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Re: Performance problems & 1.7.2 announcement

Dear Phillippeo,

is your post serious?

Steinberg kindly come on the forum

This is the Steinberg support forum, so it is normal process that Steinberg Developers read and answer here.

announce that they are working on a fix in the 15th of Jan... just two weeks ago and all of a sudden you are DEMANDING that the release comes soon or you'll delete the app and ask for a refund?

The problems have been announced before and were well known at this time. Cubasis is a commercial App, not a Freebie. We are also not talking about one of these 0,79 € Apps, Cubasis is pemium priced (i paid 44 €). If someone get's impatient because he paid that amount for a mainly useless app i do understand that.

I'm sure that most of the community on here agree that this sort of behaviour is counter productive and the expectation level is unrealistic

Fine if you speak for yourself, i am not a part of your "most of the community".
Steinberg Devs are professionals and won't stop working on a fix because someone in this forum is posting a demanding statement.

Or are you SOOOO important that you simply should not be expected to wait like everyone else?

Each and every customer is important, what else can he do rather than waiting as everyone else?

On topic: I can't use Cubasis 1.7 due to the audio stuttering at all. I just don't make a hazzle because i could revert back to 1.6 which works okay for me. If i would be stuck with a useless 1.71 i would not be pleased either.

@all, sorry for this off topic post
by Triwolf
Sun Feb 02, 2014 7:03 pm
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