' and another one for 'snap' off - there is only one that toggles snap on an off. He wrote in the script that it actually scans the pixel colours of the snap button to see if it is on or off - but really, this should be in cubase!!

thanks to Lukas Turza :)

*UPDATE - for OSX users - there must be a similar scripting program - so watch the video and maybe you will be inspired to write something similar for OSX. Even better would be Steinberg incorporating some of the workflow features - and no this is not just a fancy menu - the ideas of each function are great
by Ben303
Fri Dec 05, 2014 2:51 pm
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Re: BRILLIANT IDEAS for workflow!! devs take note

I was secretly hoping some of this (as in ideas) would make it into C8. None of it has, neither have any of the bugs I reported and got filed. Maybe I should think of selling this menu thingy instead. :/
by lukasbrooklyn
Fri Dec 05, 2014 3:40 pm
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Live and Mixing Latency ASIO Guard Info Panel

It would be nice to have a clearly viewable area (perhaps in the Transport or Arrange window info strip) or a standalone window (resizeable / configurable) that shows what the current DAW latency is, ASIO latency and the combined total.

Show in both milliseconds and samples.

Both as live input (via ASIO Guard 2) as well as for non live inputs for general mixing.

Also, it would be nice to show which plugin is the current bottleneck (has highest latency).
by Jalcide
Tue Dec 09, 2014 3:25 am
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Item-based effects/automation

With the rise in EDM, one-time-use effects is SUPER common. The track-based effects system needs to be augmented with item-based effects/automation. It would be incredible to non-destructively add effects to single items (see SONAR, which does this BEAUTIFULLY!) and automate them, with options for Freeze etc.
by ferro4prez
Thu Dec 04, 2014 7:03 am
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[BON-7276]Cubase Pro 8 memory leak

Problem: Cubase 8 needs more and more memory while open.

Test 1:
1. Open Cubase 8. Do not load a project. Avoid Steinberg Hub.
2. Look into Windows Task Manager. Write down Cubase8.exe used memory.
3. Do nothing in Cubase. Wait an hour.
4. Now look again at the memory.

In my case (Win7 x86, Cubase 32 Bit):
0:00 - 234.700
1:00 - 267.768

That's 550 KByte/min or 32.3 MByte/hour or 775 MB/day.

Test 2:
1. Close Cubase 8 completely, wait a minute and open a fresh instance.
2. Create a new project with "Empty" template.
3. Add an instrument track, use Drum/Groove Agent SE.
4. Load a kit, e. g. Init Studio Kit SE.
5. Look into Windows Task Manager. Write down Cubase8.exe used memory.
6. Do nothing in Cubase. Wait an hour.
7. Now look again at the memory.

In my case:
0:00 - 891.652
1:00 - 935.072

That's 2.1 MByte/min or 128 MB/hour or 3 GB/day.

Please confirm.
by Timo
Fri Dec 05, 2014 8:03 pm
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Auto Scroll to Track Issue


This one's a little obscure, but effects me:

I have multiple presets set up in the Project Logical Editor that Select a track based on the track name. I always name my tracks using the same conventions, so I've went through the job of creating a PLE preset for every possible track name I use. This way, I can use say, a dedicated MIDI button on an iPAD to select any track in the project ala the Avid Artist Control touchscreen. Anyway, it works for the most part with this exception:

1. Execute PLE script to select track that is OFF the screen
Result: Mix Console auto scrolls the track into view. Project Window does not. The selection of the track works flawlessly, but even though I have the auto scroll to selected track preference selected, as well as the link selection between the Project and Mix windows selected, the Project window for some reason does not auto scroll.

The Project Windows DOES auto scroll for other types of track selection, like say, the track up/down buttons on the CMC-CH when you scroll out of view. That works fine. Not sure why the PLE Selection doesn't force the window to scroll.

My current workaround is to execute the PLE command. Then, if the track is not visible in the Project Window, I can do a quick track left then track right move on the CMC-CH and I'm where I need to be. But it would be nice if it would work without that.

by 303Dan
Mon Dec 08, 2014 11:18 pm
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Key Commands should work without need to change focus.

Especially for multi monitor setups.
One example: g+h for zoom function in project window should be working even if MixConsole is in focus. In MixConsole I use different KCs for zoom in and/or out.
One key one function throughout cubase no matter which window is open. The same applies for Nuendo.
Hasn't this been there before? I'm not sure.
Kind regards, Steven
by sqeezee
Wed Dec 10, 2014 5:43 pm
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[R-9921]VST performance degradation from 7.5


It's a new one: i've loaded a heavy Cubase 7.5 project, or loaded the same VSTs of the old projects into a fresh new Cubase 8 Pro project and it's lagging and performance is much worse, base idle CPU load is higher actually and stutters a lot while on Cubase 7.5 it was much faster.

1. Start cubase pro and later do this in cubase 7.5
2. Make a new project
3. Add a lot of different VSTs (EW** S***nsonline and a few X*** Ser*** plugins, i don't want to advertise anybody here, these are 64Bit VST plugins)
3. Look at CPU load when pressing F2 in Cubase
4. or Start playing
5. Profit: Cubase 7.5: lower CPU load, no stutter. Cubase 8 Pro: higher load, stutter

OS: Win 8.1-64
SW: cubase pro 8.0 64bit (also 7.5.30 64bit)
HW: i7 4702MQ, 24GB RAM

I've read that CPU load should be lower, and VST performance improved that's what I expected.
Please advise...
by illespal
Fri Dec 05, 2014 7:23 pm
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[BON-7144 & BON-7152] F3 causes crash

1. Open big session from 7.5.3 (with audio and plugins)
2. Hit F3 to open mixer
-> Result = crash

Cubase 8
Win 7 64 Bit 16 gig ram. RME Multiface 1 audio card.
Using UAD, Slate VCC, Slate VMR, Slate Trigger and Soundtoys shifter plug ins on mix.

Project runs flawlessly on 7.5.3. Can hit F3 over and over with no issue. Open the same project in C8 and instantly get a UI saying an error happened, save project with new name and a crash file was created. SOMETIMES it gives you just ONE of these UI's other times it cascades them.

Over the past 2 days this happens every time in C8.

Attached picture of error UI I get.

by Denicio
Sun Dec 07, 2014 7:48 pm
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Re: "e" editor to follow Audio settings, not MIDI parameters


Under "t" key I have "open editor" command. It's annoying to have to deal with midi settings of a midi track, instead of audio channel of an instrument.
by zyguli
Fri Dec 12, 2014 3:04 pm
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Re: Odp: Click "e" to bring Audio out settings, not MIDI ins

sonic74 wrote:How about an option in the preferences? ;)

by serenity
Fri Dec 12, 2014 1:15 am
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Re: Make all windows Dockable!

This might help (workaround for windows): it lets you pinn windows at predefined locations, "always" or "on open" . I use it for setting the transport window ALWAYS at the same location, and for setting pluggin windows always at the same spot. Works great.
by jb
Mon Dec 08, 2014 10:45 am
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FR: Add MP3 to Post Proces

Is it posible to add more option to the export menu. Like when exporting to wav / aiff als create a mp3 as a low res export option to send to a client for quick reverence?

Just an option Also Create MP3 version (bitrate 128 - 320) and a Hi Res and Lo Res version of your mixdown is created
by nlsmusic
Thu Dec 11, 2014 11:00 am
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Lost my insert presets...

I don't know why, but when I open C6 on OSX all my insert presets are gone... :evil:

The vstpresets still remain..
by Sonik
Wed Apr 20, 2011 7:26 pm
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Disable Track Should Disable Post-Fader Inserts

If saving CPU is a goal of the new Disable Track feature (and it is almost primarily), then it's incomplete by not also powering off the Post-Fader inserts.

If I have to do that manually, anyway, it sorta defeats the point of having the feature.

It also creates workflow issues when re-enabling disabled tracks. One has to remember if the Post-Fader inserts (that were manually disabled to save CPU) were supposed to be powered back on, or if it was just testing an idea and therefore disabled by choice.

In this small way, Disable Track is tantamount to a sort of "data loss."

I have a ton of volume shapers and filters in Post-Fader slots that are often experimental and in various states of powered on or off. So, Disable Track makes me have to write down or remember their states. Which I had to do before, anyway, for manually powering off all the plugins, but Disable Track is a missed opportunity to solve this problem, by remembering the states of everything before it disables.

I had a "you have to be kidding me" moment when I realized it missed precisely what I was hoping it would do. :lol:
by Jalcide
Fri Dec 12, 2014 7:44 pm
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Heres How get rid of the glow fonts in aero

To disable the glow on a Win7 Pro in Control Panel >System>Advanced System Settings > Performance > Settings > Visual Effects >Use drop shadows for icon labels on the desktop.

It may switch back to classic on clicking, simple un-cklick it and reselect your saved (minimalistic) areo theme.

Don't forget to turn off transparency and in the customize windows look and feel box, also set your desktop to a dark colour, (or any of your choice) but, loads of colour pictures etc as a desktop do take up CPU cycles to maintain in the backround. click on all the borders and ensure there are not two col ours bleeding in any of the options, If there is just set colour 1 and 2 to the same.

Click and apply and there you have, no glowing fonts in areo!

Hope this of help to people like me who don't like the glowing fonts!
by Outsounder
Thu Dec 11, 2014 4:02 am
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Re: BRILLIANT IDEAS for workflow!! devs take note

Cool !!! :)

If we could do something like "Channel Name = (BASS)+Channel Name" that would do one of the tricks in the video without any external program. Actually that would mean having a script engine in Cubase, which would be fantastic!! :)

you can, that's what i'm doing there-- the radial menu is firing off a midi note via a virtual midi port that cubase reacts to (via generic remote), and runs a PLE script. in there, you can 'prepend' (sic) strings to channel names.
by lukasbrooklyn
Tue Dec 09, 2014 3:03 pm
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Cursor follows Selection real-time pref (video sync)

It would be good to have an option/preference to make the Cursor to automatically follow selected event(s) .
The best thing would be to have it to follow directly in real-time (Cursor moves simultaneously with selected events).

So if an event is selected, moved or dragged - the Cursor will follow to the first event start automatically.
It will ready to play (or record if "Record from Cursor is chosen) from that position without the need to move the Cursor first (using key command "L" or not).

The biggest advantage would be for video if the Cursor follows directly in real-time . That will be very useful for synchronizing audio to video frames . If the Cursor follows audio event movements, the video will also follow the Cursor and be upated to correct video frame along with the audio movement.

Simple, useful and easy to implement. Just an option for the Cursor to follow Selection (real-time).
by Starsprinkler
Sun Dec 14, 2014 11:19 pm
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Enable/Disable Selected Tracks

Complete the singular "Disable Track" and "Enable Track" feature by adding a "Disable Selected Tracks" and "Disable Selected Tracks."

Also, these would get added to the Project menu which would have the desired side-effect of exposing them to surface controllers.

This feature idea was actually spawned from my desire to map "Enable Track" to a button on my QC controller. I was sad to learn it's about the only Cubase feature in this category not exposed via the Project menu yet.
by Jalcide
Mon Dec 15, 2014 7:46 am
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Create 4 nodes in automation at range ends


Cubase 8 shows a great re-focus on workflow. Please include the following in the next build - please!

When I select a range of time on an automation lane, there should be an easy way for me to trim it up and down, thereby creating 4 nodes automatically - 2 at each end. Other DAWs do this very well and it immensely improves workflow. Please also make this available in the region volume envelope line (will make manually leveling and de-essing vocals a breeze!).

Thank you.
by Charlemagne
Fri Dec 05, 2014 5:12 pm
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Macro launchpad window.

I would love a window where macros could be launched easily using onscreen buttons. There aren't really enough keys on a computer keyboard, and a launchpad window would be great for using macros without using (or having to remember) keyboard shortcuts.
by johnstaf
Sat Dec 13, 2014 3:55 pm
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Audio Mixdown Problem

When I try to create mp3 version of a 27track song (includes audiotracks and multiple vst instrument tracks like vienna and east west, omnisphere etc.) the mixdown starts as it should but there is no indication of process. usually cubase gives you a percentage or time of how much longer to go. Instead it everything stays at zero while the mixdown happens. It's annoying. You can't chancel either. Nothing happens. Any help? Or is this just one of the many problems that comes with a new version?
My setup is Cubase 8, 64 bit, Windows 7, i7, 16GB RAM.
by music4life
Mon Dec 15, 2014 3:28 pm
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Real Estate Management

Really? Does it have to be that big?

by Weasel
Sun Dec 07, 2014 9:58 am
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Re: Macro launchpad window.

+1 please. This would be a great feature. Also to have customisable buttons on the toolbar. Problem at the moment is that I have a fair few macros which are assigned to key commands but I use them infrequently and I can't remember the key commands... Buttons on a panel would be very useful.

by GargoyleStudio
Wed Dec 17, 2014 7:05 pm
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Re: "e" window to follow Audio settings, not MIDI parameters

Hi Starsprinkler. I edited the topic to better explain what I wanted to achieve.

In fact clicking on the correct "e" button will always bring the desired window to the screen. (midi or audio)

Ah, yes, in the inspector. I was here thinking of the e-button in the track header (it will open midi).
But I now see that was not your request.

What is currently not available is having that window open all the time, and always show Channel Settings for the audio output... i.e. not switch between midi / audio depending on the track selected.
by Starsprinkler
Sat Dec 13, 2014 7:12 pm
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Craaash with F3

Hi Guys! I've found small problem when I want turn on mixer console by F3 buton my C8 is overload and next crashed.
Do you have this issue?
by palestrina
Fri Dec 19, 2014 3:16 pm
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Combine MIDI track with Audio Output

Now that with Cubase Pro 8 the line is blurring between Instrument Tracks and the Instrument Rack, I’d like to add a suggestion with the hope that a developer at Steinberg might actually read this.

I work almost exclusively with Vienna Ensemble Pro, which holds a very large virtual instruments template. The Instrument Rack in Cubase holds a couple of VEP plugin interfaces which connect to VEP and have many outputs enabled (around 80 per instance). The Cubase template has MIDI tracks set up accordingly, one per VEP instrument.

The signal flow goes like this:

Cubase MIDI track -> VEP Instance 1 on MIDI Channel 1
VEP Instance 1 MIDI Channel 1 -> Virtual Instrument in VEP with Output 1-2
Cubase MIDI track has Output 1-2 selected in the Fader section of its Inspector

Multiply this by around 70.

I switched to Cubase from Logic for two reasons, Expression Maps and the possibility to see, in the Inspector of any MIDI track, the corresponding audio fader and sends/inserts without having to go to the mixer or dig up audio channels. You can also rename the output to match the MIDI track name which is very useful. In my case this works wonders when it comes to workflow, especially when you have a large number of tracks in your template.

However, when set up in the above manner, it’s impossible to edit the automation for the audio output from within the MIDI channel (and MIDI automation doesn’t address the same functions, of course). So it’s still necessary to scroll down to the “VST Instruments” folder and find the corresponding audio output for the MIDI track, of which there are very many (and AFAIK Cubase can't select the output track automatically for you).

A workaround is to move each and every VST Instrument output out of the “VST Instruments” folder, place it below its MIDI track and use Cubase 8’s “hide others” option in the new visibility menu. But this is cumbersome and could be much improved.

Since there’s no problem in a MIDI track knowing where its audio output is going (it’s shown in the Audio Fader section of the Inspector), there should be no real obstacle to editing the audio automation from within the MIDI track itself by clicking a toggle on the MIDI track (“Show audio output automation” or something).

This would finally combine MIDI and audio editing on the same track and would be very, very handy. I’m no developer but seeing how Cubase displays related information of MIDI and audio outputs this doesn’t seem like a great deal to implement.

Just my 2c.
by Altostratus
Sun Dec 21, 2014 8:12 pm
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Export Audio Mixdown Progress: Show Filename

Show the filename during the mixdown to assist in the engineer multitasking in preparation for the mix to complete.

E.g., looking at another screen from another computer for the file ... what file again, exactly?

Seeing the filename in the dialog would not cause any harm and would only be helpful from a workflow standpoint.

(Also, fix the progress bar so that it actually works)
by Jalcide
Sat Dec 20, 2014 9:31 pm
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Re: "e" window to follow Audio settings, not MIDI parameters


This proposition would complement nicely my suggested merger of audio outputs and MIDI tracks:

by Altostratus
Sun Dec 21, 2014 10:49 pm
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Re: Combine MIDI track with Audio Output

Added +1 and a cross-link... Your idea is the logical counterpart of mine and both should be part of the same feature. Steinberg seems to be neglecting this for some reason, since we're at version 8 and still no Key Command for the Audio Fader section of the Inspector (AFAIK the only section that doesn't have one).
by Altostratus
Sun Dec 21, 2014 10:52 pm
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Re: Hidden Cubase 8 features!

I find it rather remiss that there is no "whats New" document or Version History documentation.

Yes we can read about the new features bells and whistles on the product page enticing one to 'buy' the newest version, but there is nothing detailing changes and more importantly new options and preferences of interest to existing users.

Instead we are left discovering these for ourselves - hence this very thread. Who knows if some of these hidden ( undocumented ) "features" are not in fact unintended, benign software bugs which could just as easily disappear in the next update.

This seemed to stop a few versions ago, I remember every time there use to be a gigantic list, even listing new keyboard shortcuts etc... this is needed again!

Steinberg: you are doing yourself a disservice by not listing every tiny little change that you have introduced... guaranteed 1 of those tiny changes is a game changer for someone.
by Xtigma
Wed Dec 17, 2014 8:21 pm
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As a long term Cubase Addict/Junkie I bought Cubase 8 the minute it came out. My fix, I have to have it - even though I know it's gonna be fraught with awful annoying bugs. Which it is. I still am using my trusty Cubase 7.5 while I tinker around and play post-beta Beta-tester with 8.

I was hoping and praying that ARA - Celemony's technology for integrating Melodyne seamlessly in the Cubase environment - would be included. WTF! It’s not. No, no, nooooo (sobsob).
Steinberg, your programme is awesome, it's the best there is, and as a producer/engineer/arranger Cubase evangelist I keep converting a lot of misguided ProTools, Logic and other lost souls back to the true path of Cubasism. But come on guys, Vari-Audio does not match the other professional attributes of the programme. When it comes to analysing and correctly fixing pitch and manipulating formants or creating authentic sounding harmonies – it is – no offense intended – an effing joke. You know this. Apart from dubious creative effect possibilities, it is currently not useful for much more than wholetone shifts.

Please give me the choice guys. You have nothing to lose. I'm hooked. I swear I won't abandon my Cubase roots. I will still fork out money and buy the programme even though I know every new version is gonna be buggy as hell. Yes, even though your strategy is crafty and sly - letting us buy the programme and then figuring out the bugs and pointing them out to you. Bugs that you should have -and would have - caught had you done a proper beta-testing instead of stupidly rushing to the market with a half-finished product. (Yes, we are aware of this dirty little strategy – damn smart of you, we confess - even if we find it deplorable). We will buy the programme anyway; because all things considered - objectively speaking - Cubase Is really the best there is.

ARA would make my editing life a lot easier. It is really awful and inconvenient that the plugin is not synced to the native transport functions, which is all I really want. And if you did your homework – which I’m sure you Steinberg guys do, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. And you know the advantages of an ARA like system for 3rd party plugins like Melodyne Editor.

So now it's too late for Cubase 8, I guess. But what about 8.5 guys? Yes, yes, godamn it. I will buy it, need you ask? Junkie, remember? Must have it. Can't live without it. Always did, always will. But please meet us half-way. Since we are willing to fork out the dough, please do the right thing and include the ARA possibility. Make our pitch editing lives easier. We solemly promise that we will still monitor and checkout VariAudio. and we swear that when it evolves into a mature worthy competitor, we will use it and sing it’s praises from the peak of the Alps or the Killamanjaro. But until it does - INCLUDE THE EFFING ARA!

(breathe out – count to ten –then) If you do this I’ll be able to worship more diligently at the altar of Cubase, forever sing its praises, and pursue more fervently my zealous efforts to converting all DAW users to the one true path – Cubasism. Please Steinberg. Now you’ve got us by the balls, let our hearts and minds totally, willingly and happily follow.
by udanax
Fri Dec 05, 2014 11:29 am
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Cubase 8.0.5 is out...

And I have to ask.. what is the point of me reporting a bug, and Steinberg confirming it, when it's not fixed?
by L.F.
Thu Jan 08, 2015 12:21 pm
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[BON-7331]Mixer Window Full screen Second Monitor Issue

Reporting an error in Cubase 8 Pro. Posting this just to confirm whether anyone else is going through it. Maximized the Mixer video on my second monitor. Hit F3 to check for some other window. Hit F3 again and Bam!!! The mixer window is back to Monitor 1. Happens every time.

Saved the Workspace with Mixer Window on the second Monitor. Even after recalling it comes on the Monitor 1.

Using a Windows 7 Machine, i7 4930k with 32 gig Ram. Anyone else experiencing this? Mac version seems to be fine on a friends machine.
by sanour21
Sun Dec 07, 2014 11:41 pm
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Audio Performance of different Cubase Versions compared

Audio Performance of different Cubase Versions compared

With every new version of cubase I think it gets less performant.
Especially the feel of Cubase 8 is quite lazy. It does not respond very fast
compared to the previous versions.

Steinberg promises with Cubase 8 Pro:
->Performance boost for more instruments, more tracks and shorter loading/saving times
...which was a reason to update (and the new plugin manager that I missed since many years).

Now it is time to do an objective test and compare different versions to prove
my subjective impressions.

Based on DAWbench VI Universal - 2012-R2
file: DAWbench-VI-C6-CV.cpr

I've loaded this file in Cubase 6.55-64 first, updated all
Kontakt library files (samples have to be searched) and IR files too
and saved it as DAWbench-VI-C6.55-CV.cpr.
I saved the file in each Cubase version with a new, different file name.

Usually I use 256 samples and for bigger mixing projects I turn up to 1024 samples.

You need Kontakt 4 and the Kontakt 4 library to run this DAWbench.
Run project for 5 to 6 loops at least and observe VST-power (F12).

Cubase settings: ASIO guard off,
Mutliprocessing: on
Audio priority: normal
Steinberg optimized Audio performance: on (german: Modus für optimierte Audioleistung...)

Regards, Mike

PS: results follow in next post
by MikeWK
Sun Jan 11, 2015 7:12 pm
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[ISSUE] Macro system still bnroken in Cubase 8

The macro system is still broken in Cubase 8. (See this report for the same issue in Cubase 7 )

Commands are not added in the right place and they can disappear from Macros for no reason without even opening the Macro editor. Also two of my Macros got broken (commands missing in the Macro) when I switched to Cubase 8.

Here is a demonstration of a command being added in the wrong place:


by UnderTow
Sat Jan 10, 2015 4:06 am
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Re: Cubase 6.5 the fastest and trouble-free Cubase?

For me, 6.5 outperforms 7 or 7.5, because my hardware is getting older. I am speaking in terms of composition, I think any of the versions are good for recording audio. But I do like some of the features of 7.5, and once I get my hardware sorted I will grab 8. I have tunes in 6 that I wont finish in 7 or higher just because of some plugin compatibility and the better performance with my Q6600.
by NorthWood MediaWorks
Fri Jan 30, 2015 3:27 am
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Re: Cubase 6.5 the fastest and trouble-free Cubase?

6.5 here too. Works 24x⅞! Lots of love for it. :mrgreen:
by Woodcrest Studio
Fri Jan 30, 2015 2:10 am
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Re: Cubase 6.5 the fastest and trouble-free Cubase?

If SX3 was 64 bit and had a couple more options I'd still be on that!
by chi_mike
Fri Jan 30, 2015 1:48 am
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Re: Cubase 6.5 the fastest and trouble-free Cubase?

6.5.5 still gets the job done here. Snappy, fast, trouble free and user friendly both on PC and Mac. Too bad it doesn't have "render in place".
by adunion
Wed Jan 28, 2015 2:57 pm
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Re: Cubase 6.5 the fastest and trouble-free Cubase?

I cannot personally comment on C8 as i haven't purchased it yet but yes i would agree, in my own humble opinion and from my own personal experience that C6.5 has been by far and away the most stable, hassle free version of cubase yet...

I had a total nightmare with C7 on release and a slightly less bad time with 7.5, i purchased a new computer just before christmas with the intention of running C8 but the combination of past experiences and the amount of negative chatter all over the net re c8 i think i'll wait to hand over my money until things calm down drastically, there's a demo version so i don't have to risk any cash and i might possibly even skip this version if things don't seem to calm down.... those seem to be my own options right now, particularly as C7.5.3 is reasonably stable, i only get one or two crashes/lockups per week so far and this year i want to get on with making music rather than feeling like a paying beta tester. Puma's post above re the amount of time it too to get to C6.5's stability just reinforces this for me personally.
I would LOVE to update as VCA faders would make life so much easier (if they work as they're supposed to), render in place etc.... don't care about the other stuff, karlito summed that up nicely i think!
Less fluff please steiny and let's just get the important stuff sorted eh...... i've noticed a LOT of calls for a much more effective beta period and a wider group of testers..... seems pretty sensible to me!
by matjones
Wed Jan 28, 2015 10:10 am
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Re: Cubase 6.5 the fastest and trouble-free Cubase?

Is it just me, or the new features don't really outweigh the number of issues a lot of people seem to be having?

I guess I have to consider myself one of the "lucky ones" since C8 seems to be running fairly stable on my machine but I am seriously underwhelmed by the new features, even more so about the fact that I don't like the direction SB is taking since C7. I still haven't made my peace with the fact that I have to work with the new annoying mixer when there was literally nothing wrong with the 6.5 mixer. Why did they change it? Did anybody ask them to?

Let's recap (from the SB what's new in C8 page):

1. Performance boost for more instruments, more tracks and shorter loading/saving times.
----I don't really see much of an improvement between 8 and 7.5, and I know I am not alone on this one. In the few tests that I've ran, 8 seemed 1-3% faster.
"During development, we set up pretty ambitious target benchmarks, and the results speak for themselves."
I am afraid they don't.

2. VCA faders* for complex mixing and automation workflows
----Incomplete and poorly implemented. Since the only reason to use a VCA fader over a group fader are the sends, why not simply add the VCA functionality as an option to the group channels?

3. Render in-place: Bounce MIDI and audio parts easily
----Incomplete and poorly implemented.

4. Chord pads: A great way to playfully and creatively compose with chords
----hmmm, ok, I'll never use this but others might. The question is, how was this a priority over the long list of features and bug fixes that users have been asking for for quite a while now?

5. Improved windows handling on PC, dockable rack and MediaBay plus a redesigned Track List
----This is one very sad joke. Apart from the fact that the new window handling is embarrassing, poorly implemented and buggy, I don't think anybody has actually asked for it.

6. Groove Agent SE 4 Acoustic Agent gives you a world-class virtual acoustic drummer
----Whatever. Not saying it's a bad thing, but who needs a drummer, don't we all have BFD, SSD, Easy Drummer...?

7. New Virtual Bass Amp, Quadrafuzz v2, Multiband Expander*, Multiband Envelope Shaper* effects
----Same as above

8. Allen Morgan Pop-Rock Toolbox: 30 construction kits, each with 25 to 30 audio and MIDI loops
----Same as above

9. Plug-in manager: Arrange, sort and group your effects and instruments
----Not sure something this trivial should make it to a "10 Reasons to update" list. Really not

10. Mixing updates*: Virgin territories automation mode, direct routing and Wave Meters
----Between this and a free beer...I would go for the beer.

Is it just me not seeing it? They added mostly stuff that I don't think most of us needed, and broke 10 times more features that we actually do need.
Are they testing our staying power?
by karlito
Wed Jan 28, 2015 6:10 am
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Re: Cubase 6.5 the fastest and trouble-free Cubase?

Definitely...6.5 with all the new stuff..they'll never do it, this last release showed the contempt they have for it's customer comes first..yeah, i know it's ''business'' ..but looking after your customers is a pre requisite in my book..
by shadowfax
Mon Jan 26, 2015 10:12 am
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Re: Cubase 6.5 the fastest and trouble-free Cubase?

Sorry, but your poll sucks. How can throw Cubase 7 , 7.5. and 8 into the same pot ?

7 sucked
7.5. is decent
8 sucks

site note: I will never buy a release below .5

Given that I think that 6 and 6.5 were awful experiences for me, logically I should then say that your opinion sucks. Which of course I am not!!!! Only by implication, and then only by accident. :lol:
However, it is more complicated than that. Something about my system did not like 6.xx and yet was ok with 7 and 8. God knows what that was,because I don't.
A lot of the stuff we see on the forum is the result of system incompatibilities. If we can't police our systems how on earth can SB?

For most people I would say that all these versions worked fine. The only people complaining are a relatively small number of people on this forum. Why should that be?

A lot of it is to do with third party applications like Slate that for some reason are falling foul of the changes in 8. Some of it is possibly due to the endless upgrading over the top of previous installs and as a result errors start creeping in. Some of it is users experimenting with all kinds of, ahem... unofficial solutions in an effort to solve an issue. Some of it is running a system that is not man enough for the task...........not enough memory......too slow a cpu.....old graphic card/sound card drivers.

That is not to say that there are not problems with 8. I was serious when I said that I lose less time dealing with stability issues in the current version. 6 was a total nightmare for me, so it is strange and illogical to hear other users sing it's praises.
by silhouette
Sun Jan 25, 2015 11:13 pm
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Re: Cubase 6.5 the fastest and trouble-free Cubase?

In my case, going from 6.07 to 8.05 has improved performance considerably, thanks to ASIO Guard, which solved low latency crackling issues I had with some instruments. Much better for my situation. There's no button for "8.0 better".
by Early21
Sun Jan 25, 2015 11:11 pm
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Re: Cubase 6.5 the fastest and trouble-free Cubase?

Sorry, but your poll sucks. How can throw Cubase 7 , 7.5. and 8 into the same pot ?

7 sucked
7.5. is decent
8 sucks

site note: I will never buy a release below .5
by Frozenwave
Sun Jan 25, 2015 6:12 pm
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Re: Cubase 6.5 the fastest and trouble-free Cubase?

Historically, it could be argued that Cubase 6.5.x was/is so good, because you have to look at where it came from. It took around 6 years of constant development and improvement to get to where it ended up (from the release of the then 'brand new' Cubase 4 codebase, 2006). July 2013 was when the final C6.5.5 shipped.

Compare to:-
- Cubase 7 series, the next new 'major shift' architecturally, took around a couple of years to get to where it was broadly considered 'rock solid', 'stable', 'reliable', in the marketplace etc, etc...

- Cubase 8 (building on the C7 series code), with its audio engine re-write, PC windows management/handling improvements (never before tackled) and other stuff, has been with us barely 8 weeks/40 working days, minus the Xmas/New Year holiday period.

My point.? Give it another year or so before Cubase 8.x.x is as worthy as or valid of being talked about/remembered/cherished/relied upon, as fondly as C6.x.x



PS:- having said all that, I'm perfectly happy at 7.5 and have no need for C6 any more; another update I reckon, before the move proper to C8 for me.
by Puma0382
Sun Jan 25, 2015 5:09 pm
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Re: Cubase 6.5 the fastest and trouble-free Cubase?

Cubase 6.5 is almost perfect here, fast, super stable and trouble free. Cubase 7 was regular, and 7.5 was "only" good.
by Makumbaria
Sun Jan 25, 2015 4:29 pm
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Re: Cubase 6.5 the fastest and trouble-free Cubase?

6 Crashed all the time for me - freezes, BSOD you name it. It was a great relief to work with 7 as I have not had any of that dramatic stuff since. Actually 8 has not crashed for me either. Despite the click issue I have wasted less time with stability issues than I ever did in 6 & 6.5.
by silhouette
Sun Jan 25, 2015 3:38 pm
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Re: Cubase 6.5 the fastest and trouble-free Cubase?

Yeah 6.5 was hot. 7.5, for me, is the "mature" release.
by enjneer
Sun Jan 25, 2015 3:25 pm
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Re: "e" window to show Audio out, not MIDI parameters


Another of my Annual Requests.

I'll go further... I do -not- need 'Instrument Tracks'. Their -only- advantage (so far as I can tell) is that they group together the audio and midi lanes together in the Project Window. I could do that myself easily enough (and with more flexibility).

But what I -need- is a FAST way to jump from the MIDI to the audio.
I would accept if the current 'e' worked sorta like it does in MixConsole
a. one click... brings up MIDI
b. looong click... brings up VSTi window
c. double click... moves one to audio track editor.

...and this should be accessible not only from the inspector but ALSO from INSIDE the Key Editor. THIS IS THE BIGGEST THING. One needs to be able to get to the Audio and VSTi -instantly- from inside any event editor.
by suntower
Sun Feb 01, 2015 8:27 pm
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Font/ text issues 8.0.5

A new issue for me in 8.0.5-
When entering track text I used to be able to double click, set the cursor then select portion to delete or backspace & then edit the exiting text text.

This would allow me to keep portions of the text. Now ALL text has to be entered over again & every time that I want to edit just a letter or word.

and Notepad still has those issues
plus I have 2 different size fonts that show up instead of one- see pic att
by soul patch
Thu Jan 08, 2015 7:14 pm
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[DUPE]default crossfade won't stick

I like to use the equal power crossfade as the default.

I don't know if it started with 8.0.5 or 8.0.0 but when i do a crossfade it always defaults to equal gain. I have tried to tell it (by clicking "as default") what I want but it won't remember it.

slowing down my work flow...
by timmyboylad
Fri Jan 23, 2015 4:09 am
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Re: Click "e" to bring Audio out settings, not MIDI insert/s

How about an option in the preferences? ;)
Yes. And/or we could have both alternatives at the same time, using a modifier key (Shift or Alt) to alternate between them. The preference option could say which one is preferred, and the modifier key gives the other alternative.

EDIT: misunderstood the request; this suggestion is for the e-button in the track header.
by Starsprinkler
Fri Dec 12, 2014 12:53 pm
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