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I'm moving to new windows 8 desktop. Installing up to date software as well as streamlining system.

Thinking about moving to Halion Sonic 2 or Halion 5, following positive reviews including on this forum.

Has anyone tried loading Kontakt nki files into Halion (or Sonic)? Is it easy and works well? This would help me migrate some favourite sounds, maybe get back to one workstation...hooray.

Hi there, HALion Sonic 2 will NOT accept the loading of third party files, as it is meant to be an all in one workstation, so will only load its only file format. HALion 5 is what will allow you to load third party content and tweak to your hearts delight. HALion 5 does load nki files, however, not all of them. I believe it will not load any nki files created on versions of Kontakt later than 4 and it will not load nki files that are protected. Any nki files created from Kontakt 4 and below, which are not protected, will behave just fine.

Best of luck and have fun with HALion 5, it really is a brilliant piece of software that is bound to bring you much joy, fun and creativity to your projects.
by Cantankerous
Thu Nov 14, 2013 5:01 pm
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Re: CUbase 7.5…when?

I got suckered in and bought a whole bunch of apps for iphone/ipad, thinking about how cool it would be to compose anywhere...even the throne room (yes I've tried it).

Output using these programs - exactly zero. As a part-timer, I struggle getting enough control of my work on a multi-monitor system, no hope poking my oversized fingers at a small screen while trying to listen on in-ears that keep falling out...

I'm new on the forum, just bought upgrade to Cubase 7 from 6.5 and was looking around for people's experiences. 6.5 is rock solid on my new windows 8 system, should I hold off until 7.5 (whenever it arrives)?

Try not to get frustrated...I understand the frustration with handheld devices. My iPad however DOES get used in composing albeit more as an idea assist. The majority of other musicians whom I have discussed this with seem to narrow down that part of the problem is that we try to force ourselves and creativity onto the device. If you sit down at an attempt to make music, it may never come to you. On the other hand, when it comes, be glad you have something there to capture the moment. It works.

As to the update, I just bought 7 myself (will be here tomorrow). There is an announcement in the works, though it does not seem related to Cubase.
by jonsolo
Thu Nov 14, 2013 2:21 am
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Re: HALion 1,2,3 > HALion 5 update

I have tried to PM Mathias on this issue (upgrade from Halion 3 to Halion 5 in Australia) and the PM is sitting in my outbox. Is there a restriction on new members sending PMs? Or have a just missed a button I should be pressing to send it? Thanks
It won't show up in the Sent until the recipient reads it.
Maybe on Monday?
by jaslan
Sat Nov 23, 2013 2:57 pm
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