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Re: MY DAW etc died - need upgrade advice

Go with a Haswell processor if you can....if not, any i7 is perfect for your needs.

Since you don't use heavy VI's, go 16GB Ram with a MOBO that can handle more later on if you need it.

Video card? Most cards now have dual outputs and will do the trick. Heck, you can get a good card for around $100 that will suffice.

I highly recommend Win 7 Pro, running 64bit. That being said, you should also run C7 in 64bit, Omnisphere will love you for it.

I highly recommend a Steinberg UR22 interface as you "soundcard", it just plugs into a USB port. Mine is awesome, and it is a great unit for $150. And believe it or not, I work professionally with this interface.

Just keep your samples on a secondary drive. In your case, 7200's will suffice. SSD's come in handy if you start getting into larger, complex sound libraries like Hollywood Strings, etc.

Go with at least a 600W power supply! It is the lifeblood of your system.

Including the inerface, you should be able to have the system built for well under $1500.
by Wolfie2112
Thu Dec 12, 2013 12:17 am
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Re: Kenton Control Freak and Korg NanoKontrol problems

Everything is working here in this regard.

When you say "Midi Controller Automation Setup" what are you referring to? Generic Remote in Device setup?

It sounds like the CCs are being filtered out, which would happen if those CCs are assigned in Device Setup>VST Quick Controls, which is new for 7.5.
by SteveInChicago
Tue Jan 28, 2014 2:58 pm
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