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Re: Nuendo in the Games Industry

THIS is a remarkably open and potentially vulnerable discussion from a product developer. I have been doing this (computer based audio) since it began in the late 80's. I was deep into the development as an end-user, at a Fredo-ish level, as far back as C-lab and then Emagic with Gerhard Lengeling, Michael Haydn, etc.

Nuendo is very deep, and I doubt any single user has plumbed the full depths of what can be accomplished through educated use of the customization features currently available. It is logical, even obvious, that great thought and planning has gone into those features. There is some implementation of features I would have approached a bit differently, as I'm sure is true for all of us (including various opinions inside SB, I'm sure). But the result, in terms of usability continues to impress me as I dig deeper into 6.5.

So..........thanks for the candor, Timo and Fredo. And it's on us, the forum users, to maintain an environment where such discussions are possible. This is good stuff!
by Getalife2
Tue Aug 12, 2014 3:24 pm
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