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Re: Will there be Cubasis For Android?

maybe it's time to finish cubasis on ONE platform first.
by Crabman
Sat Feb 15, 2014 10:09 pm
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Re: Cubasis 1.7.2 maintenance update available now!

Update works fine, the performance issues are resolved. Good work, thanks!
I thought i read in the announcement for 1.7.2 that the current project importer for Cubase won't work anymore and will be updated.
Now i can't find the post anymore and doubt if the post was real or just in my imagination. Hence my question is: Does the current project importer work with 1.7.2 ?
Thanks for reply ;)


initially we thought we needed an update but after extensive QA testing everything worked as expected and we don't need an update for the importer.
by crohde
Mon Mar 03, 2014 10:27 am
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Re: Cubasis Guitar DI Tutorial + More

Oh wait...I think I know what you are saying.

If you are using audio bus or IAA and midi or like a plugin, yes only one at a time can use it. You have to bounce the track to audio (solo, mixdown, import back into the project). Kind of like what freeze does but freeze doesn't release the IAA or audio bus insert.

IAA to me was harder to work with for that reason and AudioBus at least you could have the recorded wav to work with. But you will have to bounce to wavs to reuse the bus.

It isn't perfect...kind if reminds me of the bouncing in the 4 or 8 track tape days to get more tracks. Just have to commit!

Well and not really fully commit. You can always reroute, make the changes and bounce again.
by aortizjr
Thu Jun 05, 2014 1:54 pm
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Re: Cubasis Guitar DI Tutorial + More

Just a tip...

With IAA you don't have to solo, mixdown, import... in order to bounce it.
It's as easy as:
-Freeze the track
-Create a new audio track
-Drag the frozen audio event from the IAA track into the new track


Honestly, I'm yet to find a situation where audio bus is simpler than IAA!
by bry
Thu Jun 05, 2014 2:28 pm
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