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Re: Cubase hangs - Cubase IC Pro will expire soon

Hi BHuck67

first of all sorry that Cubase is not starting up with the SKI.

Other then the license there are some other factors to check.

As Guillermo already pointed out above, giving the process enough permissions by running it as administrator might help.
The following is not only recommended if you run Cubase with the SKI remote but also as general advice to make your DAW environment more stable.
I expect the underlaying Windows up to date and to be original. Furthermore no crack tools should be installed (They often intercept connections and processes)

- You experience a crash! Work with this standard article to rule out the most common reasons:

- Cubase, plugins, extensions, drivers etc should always be installed for all users . Usually there is an option during installation. So if asked whether to install the program for all users or "only the currently connected user" always choose "all users" .

- Grant exceptions for Remote SKI, Cubase etc. in all installed security programs. Both Cubase and Remote SKI request network connections from your system which might be interpreted as malicious intend (even though they are harmless).
General computer advice: Never have more then one antivirus program on your system. Google "antivirus storm" or "AV storm" to find out more.

- Disable all automatic system maintenance from tools like CC cleaner or other registry maintenance tools.
They might accidentally delete or change information required by our software.
The same as for antivirus software counts here as well: Never have more then one of those tools active on system unless you know what you are doing.

This is already a lot to check so far and should cover all basics for stable operation.

Would be nice to hear if this helps :)
by Philippe Bono
Thu May 08, 2014 2:18 pm
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